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(4) TESTER ANNOUNCED: KBS TOUR Prototype Hybrid Shafts

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Chad Wyman

Farmingdale NY

Titleist 816H1

Blue board 60gram Stiff

Custom Fit = yes, by certified Titlesit fitter.

Trouble controlling ball flight (high/low) with current setup.

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Nathan - Winston Salem NC

Taylor Made M2 2h, 3h, 4h

Kuro Kage Silver Stiff

Custom fit at range

Inconsistent and less distance than expected. 5 iron and 3h and 4h all go 210 yards.

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Joe, Tampa, FL


Mizuno FLI-hi 3, stock degree, nippon NS 1150 stiff, 1 inch long and 1 degree up

Ping G 22 degree (4 hybrid) , standard stiff shaft 1/2 inch long


Mizuno custom fit

Ping not, just ordered long, probably should have it bent too.


The Mizuno is extremely straight, plus I can work it either way.

The Ping is extremely easy to hit and I can adjust distance easily.

The weakness with the ping is I cannot move it right and fight the dreaded hybrid hook. I always have to play it right usually over water.


I would love to try a different shaft in each. In the ping to see if it helps the hook and the Mizuno to see the difference between the graphite and steel.


I would think the 75g stiff would be about right.

Driver: Callaway Epic Subzero 9Fujikura Pro Green 62g stiff, TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage 2 9.5o stiff

3 wood: TaylorMade Aeroburner 15o stiff

Mizuno 3 FliHi - Nippon NS Pro 1150 stiff + 1/2"

Ping G Hybrid 4 - 22o stiff + 1/2"

Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged 5-PW, Nippon NS Pro 1150 + 1" + 1o up

Cleveland 52o, 56o, 60o 588, +1" 

TaylorMade Ghost mallet, SuperStroke 5.0

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Sam, Wi

Rocketballz 4 hybrid 23°

Regular flex (fitted for x-stiff)

Hybrid strengths- my hybrid is my go to club if there's a tight fairway I need to hit and put it the exact spot and shape I want it. Its the one club I've been able to hit great throughout the swing changes I've made. The shaft I play is not stiff enough and I'd love to give an in depth review of the latest the golf industry has to offer. I play my hybrid strictly by feel/feedback and control.

My weaknesses with my hybrid is that the shaft is too whippy for me so when I misshit a shot the ball will spray all over. And now that my swing speed is developing into a very powerful swing I can't get the consistency I'd like. A new shaft is the fix for that.

Good luck to all MGS'ers



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Jeff Jones, Illinois

913f 17, 25/ 816 H1 19, 21,27 mitsubishi diamana reg on the 913 and mitsubishi diamana 70 reg on the 816 h1.

Current game issue to much of a sweep on 25% of shots. Swing is easy backswing with downswing speed of 92-95mph


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Don / CA

Mizuno JPX-825 3-19* and 4-22* w/ stock Fujikura Orochi R flex shaft

Not custom fit, off the rack

Strengths = none that I can think of / weakness = low launch, tend to overdraw/hook

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Adams proto/ diamana flowerband stiff


No/ actually getting fit in next two weeks for driver and hybrid

Solid contact, ball flight issues. Too low



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Tucker, MS

Titleist 915Hd 17.5 and 20.5

KBS Tour 120

Wasn't custom fit for hybrids, but switched to steel shafts to improve accuracy.

Strength: accuracy, no more misses left.

Weakness: flight can be too low if I'm not striking the ball well.

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Jakob, Indiana

Nike VR with stock Stiff flex shafts

Prefer it to be about 41in long, stiff flex, to keep around the same length with 3 wood (42) and driver (43.75)

Strengths- am able to hit a high ball and a low ball on command, can work a hybrid both ways, draw and fade

Weaknesses-club is too light which causes a pull hook because I was not fitted properly for shaft/club. Recently took out of my bag for high school and summer season so I need a great shaft and it would work perfectly.

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Tanks to MGS and KBS for this amazing opportunity!



- Tim / Houston, Texas

- Bridgestone J40 18* & 24* both Project X graphite 5.5 (regular +)

- was not custom fit

- Strengths = solid ball striking, consistent distance

- Weakness = directional control, pulls and pushes



:callaway-small: XR Driver Matrix Ozik 8m3 Black Tie Shaft

:cobra-small: King F7 3W UST Mamiya Chrome Elements 7F4 Shaft

:cobra-small: King F7 5W UST Mamiya Chrome Elements 7F4 Shaft

:cobra-small: King F7 4 Hybrid Graphite Designs Tour AD-HY 95 Shaft

PXG 0211 DC 5-PW Mitsubishi MMT 80 Shafts

:cleveland-small: RTX ZIPCORE 50*,54*,58* UST Mamiya Recoil 95 Shafts

:odyssey-small: Metal X Milled #7 with SuperStroke 2.0 grip

:Snell: MTB



Twitter: @timldotson
Instagram: timldotson
Facebook: TimDotson

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John, Missouri

2017 M1 3 Hybrid (19 degrees) Project X HZRDUS Black 6.5 (X flex)

Yes, my hybrid was custom fit.

Strengths are my ball striking ability and consistency, weaknesses are being able to flight the ball down and that I have a tendency to over draw the ball on my misses.



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John Frackelton, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Right Handed

Iron Specs are x flex shaft, plus 3/4" in length, and 2 degrees upright

Wedge Specs are a wedge or stiff flex shaft, plus 3/4" in length and 2 degrees upright

Driver Specs are 8.5 or 9 degrees of loft, X flex shaft

Fairway woods Specs, lofts vary, x flex shaft

Hybrids, lofts vary, x flex shaft

My handicap is a 3

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