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(4) TESTER ANNOUNCED: KBS TOUR Prototype Hybrid Shafts

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Jamie - California

Cobra Bio Cell adjustable loft 2/3 & 4/5 (Reg flex but i am looking at changing to stiff)

Cobra Bio Cell Graphite Stock Shaft 

Strenghts: Distance

Weakness: Accuracy (Lots of slicing)

:cobra-small: Bio Cell, Ozik 6Q3 Red Tie Regular

:cobra-small: 3W Baffler XL

:cobra-small: Bio Cell 2/3

:cobra-small: Bio Cell 4/5

:mizuno-small: JPX EZ Regular 5-GW

:callaway-small: 56 Mack Daddy

:callaway-small: 58/10 Mack Daddy

:wilson_staff_small: Infinite West Loop 34

Kirkland Balls


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Tileist 913H 21 and 19 Degrees w? Diamana 72 Hy shafts

Not custom fitted and I tend to hit them low

Titleist TS2 Driver 9.75 set

Titleist 915 3 Wood

Hogan Hybrids 19* & 22*

Callaway Apex Combo Irons 5-PW

Hogan Wedges 52* & 58*

Odessey Rossie Putter

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Bowman, Tennessee

Titleist 913D W/ Stiff Diamana Blueboard 82

Custom Fit 

Strength- I hit the ball a long distance and can easily control shot direction more so than that of a driving iron 

Weakness- Floaty, high flight 

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- Stephen, KY

- I swap between a Cobra F6 3/4h Matrix Red Tie HQ4 Stiff flex, 19-22deg and a Ping Rapture DI that I use like hybrid

- Neither are custom fit

- I'm usually pretty good with either club, especially handy on the two courses I play regularly, both of which feature long 195+ yard par 3s. Big miss with the Ping is a hook, sometimes I have a tendency to launch the hybrid too high resulting in a loss of distance and shorting greens, though can pull that from time to time as well. Other times I'll slice trying to keep away from the hook... such is golf.  I fell in love with my KBS Tour iron shafts as soon as I tried them during my iron fitting last spring, very intrigued about these hybrid shafts. 

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Kerry - Indiana

Adams Blue 19 and 24 with their ultra light regular shaft

No, not fitted to me

Typical : lack of consistency, hit more to the left (hybrid hook), have a problem in slowing my swing down in order to get a steady consistent shot. Distance is reasonable for me. 

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Robert: No California


Callaway Epic  20.0 23.0 with UST Mamiya Recoil 780 ES (stiff)

Custom Fit (+2")

Strengths: Distance and strike

Weakness: Dispersion

Anxiety is contagious, please keep yours to yourself ... 

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Paul, NYS

3H Nike Covert 20° Kurokage 70g R flex LH

4H Nike Covert 23° Kurokage 70g R flex LH

Off the rack

Issues with slicing shots and topping the ball. Otherwise I can get some decent distance.

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- Kyle, Florida

- Nike VRS Covert 2.0 Tour with a StiffKuro Kage shaft.  It is set at 17* but can go up to 23*

- Not custom fit

- I do not get the distance from my hybrid I would expect.  I can get plenty of height on the ball but I tend to hit the ball off the toe a little.  My misses tend to be right and short. 

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Nick St George North Carolina

Ping G crossovers 18 and 21 degree. Stock stiff shafts

Not custom fit

I hit these two clubs better than anything else in the bag. Biggest weakness is I can't make a full iron set out of them. They go a long distance and stop on a dime

Ping G LS Driver

Callaway Rogue 3 wood

Ping G Crossover 3 & 4 

Ping i E 4- PW Irons

Vokeys 50,54,58

Cameron Futura X7 DB

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Vern - Ohio

Tour Edge Exotics EX9 w/ UST Mamiya Recoil ES 780/f4

They were not custom fit

Hybrids are one of the strongest parts of my game. When I am off, I will tend to pull hook. Very rare anymore.

If selected for the test I would like to test R+ shafts.


Driver - Callaway BB Alpha 9* Kuro Kage 50g. Reg. Shaft - 45"

3 Wood - Callaway X-Hot 3 Deep Pro 14.5* Project X 5.5

5 Wood - Callaway XR 19* Project X 5.5

3 - 5 Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Hybrids 18*, 22*, & 25* w/ AeroTech i80 SteelFiber Reg. Shaft

6 - PW - Callaway Apex w/ AeroTech i80 SteelFiber Reg. Shaft - Standard length & lofts 

GW, SW & LW - Hogan TK - 49*, 54* & 58* - KBS fst - Wedge flex

Putter - Ping - Mid Ketsch Heavy - 33"

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- Mike/Ontario, Canada

- Adams Speedline 3H and 4H. Lofts are 19 and 22 degrees.

- Matrix Kujoh 75g shafts in 'Stiff' Flex.

- The clubs were not custom fit, they were straight off the rack.

- Strength of the hybrid game is simply distance. I have decent enough swing speed, so even when mishit, I still get something usable as a result. Weakness is quality of strike, and accuracy.


 I have actually been wanting to re-shaft the clubs, or at least add a 1" extension to see if length is the issue. I feel that I am always forced to 'get down to the ball' with these clubs, and not have to do that with anything else in my bag.


 I was considering the Mitsubishi Tensei Blue hybrid shaft as a replacement, but would love the opportunity to test these prototype designs!

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Callaway X2Hot Pro 16* w/ Aldila Tour Green Xstiff

Callaway X2Hot Pro 20* w/ Aldila Tour Green Xstiff

Not Custom fitted but I do like the shaft

Hybrids are much better than 3i or 3 wood for me. Shot dispersion is pretty good and i normally know where ball is going.

My miss is left (slice) normally (left handed) and at times ball will have too much back spin especially into wind.


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Hayden, Auckland.

Titleist 913H, fujikura speeder 907hb x stiff shaft

Not custom fit.

This set up is a beast. All the best trying to beat it. Straight and long. Only miss is a slight fade.




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Braden -Cincinnati, Ohio


Hybrids (not custom fit for either)- 

Tour Edge Exotics 19 degree with a Ozik Red Tie X-stiff

Adams Tour 22 degree with a purple ice X-stiff



I can hit them straight



I spin them like crazy. They go straight up in the air and come down.  Not getting good distance out of them.  I also have the tendency to hit them left on ocassion.


If selected I would like to try the s+.

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