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Cleveland Huntington Beach Putters





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First off let me start off by thanking Cleveland and My Golf Spy for the opportunity to put this through the ringer. It is always an honor and a ton of fun.


Some of you may have tested before so you know that there is a private message that gets sent out to the testers. In these messages people get excited and talk about the ordering process. In our message everyone got their putters on Friday while mine was sitting in a FedEx warehouse somewhere. Everyone was playing with their new putters and talking about how awesome it was. Meanwhile I was sitting there looking like this.



On Monday it finally arrived and I took it out as soon as possible. I decided to get the 6c. I currently game a Seemore Sb1. I tend to like the center shafted putters. I feel it lines me up pretty well. I try to have a Straight back and Straight Through stroke so a center shaft putter is perfect. Lining up the shaft to the hole makes sense. 




I ordered the putter at 34in and 2 degrees flat. Previously I was fit for a putter on SAM. It showed I needed a putter that was 2-3 degrees flat and 34 in. The Seemore plays at 35 in and is a little flat. When I first picked up the Seemore in a Golf Galaxy I couldnt miss anything with it. I took my putter at the time (Odyssey Toe Up) in right away as a trade in. I hate having a ton of putters and constantly wanting to know if something else is better. There was a zero percent chance I would be looking for a putter if I wasnt chosen for this. My putting  is the worst part of my game. I have always had bad fine motor skills so it isnt really much of a surprise to the people who know me. The Seemore has really stabilized my stroke and helped me have a more consistent days . It will be interesting to see how the Cleveland will perform against my faithful putter.



My wife texted me at about 9:15 to tell me the putter was here. Since I was at work, I had to wait another 7 hours to get home and test it out. I came home and opened the box. I pulled it out and it looked great. I ran my hand over the head cover and was amazed at the quality of the head cover. This putter is around 100 bucks and when you get a putter at that price the head cover is generally overlooked. I was surprised to see the quality in the head cover. I also ordered the putter with the WinnX no taper grip. Another great upgrade that really makes you feel like youre getting a great deal with the putter.

Head Cover.jpg


In my experience Cleveland always brings it with their putters. The classic collection was one of the most underrated putters ever. I hope they can continue this tradition with the new Huntington Beach line. 

Putter Full.jpg

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Cleveland Huntington Beach 6c – Official MGS Forum Review by numberonecoog


Player Biography

Alright everyone! Its time for us to get down to the nitty gritty. Lets get into me a little bit. I am numberonecoog. I have been hovering around a 10 this year. Ive dropped down as low as a 9.6 and have shot up to a 10.2. I got some low scores dropping off of my handicap so its starting to get right around the number it should be.Anyone who has played golf with me will tell you I am a terrible putter. I have tried a bunch of different weights, head shapes, lengths, lie angles, and alignment lines and nothing seemed to work.  I was given the wonderful opportunity to test out the Huntington Beach 6c Putter. I ordered it with the Winn no taper and at 34 inches. It is also 2 degrees flat which I have learned really works for me. This putter is going up against my Seemore Sb1. I found the Seemore on the used putter rack and decided to give it a roll. It was love at first putt. I dont know what it was but I couldnt miss with the thing. I traded in my Odyssey Toe Up on the spot and bought the Seemore. I have never putted better since buying it. I dont know if its the aluminum feel, weight, lie, length, or shape. All I know is it works. The Cleveland has a tough opponent




Performance at the Practice Green

Like any good Spy the first thing I did was take some pictures. After pictures I kissed my wife and headed out to the practice green. The thing that caught my eye right off the bat was the size of the head compared to my Seemore. It was super tiny. I threw down 3 balls about 10 ft out and drained 2 of the 3. It was impressive to say the least. I grabbed the Seemore and made 2 of the 3 as well. I took the putters inside to about 5 ft. This is where I noticed a difference in the 2 putters. The Seemore made all 3 while the Cleveland made 1. The Cleveland was burning the edges but wouldnt quite fall in. Im not sure if this was because it was rolling better so instead of falling in it just rolled out. Either way it was noticeable.

After about 35-45 minutes I decided to call it a night. A few days later it was time to try again. This time I wanted to pay more attention to some longer 25-35 foot putts. On these long putts I noticed the ball was rolling better with the Cleveland. On some putts the Seemore would be short while the same length stroke would end up long with the Cleveland. I had much more confidence from further out with the Cleveland than the Seemore. I decided to go from one hole to another on the putting green and count how many it took me to get around. The Seemore got around the 9 holes in 17 strokes. The Cleveland took...17 strokes. I felt it was easier to line up my Seemore but that be because I Am just used to it. I will say I have never felt like I burn more edges than I did with the Cleveland. I dont really know if thats a positive or a negative. It could be a positive because maybe I am putting more putts close to the hole but if they dont go in does it matter?


Practice Green Score: 7.5 (Out of 10 points)


Performance on the Course

I was ready to get this thing out on the course. I wanted to see how it did when I was lined up over a birdie or more realistically a par putt. Out on the course I am very dependent on making up and downs to save pars. I pride myself on my wedge game and sticking it close to the hole. This does tend to skew some of my putting stats. If I am hitting greens in regulation then my putts will be higher. If I am not chipping as well I am going to have higher putts. A good solid round of putts for me is right around 30-32. I took the Cleveland out on the course twice and had round where I had 33 and 32 putts. It was average. I felt I could line the ball up pretty well. The short putt problem reared its ugly head a couple of times. Some pretty basic 5 footers lipped out. I also saw some distance control problems. Putts were going much further than they did with my Seemore. Some of the shorter putts were just blowing by the hole without a chance. One of these rounds I brought the Seemore out as well and putter from the same spot with both putters for a round. (Yes it was a twlight round and I was alone) The results were pretty similar to what I saw out on the putting green. The Seemore was better at short and medium putts while the Cleveland got me closer on longer putts. Overall the Seemore won by a stroke in one round and they tied in another. The Seemore felt better in my hands. The familiarity of it made it very comfortable out on the course. While there were things I loved about the Cleveland I dont know if it will beat out the Seemore. The biggest thing in my opinion when looking for a putter is knowing how far you will hit it and I didnt exactly have a ton of confidence in what the Cleveland was going to do.

Course Score: 30 (Out of 40 points)


Performance Notes

The club performed about as well I as could expect. I didnt expect to find something that automically put the ball in the hole. I was slightly disappointed with its performance on shorter putts. As someone who is dependent on getting up and down from short distances it cost me a few pars. It also did save me some strokes on longer putts so I guess it all comes out in the wash but for my game it did hurt a little. If you hit greens and find yourself with longer putts then this may be the putter for you. The ball rolls true off the face. I didnt find the ball wobbled off line. My biggest gripe was with the distance control. It felt like the ball almost too well.





Describe the following:

The best thing they did with this putter was to follow KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. There are no huge gawdy graphics. They kept the top fairly clean with a simple alignment line. Not crazy lines, no dots, no giant hunks taken out of the back in the shape of a ball etc. Just a silver head with a white line. If you like a simple club this is the one for you. When I pulled it out of the box my wife commented how great she thought it looked. Trust me she has seen a ton of golf clubs. I also thought it looked good for the most part. I do have to gripe about the finish. The brushed stainless looks cheap to me. The brushed stainless of something like a Scotty just looks better to me. Im not sure how one campanies brushed stainless looks different but it just does. My gamer is a massive sized mallet head. It was refreshing to get a putter that is much more tame. The way the shaft enters the clubhead looks great and doesnt cause too much of a distraction Also if I am being picky which I am I hate the black and blue color scheme. Every grip in my bag is red,grey, or black with red. It just clashes. Again not anything that would prevent me from buying it.

Looks Score:12 (Out of 15 points)



Sound and Feel

This is where the club truly shines. No matter the ball I used the club felt soft when hit well. The Seemore is much clickier which I never noticed until I hit the Cleveland. Its a solid mush. I know that seems contridictory but trust me it feels great. The other thing I really liked is the difference in feel between a good shot and bad one. Heel shots feel firmer. Toe shots make a nasty sound. I like this for the feed back. I grabbed one at the PGA Super Store by my house and comapred it to a Cameron and a Ping. The Cleveland felt just as good as those putters. I have always loved Carbon putters for the softness and great feedback. The Cleveland has done a great job of getting that same feed back in a stainless putter


Sound and Feel Score:15 (Out of 15 points)

Putter Full.jpg

Likelihood of Purchase

This is my second review and just like the first one this is the hardest part to score. The putter feels great and performs just as well as my gamer. I personally wouldnt buy it because it wasnt better. That being said, if you are in the market for a new putter, there are worse options. Grab the Cleveland and try it before you just walk out of the store. You might save yourself 200 bucks. Take that money and go play some golf, buy some golf balls, get a new golf outfit. The value you get with this putter is great. You can have the feel of a premium putter for a third of the price. The putter didnt beat out what I currently have so it does take a hit. If I wanted a new putter then I would buy this putter no questions asked.


LOP Score:15 (Out of 20 points)


Subjective Notes

This putter isnt missing much in terms of feel and looks. I do have one gripe and recommendation. That would be to get it with the stock non Winn grip. This isnt really a Cleveland issue but the Winn Grip just doesnt feel right. The top has a noticable ridge that really bothered me. Again if you want something that feels and looks great give the Cleveland a look


Questions & Answers.

The biggest question I see presented in the threads is do you like it more than your gamer?

I have to say I prefer the Seemore because it fits my game better it seems. The Cleveland feels and sounds better but results speak louder.



This is a very nice putter but I will say it does seem to be in a weird spot. I cant really tell who its target market is. The milled face and fairly premium feeling head make me believe they truly want to cash in on some of that Scotty and Bettinardi money. At the same time things like the finish of the club scream a $100 dollar putter. Is the guy who wants a premium putter going to only pay $100 dollars for a putter and is the bargin shopping going to buy this over a $50 bargin bucket Rife. Right now at my local shop they have Ping TR putters that are a year or two old for 115. Most guys are going to grab the Ping without thinking because of the name. Again Its not that its a bad product I just have a hard time seeing where it fits. 

Total Score:79.5


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SO in part 2 I said I liked the putter but it wasnt able to beat out the Seemore Putter. A few people were asking if it was because of how comfortable I was with the Seemore. After a few more weeks I have to say it wont go into the bag. I noticed the 2 biggest issues with the putter were:

1) The performance inside 5-7 feet just wasnt any better than my Seemore

2) It left longer come back putts after misses than the Seemore.


Thats not to say this club wouldnt work for anyone. I think its a high quality putter. Its made from great materials. The performance is great just not better than what I currently have. The Cleveland putters have always been a very underrated line of putters. I have also always loved Cleveland clubs. The older lines they released are great and the newer stuff looks great as well. This continues the lineage of great clubs at inexpensive prices.


The $99 price point for a premium feeling putter cant be beat. I do get confused with how they are trying to situate themselves though. Are they trying to steal the Scotty customer? Are they trying to go low and get the guy who grabs the low price Tour Edge putter. If they want to keep going after that premium customer at a cheap price they will want to change the finish. It looks cheap. They should go with a black or a less matte finish. The older Studio select line from around 2010 is a great example of a great finish.


Its a great putter that should get your attention if you are searching for one. It couldnt beat what I already had but I say give it a shot. The club isnt in my bag but my friend who loved it put it in his bag ASAP. Then he went out and put out some low putting rounds. 

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Stage 1 review

Hello all, first off I'm very excited to review this putter. I have never reviewed a product before but I'll try to do the review process of MGS justice. I'm from Kansas so I play in the heat and humidity of summer and the stiff, swirling winds on some days. I'm definitely a recreational golfer, but I like to play well and improve. I'm working up to getting into some tournaments and I do play in two leagues. I take the game seriously but I like to have fun most of my rounds are practice rounds. A quick review of my game, starting with my overall skill level. I'm a 19 handicap that is continuing to trend down. I started up at 30 when I first started seriously playing a couple of years ago and have steadily gone down since. My goal is a 15 handicap but I'm sure when I hit that I'll strive for lower. My drives are not the longest, but they are usually a very slight fade. I'm hitting 59% of fairways this year so I've got that going for me. My swing speed is between 95-100mph. My hybrids and woods are a definite weakness but with lessons I'm working on that. Long irons are inconsistent but lessons are working on that as well. My short iron play and wedges are the strongest area of my game and is what saves me on most holes. Now for the part that matters for this review. The putting! My putting is consistent. I two put most holes and thankfully I rarely three putt. I currently game a bombtech blade putter with a superstroke 3.0 slim. I do like it, but if I'm completely honest I bought it sight unseen because it was a good deal. After playing with it though I do now know that I enjoy a heavier putter over a lighter putter. I prefer a simple mallet design over a blade, and I know it fits my stroke better. The best thing I did with that putter was put an oversized grip on it. That has loosened up my grip so much and allowed me to have a much better tempo with my swing, especially at impact.

I'm reviewing the Huntington Beach 6. I'm very excited about this review, this if the first putter I'll be using that is actually fit for my specs and not just off the rack. A very quick initial reaction when I unboxed the putter was, wow this looks really good. I loved the blue and black color scheme. The head is matte silver with simple alignment aids. I loved the milling pattern and the way it feels. I really can't wait to get it out on the course and start thoroughly testing. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll try to answer all I can.


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Bryan Pool

Ping G20 Driver

Bombtech hybrids

Ping G20 green dot irons/wedges

Cleveland Huntington beach 6 putter 

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Cleveland Hunting Beach 6


Stage 2


Player Biography

Currently in my bag is the bombtech blade putter. Before that was the taylormade white smoke blade. Both were at 33” with standard loft and lie. Like many golfers I had never been fitted for a putter and thought little about my putter compared to all the other clubs in my bag. I had just assumed I could putt with anything and that it was more important to get close to the hole and then tap in. Over the years this philosophy changed and I began to realize how important a putter is and that having the right specs along with practice, practice and more practice could really shave strokes off my game. I finally did some research and talked to a real professional and came up with the specs that were used when ordering my Cleveland Huntington beach 6. I have mine at 35” inches as I am a tall player at 6'5” and I have a 2 degrees upright lie to go along with the other clubs in my bag. I also use an oversize grip as this helps me keep a lighter grip on the club and a more consistent stroke. I chose the Huntington Beach 6 due to its face balancing and my straight back, straight through stroke. The Hunting Beach 6 is a heavy putter, weighing in at 360g head weight with an 85g grip weight. As a matter of personal preference this feels better to me when putting with lighter putters. Personally putting for me is not a major weakness or an area of my game where I'm going to gain a lot of strokes. I usually two putt if I am outside of 10 feet. I rarely 3 putt these days so I would say I'm an average putter.

This review opportunity peaked my interest because I felt it was an area I could give some insightful feedback of the product and still have the point of view that would help the recreational golfer. I currently have a 17 handicap that is dropping steadily over the past couple of seasons but I am still very much a recreational golfer who rides the struggle bus somedays and other days I groove everything. I have definitely taken all of that into account with my review and looked at times when it was the user screwing up compared to the equipment.


I will say that I have enjoyed this putter more than any other I have ever played with. This putter has been put in my bag as my gamer and has unseated my former putter the bombtech blade. It is not that my former putter was a bad putter but it is that the Huntington Beach 6 is just a better putter and performs better for my putting stroke and game.

Performance on the practice green

On the practice green this club is very easy to hit and warm up with. After using it on the practice green I go into my round with a lot of confidence and ready to attach the greens on the course.


The accuracy of the club is very good and I am able, even on mishits to hit or get close to my target so that my next putt if I miss is a tap in.

The distance control of this putter has been my favorite aspect of testing and using the club. It is very forgiving. It feels heavy and at first it felt like I had to hit the ball soft or else I would blow the ball past the hole. This is not the case at all. The distance control gives the user a very wide margin of error. Because of the heavier weight if you under hit the ball the will still travel well to the hole but it is hard to hit the ball too hard to the point of leaving yourself work after the putt or putting the ball to far past the hole. The weight of the club lets the user have a nice, easy, controlled tempo on short, medium and long putts. Along with the large margin of error with the distance control of the club this has allowed me to have the same tempo on putts of different lengths and still gain a favorable outcome on the shot.

The alignment aids on the club and the way the club is designed allows for very easy alignment. The club has a very simple, clean design with just a simple white line in the center. Along with this a step off is the back mallet part of the club that are spaced perfectly to frame ball as you are looking down on it. The simple silver finish against the white allows the user to have little to no distraction when focusing on the ball and lining up the putt.


The forgiveness of the club is good. I wouldn't say it is anything outstanding but it is adequate. If you hit the ball off the toe or heel it will affect the line of the putt. The forgiveness the club provides in regards to distance lost or gained is outstanding. When hitting the ball off the toe of heel of the club the ball has still traveled the same distance as intended allowing the user to still get the ball close to the hole even if line is off due to the mishit.


The control of the club is effortless. Due to the weighting of the club and the great distance control and wide margin of error is really allows the golfer to focusing on the break of the green and the line the ball needs to travel on. The smooth, easy tempo afforded by the way the club is weighted really allows for the ball to travel on the intended line and follow the break of the green. The way the ball comes off the face is very smooth and the ball starts rolling almost immediately with a very smooth roll throughout without any bouncing or skipping which definitely helps keep the ball on the line as it travels the green.

Overall my practice green score is an 8 out of 10.


Some notes on performance of the club and some quick testing on the practice green against my previous putter, the bombtech blade. I will give the disclaimer that I am not a machine but I tried throw out outliers with both putters and only take putts that were well struck. I hit 10 putts from short (5 feet), medium (10 feet) and long (20 feet). On the short putts I did not have a noticeable difference between the bombtech blade and the Cleveland. I holed 7 out of 10 putts with each and the other three were right next to the hole. There was no break on the short putt, it was a straight putt. On the medium putts I actually did 20 putts each. 10 putts with a putt with some break to it and 10 putts on a straight line. This is where the Cleveland started to outperform the bombtech. On the straight putts I holed only 5 of the 10 putts but on the ones I missed they were all tap in putts from less than a foot away. With the bombtech I only hold 3 from that distance and had 2 that I struck fine but still had some work (2-3 feet left). On the 10 putts with break I felt the Cleveland held the line significantly better than the bombtech. The bombtech was not off by much, but its grouping of putts around the hole had a bigger dispersion than the Cleveland.

On the longer lag putts I have never felt comfortable or confident with the bombtech, and its distance control I have found to be very inconsistent over time. It proved itself in this test as well. I had only 6 of my 10 lag putts with the bombtech were within just 2 feet. With the Cleveland using the exact same line only 1 of my lag putts was outside of 2 feet from 20 feet and it just barely outside of 2 feet.




Performance on the Course


On the course I have found this club to be easy to hit along my intended line. I can't say that my intended line is always the right one, but the club always goes where I think it should.



As I stated earlier, the alignment with this club is very easy. There are so many distractions on the golf course and we as golfers have so many other things to think about as we line up, read the green, and take the putt that it is nice to be able to have a club with such a simple design that makes it very easy to look down at the ball and see if its lined with the center of the face and then look down the line and see if my alignment of the club and the ball matches my read of the line I want to hit the ball on.


Distance control

Short putts up to 5 feet are automatic with this putter. Medium and long putts are also very easy to hit and control. The margin for error that this club affords with its distance control is superb. It is very easy to be aggressive with medium putts and go for those longer birdie putts, knowing that I'm not going to blow the ball 10 feet past the hole with this club. Most putts up to about 40 feet I have great confidence with this putter in my hand, knowing I'm going to be able to lag the ball up to a makeable 2-3 foot putt without much difficulty.



The performance on short putts is great, anything up to about 5 feet is automatic. The medium putts are great too. When I have missed in the 6-15 foot range I can look and see it was my read that usually doomed me to miss. The distance control of the club has allowed me to hole some medium putts that I read the break right but probably hit a little too hard and would not have made with my previous putter. On long putts, past 15 feet I feel like I'm very confident in the club to lag the putt up close to the hole for a tap in.

Overall this club has helped me lower my scores. I have been taking lessons during this same time period that has immensely improved other parts of my game, so I'm definitely getting more birdie putt opportunities and par tap in putts so that could also be helping. At the same I have found my confidence in putting go up with this putter and I haven't changed anything about my setup or stroke with this putter over my previous putter. My overall all course performance score is a 36 out of 40.



The general shape of the club is nothing out of this world or any other than ordinary. In this case, ordinary is a great thing. It has a simple design with no extra flare or flash which when standing over the ball and lining up the putt is a good thing. There is nothing in the design to distract the golfer from anything other than the hole and the ball.


There is minimal offset that is hardly noticeable at all. It again is in line with the simple straight forward design of the overall club.

Graphics are a simple white against the silver finish. Just the Cleveland name on the back of the club and the weight on the back of the club, none of which is visible when looking down at the ball. When looking down at the ball from a putting position there is nothing visible of graphics except for the small white line that is the alignment aid against the silver finish. The step down in the back of the club gives a very subtle but useful framing aid for the ball against the face of the club.


Everything about the design of the club is simple and designed to be clean and subtle. There is nothing loud or flashy with this putter and that is a great thing for me. If you enjoy spaceship design, bright colors or flashy logos this putter is not for you. If you just want something that is classically beautiful and simple, then this putter is the definition of that. My looks score is a 12 out of 15


My longest putt made with this putter, about 25 feet, and for eagle! I was as shocked at my league buddies


Sound and feel

The sound of the ball coming off the club is a dull clunk. It's quiet, not really even noticeable. For myself I will say that sound is not my strong suit, as I am much more in tune with the way a club feels at impact than what it sounds like. This club definitely lets you know when you have mishit the ball. More so off the toe than the heel. It is not an off putting feel, actually more helpful so you can feel where you have hit the ball on the club face and why the ball did what it did. My overall sound and feel score is a 9 out of 15.


Playing two balls on the course, automatic birdies with this putter.


Likelihood of purchase

If MGS took the club away from me today I would go out and buy it again tomorrow. The price point is perfect for your recreational golfer who is either on a budget or just wants the best value for their dollar. I think unless you are going out to spend the money to buy a Scotty because you want the name in your bag you aren't going to find a putter that outperforms this series at a better price. I think Cleveland hit a hole in one with this offering. My likelihood of purchase score is a solid 20 out of 20.


Prescribe from about 30 feet, the far right ball was a purposeful misfit and still went almost as far.


Well everyone you have made it to the end of my stage 2 review. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope I have given a through and fair evaluation of the product. If you have any questions I would love to hear from you, or even if you just hated the review, let me know. I have really enjoyed the process and of course who doesn't love chance to hit a new golf club. I got lucky on this one too as I have found my new gamer. The Cleveland performed very well for me and will be staying in my bag for the foreseeable future. My overall score is an 85 out of a possible 100. I really enjoy putting with this club and the head cover I think looks great in the back, especially against by all red Iron head covers with black and the pop of the blue. Thank you to MGS for the opportunity and I can't wait to hear from the community on this one.

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Bryan Pool

Ping G20 Driver

Bombtech hybrids

Ping G20 green dot irons/wedges

Cleveland Huntington beach 6 putter 

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Will this product go in my bag? 

Already in there and its not coming out. I really loved this putter and I loved the confidence it has given me on pretty much any putt. I love the feel of the putter, the forgiveness and the looks. I feel like my putting has really improved with this putter in my hands and I can't wait to keep playing with it. 


Who would I recommend this product to? 

Anyone looking for the value in a putter. I feel like cleveland really did a great job giving everyday golfers a quality putter at a good value. I don't expect to see people replacing scotty or bettinardi but who knows. This putter looks more expensive than it is and it performs very well. 


How did this change my impression of cleveland? 

I definitely gave me a positive impression of their putters. I really didn't have much of an impression of the company before and I will just say the process and the club has made me want to stop and take a look at cleveland more often for other purchases. 


What feature would I change or eliminate from the next generation?

I don't think I really would change anything. Its such a simple design anyway that there isn't much to take away as it is. I guess if I had to change something I might offer more a full mallet head and not just a half mallet head. 


What feature do I hope they continue?

The milled diamond design is one of my favorite things. In my opinion I felt like the ball rolled straight and smooth with this design and I hope they continue to go with this design in the future.


Well I hope you have all enjoyed the ride as much as I have. I hope I have given you all a quality review and I look forward to many years of putting with this putter. 

Bryan Pool

Ping G20 Driver

Bombtech hybrids

Ping G20 green dot irons/wedges

Cleveland Huntington beach 6 putter 

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A milled putter that made the 2017 MGS most wanted blade putter list at #4 and only costs $100—are you intrigued?



As I looked through this year's list of most wanted putters I had to do a double take on the price of the Cleveland Hunting Beach #1 putter. https://mygolfspy.com/2017-mygolfspy-most-wanted-blade-putter/ Milled putters typically are not in this price range. Really, any putters—be they milled or insert, are not typically in this price range, particularly from a company with the brand awareness of a Cleveland Golf—granted their reputation is tied to wedges and not putters, but still. This putter immediately stood out on this list as a putter worth trying.



I want to thank MGS for the opportunity to test this putter. I will do my best to give you my impressions on this stick and give the reader enough information to decide if this is a putter that should be considered. Please feel free to ask any questions you have about the putter or things you would like to see in stage 2 or 3 of the review. In this stage I'll first list some of the specifications for the putter and tell you a little bit about me. In the second stage I'll be covering performance notes and impressions. In the third stage I'll provide some recommendations on who this putter might be for and a few final thoughts.


I will be reviewing the Huntington Beach #1 putter with the Winn Pro X 1.32 grip.



The Huntington Beach Collection:

I know this information is on their website, but I thought it would be worthwhile to replicate some of the specifics of this lineup here for quick reference. I think many of you know that Cleveland and Srixon are teamed up as a single company with the Srixon brand carrying drivers, woods, hybrids, irons and balls while the Cleveland moniker covers wedges and putters. So between the two brands, they have your complete lineup covered. I personally have never had any Cleveland clubs in my bag but I know some people rave about their wedges.


The Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection currently has six models in their lineup: #1, #3, #4, #6, #6C, and #10. The model I will be reviewing is the #1 which is a classic plumber's neck-Anser style putter. The #4 appears to be similar to #1 but with sharper lines as compared to the smoother transitions of the #1. #3 is a slant neck style putter and #6, #6C and #10 are variations of the mid-mallet style.


Here are the stock specifications and custom options available per their website:


Length: Stock lengths are 33”, 34” or 35”. The #1 model also has a 32” “Women's” length


Lie: 70 degrees stock. This can be adjusted up to 3 degrees upright to 2 degrees flat.


Loft: 3 degrees stock. This can be adjusted up to 2 degrees weak or strong.


Head Weight: 345g for blades, 365g for mid-mallets


Grips: Stock grip is a Cleveland branded midsize rubber grip weighing 85g (74g for the women's version). For a $10 upcharge you can order an Oversized Winn Pro X grip in sizes 1.18, 1.32, and 1.60 in black or white or a Rosemark Thorn 1.52” grip in black or blue.



For my southpaw friends—the only model that comes left handed is the #1. This definitely sucks but I'll let me fellow testers that are left-handed lament this fact as their gripes will be more authentic than any that this right-hander could write.


The face of the putter is what Cleveland describes as a precision milled face with a diamond-shaped pattern that is four times deeper than their previous generation. They claim that the deeper milling helps with feel and increased friction to help give it a more consistent roll. The head is made with 304 stainless steel which Cleveland claims is a softer feel than 17-4 stainless steel. This is an odd comment to tout because upon looking up a few of the other manufacturers who currently use stainless steel for their milled offerings, the majority appear to be using 303 or 304 and not 17-4. I'll provide my impressions of feel in stage 2.



About me:

I started golfing about 12 years ago at the age of 23. I always liked the idea of the sport due to growing up in the Tiger era but hadn't really had the opportunity to play as a kid or through college because of the expense. My first experience with golf was taking a golf class in my last term of college because I needed one more credit to get to full-time status and it seemed like a fun thing to do. A couple of years later my brother decided to take up the game since he got a job in the business world and I thought it would be fun to learn with him. So we each got a set of Golden Bear clubs from Costco and hacked our way into a growing affection for the sport.


When I go practice at the range I am usually hitting irons so I probably don't give enough attention to the practice putting greens as I should. Generally my putting improves as the season goes on but I would probably average 36 putts per round with my biggest weakness being lag putting.


I am from and currently live in the great state of Oregon. Wet weather can be in issue for us in the winter but fortunately our summers are fantastic for golf so the greens are at their peak right now which make for good testing.


The current putter in my bag is the Nike Origin Method B1-01 putter with a Superstroke Slim 3.0 grip. I also have a Ping Anser Milled 2 Putter with a Superstroke Fatso 5.0 grip. I'll be comparing the performance of the Cleveland up against these two putters. (I have one other putter that has won my affection but will not be in the comparison, the reason becoming apparent if you look at the pictures here: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/18524-jiro-dreams-of-putters/?hl=%2Bjiro+%2Bdreams+%2Bof+%2Bputters ).


I chose the #1 Huntington Beach model because I like the look of the Anser-style putters and thought that it would be the most comparable to the putters I currently own and give the best opportunity to do a fair comparison on the performance. As you can see from the picture below, the toe hang on each of the three putters is nearly identical and are supposed to fit a “Slight Arc” stroke type. I discovered that I was in the slight arc stroke camp by using the Ping putter app a few years ago so that is one of the main things I look out for in a new putter. I haven't yet done a proper putter fitting but it is on my list of someday.




Here is a spec comparison of the three putters:

Cleveland: 345g, 304 SS, 70 degrees lie, 3 degrees loft, $100

Nike: 345g, 304 SS, 70 degrees lie, 3 degrees loft, $350 (original price new)

Ping: 345g, 303 SS, 70 degrees lie standard (but bent 1 degree flat-“red dot”), 3 degrees loft, $300 (original price new)



It will be interesting to see if the Cleveland has any clear performance benefits over the other two as the specs are pretty much identical. The alignment aids are even similar between the three with the main noticeable difference being the style of face milling. My suspicion is that they should all perform similarly so I am not expecting any one to have a huge advantage over another—but that is why we run the race. You will note though that both the Nike and Ping putters were originally priced in the premium putter range (although I did not pay anywhere near full price for either of them). So if they do perform similarly but the Cleveland is a third of the cost—that would be an interesting development.


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Stage 2:
There are two main camps when it comes to putters: those that prefer a milled putter and those that prefer having an insert of some sort (aluminum, plastic, etc.). You can't go wrong with either one and it ultimately comes down to what feels best to the golfer. There are some studies out there that say that the perception of feel is really a preference on acoustics, so we will say what feels/sounds good. I fall into the first camp with a preference for milled putters which is one reason I was drawn to the Huntington Beach models. In the past I have used an Odyessy putter with the white mulit-material insert for a while and just wasn't in love with the feel of it. It felt too springy to me. After playing around with some milled putters, I found that I preferred the sound on those putters a little better and made the switch. The major problem with milled putters is that they tend to be more expensive than the insert putters. I don't believe this has anything to do with the quality of the putters but rather the increased labor required in the milling process and just because they can as the consumer has established that they are willing to pay more for them.
On aesthetics I tend to be drawn to clubs with clean lines and graphics. This has no bearing on the performance of the club at all but this is an important aspect to me that has a big impact on whether or not I will buy a club. I know some of you will say that one should use whatever club leads to the lowest scores and forget about how it looks—I highly respect this utilitarian view and have no rational counter-argument to this other than that is not how I am wired and subjective criteria has a big impact on a purchase decision.
For grips I have really taken to the larger ones as they feel better and more stable to me. I have experimented with different sized Superstroke and Winn grips as well as the Puregrip Big Dog. I think I have settled for the Superstroke 3.0 size in terms of what size feels good to me. The Winn Grip on the Cleveland putter is pretty close to this size—just slightly larger which I am ok with.
I am a weekend golfer with two small kids so I don't get to play as much as some of you readers. I'll take any chance I get to sneak in a 9-hole round and typically play 9-holes at a time since it is more palatable to the wife. I am hoping to get the kids interested in golf early so as they get older we can play all golf together. That being said, I typically shoot in the 90's if I am playing well by my standards and in the 100's if I feel like I am struggling. For 18 holes I would say I average about three 3-putts. My overall putts per round probably average less than 2 but this is a deceiving stat since my GIR is low and I am often chipping just off the green so probably get more 1-putts than my handicap would justify.

What's in the Bag:
Driver: Ping G SF Tec set to 10 degrees loft w/ Ping TFC 419D regular flex shaft
Hybrids: Srixon Z 355, 19 degrees loft w/ Miyazaki Jinsoku stiff flex shaft
Irons: Miura Passing Point PP-9003, 4-GW w/ KBS Tour 90 stiff flex shafts
Wedges: Ben Hogan TK-15 wedges, 54 degree, 58 degree, 62 degree w/ KBS Tour 90 stiff flex shafts
Putter: Nike Method Origin B1-01 w/ Superstroke Slim 3.0 grip


Performance at the Practice Green:
In my main practice green session I put the HB1 up against two putters that I currently own: The Nike Method B1-01 which was my current gamer and a Ping Milled Anser 2. As I mentioned in stage 1, the specs on these three putters are nearly identical so I was expecting somewhat similar results. Based on past impressions, I had always felt like the Nike was a little more accurate to me than the Ping so I was expecting the Ping to lag behind a little bit in performance. I have never done a very intentional head-to-head with the putters, this is just an impression that I have based on play on the course.
I picked an uphill condition to try and take some of the break out of the putts and putted from 4', 7', and 11' and 25'. The idea was to take and reading of the greens or break out of the equation so I could test initial alignment and actual stroke. The balls used for testing were the Wilson Duo model.
4ft putts:
Cleveland: 10/10 putts made
Nike: 9/10 putts made
Ping: 10/10 putts made
7ft putts:
Cleveland: 8/10 putts made
Nike: 8/10 putts made
Ping: 5/10 putts made
11ft putts:
Cleveland: 4/10 putts made
Nike: 4/10 putts made
Ping: 5/10 putts made
25ft putts:
Cleveland: 0/3 putts made. Farthest ball from hole was 2feet.
Nike: 0/3 putts made. Farthest ball from hole was 3feet.
Ping: 0/3 putts made. Farthest ball from hole was 2feet.


The three pictures below are the results from the 25' lag putts in order
On the practice green I wouldn't say there is any performance benefit over my current gamer or the Ping, but it certainly is no slouch either. For lag putting, once I got used to the rhythm of the putter, the Cleveland seemed pretty comparable to the Nike in terms of distance control. This gave me the impression that there would be a fairly easy transition to putting this in the bag and actually playing with it.
Outside of the Ping performance on the 7ft putt, all three seemed to preform about the same at any distance. I'll note that on the 11ft round that the Cleveland did have 2 lip-outs and one that was on-line but 1” short of the hole so in that round the Cleveland could easily have made it to 7/10.
As I mentioned above, I had expected that the Ping putter might end up being the worst in terms of performance and the results in the head-to-head review but I actually found that it is fairly similar to the others on lag putting.

Performance on the Practice Green Score: 8 out of 10 points

Performance on the Course:
On the course, the putter felt perfectly comfortable and it didn't seem like there was much of a transition period and putting was business as usual. Again, like my impression on the practice green, I don't see any measurable advantage on the performance end for this putter over against my old putter. The putts I would normally expect to make were made. The lag putting distance control was where I would expect. My putts per round were in line with my averages so this putter is not some magic solution that would appear to save me a bunch of strokes by itself. The thing that stands out to me is that this putter is just rather fun to play with which makes you want to use it more. This thought will be expanded on in the subjective notes in the next section.

Performance on the Course Score: 35 out of 40 points

Performance Notes:
Overall I would say that the HB1 meets my expectations. It isn't going to have any measureable benefit over my current putter in terms of performance. But I was expecting this to be the case with the specifications for the putters being nearly identical so the main consideration for me is going to turn to the subjective aspects of the putter.


The subjective side of the putter is so hard quantify since what looks and feels good to me may not do it for the next golfer. So please take my opinion with a grain of salt and feel free to disagree with me on any of my subjective impressions. As mentioned above, I am looking for nice clean lines and a classic look. In my opinion, the design of this putter line from an aesthetic point of view is really well done overall but there are a few things I would change. For one, I don't mind putter designs having a little bit of color or extra details as long as the overall design is still relatively clean and I would use the Nike Origin putter as an example of a clean putter that still has that little bit of character to it that sets it apart from competitor's in the same style category (Anser heads in this case). In this respect the HB series is a little vanilla but I think it is better to err on this side than the other.

One thing that I think sets high end putters apart are some of the removable weight features on the bottom. To be honest, I have never tinkered with the weights on my Nike putter and have no real intention of doing so, but having that option does seem to increase the perception that the putter is more high-end. Logically having more moving parts and milling would increase the production cost so that makes sense that it costs more to implement this feature. The Huntington Beach putters don't have this feature but it does allows them to keep the production cost down which helps their goal of pricing the putters cheaper.

A couple of other things I would change are the finish on top and the font on the bottom. I am not a fan of the finish chosen for the top of the club. The finish does make the club appear lower-end than my other two clubs and this seems like an easy change to make for future models. Upon picking up the head and examining it closely, it does feel like a solid well-crafted instrument, so this is just a personal preference that this club isn't quite as aesthetically pleasing as others out there. I am also not in love with the fonts used on the bottom of the club—I know this is getting into Steve Jobs-like OCD with being too particular with font type but I think this is an area that needs to be looked at in future models.

My gripe for the particular putter that I received was some sloppy paint fill on the backside of the putter. I would expect that the QC would be a little better and so I have knocked down the looks score accordingly.

I am pretty impressed with the stock head cover. It appears to be a quality cover. It uses Velcro instead of magnets but I find that magnet head covers (like my Ping has) tend to come off when riding around in a cart so I prefer the Velcro.

Overall, if you like very classic looking putters, this putter will suit your eye.

Looks Score: 11 out of 15 points

Sound and Feel:
This is where I think this putter truly shines. It is a bit hard to describe, but there is something about the feeling of this club that makes it incredibly fun to play. I would use the analogy of a nice soft-feeling iron that feels like butter when you hit it just right and makes you want to go out and practice and play all the more. When putting with the HB1, it does feel noticeably softer than my other two putters with a pleasant lower-pitched sound. On a center hit, the energy transfer from the club to the ball feels effortless with a nice smooth roll off the face. When I tried hitting off of the toe, the pitch changes to a higher-pitched thud that doesn't feel pleasant. Equally bad are the heel hits that have an even higher pitched sound. So if you are looking for a putter with good feedback on mishits but a very rewarding feel on the good hits, this putter will do the job. I plan on keeping this putter in my bag for the remainder of the season and will give an update in stage 3 but this club is really vying for a spot in the bag based on sound and feel alone.

The Winn Grip that is one of the upgrade options isn't bad. I like the overall size and shape and the fact that it is slightly longer than the Superstroke ones. I don't like the feel of them more than the Superstroke, they feel a bit squishier but not a bad option. I'd love to see Cleveland expand on their stock grip options.

Sound and Feel Score: 15 out of 15 points

Likelihood of Purchase:
I am giving this a solid score for likelihood of purchase based on the looks and feel/sound. This isn't a brand that I would normally necessarily look at for putters which is an oversight on my part. Now that I have had a chance to play with hit, I have a more favorable view of Cleveland as an option for putters. They have priced these things in the range that one can afford to at least give it a try.

Likelihood of Purchase Score: 12 out of 15 points

Subjective Notes:
On the subjective side, I think this putter really shines and checks all of the boxes. It has a nice clean and classic look with a very pleasant sound and feel that makes you want to hit the practice green more.

This is a solid putter offering. Since Clevleand is a challenger brand in the putter market, I think they have tried to position themselves on the cheap end of the market to maybe gather a following. There are two basic strategies in marketing—either be the cheapest or (perceived as) the best. I think Cleveland is wisely trying not to fall somewhere in the middle and get lost in the shuffle. If they can build brand awareness and increase their following—who knows maybe they can get up to the level of competing with the Bettinardis and Camerons out there—brand perception is a funny beast though.
But don't be deceived by the low price thinking this is some inferior product, one can see the quality of the putter with just a few minutes with it. If you are in the market for a milled putter, this lineup is worth a look.
Total Score: 81/100

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Thanks again to MGS, it has been fun being a tester.  To finish off stage 3:


Will this product go in your bag?

This is tough call but this putter is not ultimately going to go in the bag.  This putter does not seem to offer any measurable performance advantage over my current gamer.  So the decision goes subjective which my Nike putter will get the nod.  I'll say that the Cleveland putter has amazing feel--better than the Nike--and that is where the product really shines.  But I like the looks of the Nike better and it has a bit of a soft spot in my heart being it was the last product that Nike ever put out before they got out of equipment (if not the last, one of the final clubs).  Since they both put the same I am going back to the Nike.  I can see putting the Cleveland into the rotation though as it is pretty fun to play, as mentioned in stage 2.  If I had do this it again, I would probably go with the model #10 though.  I almost went with this model for the review but wanted a putter that I thought that would be more apples to apples comparison with my current gamer.  Maybe if I tried the #10, I would have seen a discernible improvement in performance.


To whom would you recommend this product?

Anyone who wants a solid milled putter.  I think for someone who has always wanted to get a milled putter but didn't want to spend $400 on one, this is your chance to get a really nice putter for an entry level price.

For those on this site who consider themselves, affectionately, a "club ho", this is in the price range that you say..."yeah, I'll give that a go".  You won't be disappointed with the feel of this club.


How did this product change your overall impression of Cleveland?

I have always considered Cleveland to have a solid reputation...as a wedge maker.  This putter has really change my impression of them that they are more than just a wedge brand.  This putter shows that they can compete with the rest of them in the putters as well.  Very impressed.


What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model?

1. Add more stock grip options.

2. Change the finish.

3. Change the fonts.


The above would not be much but I think would put this lineup over the top.  As I mentioned previously, having removable weights would be nice but would also jack the price up so I wouldn't do that since the low cost is one of the attractive things about this putter.


What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?

The best thing about this club is the feel so whatever is helping with that: material used, milling process, grooves on the face...keep whatever it is that is resulting in this fantastic feel.  Whatever they are doing it is working.

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Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection – Stage 1


Hi all,

My name is Jack Miller (GolfJunkie302), and I have been golfing obsessively for about the last 7 years. Before I go any further, I would like to say thank you to Cleveland Golf, the MGS Spies, and the MGS community for this opportunity. I am truly honored to have been selected to test the Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection putters, and I will strive to complete this review to the best of my abilities. Please bear with me, though, as this is my first ever product review, and I'm not fully “experienced.” As I said before, I've been playing for roughly 7 years. I didn't really care about golf at first, But I quickly became hooked, and now I can't stop. Remember those Golfsmith advertisements, “Anything For Golf?” yeah… that's me. I live in Redmond, WA, just east of Seattle. I'm actually not too bad at playing in wet conditions, since we usually get 366 days of rain per year. (I'm kidding, but seriously though, it's close.) I love course architecture, so getting to play a top rated track is always a fun treat for me. I am super excited to test out the Huntington Beach putter, because it has a milled face and it retails for only $99! Yep, you read that right, a putter that may perform as well a Scotty Cameron for under $100. I am expecting big things from this baby! I'm going to talk briefly about my game. I play to a 7.3 handicap. My strengths are driving and iron play. I don't hit it far, but, for the most part, I keep it in play. Putting? Yeah... definitely not a strength of mine. I'm really hoping this new Cleveland is going to do the trick! Typical ball flight with my driver, fairways, and high irons is a small fade. With my mid & low irons and wedges, it's a high, soft baby draw. My miss is usually to the right. That would be a hook for me (yep, I'm one of those guys who “stands on the wrong side of the ball.”). My bag currently consists of the following: 2017 TaylorMade M1 460 driver, Mizuno JPX EZ 3-wood, Cobra Fly-Z 4 hybrid, TaylorMade SLDR irons, Callaway Mack Daddy PM grind 60*, and a Bettinardi BB55 CB putter (soon to be replaced by the Cleveland Huntington Beach #1!).




Now, just a little bit about the putter. The Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection putters are made out of 304 Stainless Steel, giving putts an extremely soft feel. They have a deeply cut Precision Milled Face, which gives putts a very consistent roll. Model #1 (the only model available in left handed) has a head weight of 345g.




Okay… let's get started on the review! Remember, if you have any questions, please ask. I'll do my best to answer them. Thanks for your patience!



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2017  :taylormade-small: M1 460, Project X HZRDUS Black 6.0

:mizuno-small: JPX EZ 3 wood
:cobra-small: Fly-Z 4H
:mizuno-small: MP-60, 3i-PW, True Temper Dynamic Gold
:mizuno-small: S5 54° & 58°, True Temper Dynamic Gold
:cameron-small: California Monterey
:titelist-small: Pro V1x

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Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection – Stage 2


Player Biography


My current putter is the Bettinardi BB55 CB. For the review, I will be comparing the Cleveland with my current putter, and also a Scotty Cameron California Monterey, which is very similar to the HB #1. I will be presenting data I obtained from the practice green and also from the course. How would I describe myself as a golfer? Let's just say, I don't play golf to lay up on par 5s. I am a very aggressive player, and that can present its challenges (i.e. hitting a lot of recovery shots). Another thing I'm known for is finding great deals on golf equipment. I am the type of player who wants quality equipment without having to spend a ton. That's one of the reasons I'm so excited about the Cleveland HB putters. I think I've done some great tests, so let's see if they live up to the hype!




Performance at the Practice Green


• Accuracy


It's very easy to start putts out on the correct line and get them rolling towards the hole. Every putt feels like it has a chance to go in. I haven't experienced this before with any other putter. It is pretty easy for me to hit my target area, so if the putts don't drop, it's because of my read. Overall, highly impressed as far as accuracy goes.


• Distance Control


Distance control with the HB #1 is superb from 30 feet and in. Putts usually finish no farther away than 1-2 feet from the hole. From over 30 feet, I tend to hit it pretty far past the hole. I'm talking like 6 feet past. It's a good thing this putter is automatic from anything under 10 feet!


• Alignment


This is what I've had problems with before. The Cleveland Huntington Beach #1 is the first putter I have owned that has been easy to align towards my target. I feel like I don't even have to think about alignment; everything just goes straight into the bottom of the cup! With my Scotty Cameron California Monterey, when I was aligned towards my target, it felt like the face was wide open. With the HB #1, when I'm aligned properly, it feels like I am aligned properly. I don't feel at all awkward at address like I have with previous putters. In my opinion, you need to feel confidant at address in order to make putts drop. I feel completely confidant with the Cleveland.


• Forgiveness


The Cleveland Huntington Beach #1 is fairly forgiving. Poorly struck putts don't seem to lose much distance, and they don't deviate too far off line. I am still sinking putts that I mis-hit, and that's what counts.


• Control


I am happy with the overall control. I feel very confidant with this putter, like I can make anything. Occasionally, a short one will get away from me and I'll blow it 5 feet by, but for the most part, I can handle this putter very well.




• Practice Green Data


I did a test at the practice green between the Cleveland Huntington Beach #1, my current gamer, the Bettinardi BB 55 CB, and my old Scotty Cameron California Monterey, which is very similar to the Cleveland. I rolled 5 putts with each putter from 5 feet, 10 feet, and 25 feet. Here are the results:




I made the same amount of putts with both the Bettinardi and the Cleveland. But, I made 10 more feet of putts with the Cleveland than the Bettinardi. I Know these numbers are low, but given that the putts were pretty difficult, and it was only my first time rolling the Cleveland, I'm going to take it. So far, I am extremely happy with the performance of the Cleveland Huntington Beach #1 on the practice green. But can it carry over onto the golf course? Let's find out.


Practice Green Score: 9/10




Performance on the Course


• Accuracy


Accuracy is still incredibly high, as it was on the practice green. We've probably all heard before that good putts all look like they have a chance to go in. That's pretty much how it is with the Cleveland. My putts are dropping like flies.


• Alignment


With this putter, alignment is very easy, and getting putts to hit the target line comes naturally. I feel very comfortable at address, and I don't really have any complaints about the sight line on the putter.


• Distance Control


Distance control is pretty good. On longer putts, it's easy to hit it a little too firm and end up with a 6 foot putt that should be a tap in. But I feel dialed in on anything less than 30 feet. I feel like I have great control over the speed of putts. I can die it in or rattle it in the back of the cup with ease. So yeah, distance control is good.


• Consistency


Super consistent with tight dispersion. According to the Cleveland Golf website, the deeper milling pattern produces a more consistent roll. Putts are very predictable, and developing a repeatable stroke is extremely straightforward. All in all, love the overall consistency of the Cleveland HB #1.


• Performance From Various Distances


This putter is so, so good from 10 feet and in. Short putts are almost automatic. I don't even think about 8 footers anymore because I know where they're going. I have also experienced excellent performance on medium length putts. It is easy to lag it close from the 20 – 30 foot range. As I've said before, I have found it easy to hit it too far on long putts. But the HB #1's incredible ability to make 8 footers evens that out. Overall, I am receiving excellent results on almost all putts. Very pleased with the Cleveland Huntington Beach series.


• Affect on Score


The HB #1 is definitely reducing my score. I am consistently making those critical 8 footers to save par, ones I would typically miss. Since receiving the Cleveland Huntington Beach #1, my average putts per hole has also dropped. In the table below, the bar on the left represents the Cleveland and the bar on the right represents my previous gamer, the Bettinardi. This data was obtained using 5 random rounds played with each putter.




Obviously the Cleveland is performing much better on the golf course. The HB #1 has certainly earned its place in the bag. I am very pleased with the on-course performance so far, and I think the Cleveland is here to stay.


Course Score: 37/40




Performance Notes


How did it perform?


The performance of the Cleveland Huntington Beach #1 definitely exceeded my expectations. An amazing putter for an amazing price.


Were you pleased with how the club performed?


Absolutely. I would buy this putter in a heartbeat.


Please compare and contrast it to what you are currently playing.


I am currently gaming the Bettinardi BB 55 CB. That putter has a very large and heavy, high MOI head. It's a counterbalance putter. The HB #1 is your stereotypical blade putter with a relatively light head, weighing only 345 grams.  


What factors were you pleased with?


I was pleased with pretty much all factors. Accuracy, alignment, distance control… everything was above average. I didn't really expect the Huntington Beach #1 to perform so well.


How did it compare to your current gamer(s)?


As my statistics showed, the Cleveland definitely performed better than my other putters. I felt significantly more comfortable putting with the HB #1 than I did with my other putters, and I preferred the feel of the HB #1 . The Cleveland HB putter is a keeper for sure.


Did you notice better production on the practice green or on the course more?


Probably on the course. I am making putts when it really counts. I am seeing awesome results from 10 feet and in, and that is what I used to struggle with the most.


Could you use it in both settings?


For sure. The Cleveland still did excellent on the practice green.


What factors did you find lacking?


Long putts, but that's about it. It is relatively easy to hit it too far past the hole, giving me long pressure putts to deal with.


What improvements would you like to see?


The finish on the top of the putter, the part you see at address. I think it does have some affect on performance, since I don't feel great about looking at it. I think it's something I'll get used to, though. I'll go into more detail about the finish later.


What would you do away with?


Honestly, nothing. Cleveland has a great design that works. Why change it?






The Cleveland Huntington Beach #1 is a classic blade-style putter. All of the edges are rounded, giving it a less aggressive appearance. The bottom of the putter has a Stainless Steel finish, with a narrow strip of chrome finish on the leading edge. The white paint fill brings it together nicely. The top of the club, though, is a dull grey finish that reminds me of lead. I don't care for looking at that color when I am trying to putt. But, the putter has a very “modern” aura about it, which, in my opinion, is very nice. I like that there aren't any garish colors of paint fill, as I've seen on other putters. Overall, everything comes together pretty well.


Looks Score:  12/15


Sound and Feel


The HB #1 has a very soft feel to it. That can be attributed to the 304 Stainless Steel used in the design. Well struck putts feel like you're swinging, but there's no ball there. You just don't really feel like you're hitting anything. I would definitely prefer the feel of the Cleveland over the feel of my Scotty. Mis-hits are noticeable, but provide good feedback as to where on the face you made contact. The sound is almost like a dull “ping,” but in a good way. All in all, the sound and the feel of the Cleveland HB #1 are second to none.


Sound and Feel Score: 14/15


Likelihood of Purchase


I would be highly likely to purchase this putter. I love almost everything about it. It has a great feel to it and it performs even better. What I can't get over is the price! I have no idea how Cleveland can sell this putter for under $100. So yeah, being the kind of golfer I am, this product is absolutely perfect for me.


LOP Score: 19/20




The Cleveland Huntington Beach collection putters really are pretty amazing. The performance I am seeing at the practice green and on the course is incredible, and the sound and feel are better than very high-end putters. I am impressed with the design of the putter, and also with the fact that the face is milled. The only thing detracting from the Huntington Beach collection is the finish on the top. But I would, without a doubt, take performance over looks any day. Overall, Cleveland did a great job on these putters. They are perfect for players looking for a top-performing putter at the right price. I am extremely pleased with the Cleveland Huntington Beach collection putters, and I am positive you would be too.


Total Score: 91/100

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Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection – Stage 3


1. Will this product go in your bag? Why or why not?

I think the Cleveland Huntington Beach #1 is going to be my new gamer! It simply is better than my current putter. I am extremely pleased with how it's performing so far, and the feel is second-to-none. Cleveland really did do an amazing job with this putter!


2. To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this product? Why?

The Cleveland Huntington Beach Collection putters are the perfect option for players who don't want to drop $400, but still want a top performing putter. With all of the custom options available for no upcharge, this is a steal!


3. How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of Cleveland?

Wow. Cleveland really earned my respect with this putter. I am highly impressed with design and performance of the Huntington Beach putters. The quality is there, the performance is there, and the price is there. Plus one for Cleveland!


4. What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model?

There is one thing that annoys me a little about the club. I'm just not in love with the finish on the top. It looks dark grey, almost like lead or aluminum. It doesn't suit my eye very well, but it's only a minor complaint really.


5. What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?

This is a no-brainer. The milled face definitely tops the list. Scotty Cameron and Bettinardi both mill their putters, but those cost around $400. So, a putter with a milled face for under $100? Almost too good to be true...

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:cobra-small: Fly-Z 4H
:mizuno-small: MP-60, 3i-PW, True Temper Dynamic Gold
:mizuno-small: S5 54° & 58°, True Temper Dynamic Gold
:cameron-small: California Monterey
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My stage 1 review is up. Let me know if you have any specific questions or things you would like covered in the later stages.



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Nice intro Jiro! These are certainly beautiful putters and for a price that you don't see from the other OEM's. Looking forward to how it performs for you.

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Nice intro!

2017  :taylormade-small: M1 460, Project X HZRDUS Black 6.0

:mizuno-small: JPX EZ 3 wood
:cobra-small: Fly-Z 4H
:mizuno-small: MP-60, 3i-PW, True Temper Dynamic Gold
:mizuno-small: S5 54° & 58°, True Temper Dynamic Gold
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Great start guys! I love the simplicity of these putters, I have a feeling they're definitely underdogs at that price. Curious to see how you all like them.

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