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Stage One - Kekeisen


Hey there-- first of all, a big thank you to MGS for swapping me into the testing group last-minute!  I'm a first-time reviewer, so please bear with me as I get my feet wet.  By way of introduction, my name is Kyle.  I'm a 30 year-old ex-athlete, and I've played the game off and on since the end of high school.  I really “caught the bug” when I moved back to the Boston area ~4 years ago, and have managed to drop my handicap from ~20 to ~13 (GHIN 7748534 if you care to look) since I started to take the game more seriously.


Here's a pic of me (2nd from right in the Masters visor… I'm 5'11” 215, my buddies are tall) playing the Ocean Course earlier this year:

In terms of my game, I'm your standard mid-handicapper.  Strengths (and misses) come and go from round to round.  I hit the ball fairly high, but have been fighting a push fade/slice as of late.  If I keep the ball in play and avoid penalties, I shoot in the mid-to-high 80's, and if I have a wild day off the tee I trend towards the mid-to-low 90's.  Swing speed is 95-99 with a mid-iron (6i) and 107-112 for the driver.  This season, I've been working on getting un-stuck and extending my trail arm through impact, but that's probably more than you cared to know about my work in progress.  Here's a heel-y driver swing for reference:
Got fitted for my first new clubs since ~2005 earlier this spring.  I've gone full TM fan-boy and now game:
Driver: 2017 M2 9.5* (set 2 clicks open/lower) w/ Matrix Speed Rulz A-Type 60 S, tipped 1.5", playing 45.5"
3W: 2017 M2 15* w/ Matrix Speed Rulz C-Type 70TX, tipped 1.5", playing 43.5"
3H: 2017 M2 19* w/ Aldila Rogue Black 85 S, not tipped, playing 41"
4-PW: P770, std loft, lie 2* upright, DG S300 +1/2"
AW: Milled Grind 52* loft, 9* bounce
LW: Milled Grind 58* loft, 11* bounce
Putter: Evnroll ER2 @ 1*/69*/35" loft/lie/length
I know that's 13 clubs. I'm trying to decide whether I need an extra club at the top.  3W is 245-265 and 3H is 215-230, so I might slot a 5W or 2H in between...
Posting this on a slow Friday at work and don't have pics of WITB, but will try to edit later (or add to Stage 2).
For balls, I've been gaming the Pro V1x and Tour B330S this season, which segways to my initial thoughts re: Vice's Pro+.  The dozen Pro+ have been traveling in my bag for the last two weeks, so please excuse the not quite pristine packaging.  First impression out of the box is that Vice has done a great job on the branding side of the equation.  From my perspective, I can't think of another ball manufacturer whose packaging comes near to Vice's "cool" factor, but that's an admittedly subjective measure, so your mileage may vary.  The balls themselves look and feel very similar to a Pro V1/V1x; from both a visual and tactile perspective, they offer the same "sheen" or "glossiness" as I'm used to seeing from Titleist.  The Tour B330S, in contrast, isn't quite as glossy.  Think front vs. back of a printed photograph, though to a much lesser extent.  The Vice balls also have a bold alignment line opposite the logo, and otherwise have the look and feel you would expect from a premium/tour ball.
Anyways, that's it for an initial reaction.  On-course thoughts to come in Stage 2.
Dozen Front.JPG
Dozen Back.JPG
Dozen inside.JPG
Vice Balls.JPG
V vs B logo.JPG
V vs B alignment.JPG
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Vice Pro+ Review


I would like to first thank MGS for the opportunity to test a ball that I've been very interested in since playing my first Vice Pro a couple months ago. I'm excited to give back to the fellow spies, and hopefully provide some valuable information to help them decide if they should invest in trying the Vice Pro+ for themselves.




About the reviewer


My name is Kory and I'm fortunate to call Hawaii my home for the past 18 years. I've been playing golf since I could walk, but took an extended break while I was getting accustomed to the "real world" after high school. I played a bit on my High School team, but didn't compete, mostly just to hang out with the rest of the golf team, and practice for free. It's always been an important part of our family, so I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm more of a leisurely golfer than a competitive one. Since coming back to golf earlier in the year, I realized that something I really enjoyed was missing from my life, and I haven't stopped thinking about golf, or wanting to play, ever since.


My story today


With my newly-restored love for the sport (thanks to my buddy for riding me to come out and play for weeks and weeks) I set off on the Internet to find golf resources. I've been on Reddit for about 7 years, and while there's good information between all of the troll posts, I was left wanting more. I was also in the market for a new putter, because the b60i original isopur I was playing at the time didn't feel so "pur" after ~20 years. I stumbled upon MGS' most wanted putter guide, and started reading about how they test, the goal of the site, and I really liked what it stood for. After some personal research and trial, an Evnroll ER7 landed in my bag, which set off a chain reaction to go through all of my high school clubs and replace each one, absolutely destroying my wallet in the process! I was also fortunate enough to be selected to test the JPX 900 Tours, which you can see in my most-recent WITB update: https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/19972-my-witb-finally-finished-updating-my-bag/?p=318712


Now that I'm satisfied with my equipment, the last step is finding a ball that I like!




My game


  • I'm unofficially a 12 hdcp. My normal scores are around mid 80's, with an occasional lower round, but I've yet to eclipse 80 (that will change soon!)
  • The strong point of my game right now would have to be my driver. Since my Epic fitting, I'm finding fairways and my drives are much longer now that I don't have a fade to fight.
  • While the long game is solid, the short game is pretty abysmal right now. I'd rather be 100 yards out than 50, and my lag putts aren't helping me out either.
  • My ball flight is a slight butter cut, with a medium-high trajectory, and my miss is a pull when I rope one across my body, normally when I'm trying to get after one. On a very rare occasion I'll launch a rocket way right as well, I don't want to call it by the dreaded "S" name, so I'm just leaving it at RIGHTWARDS ROCKET.
  • I have a smoother tempo according to my Mizuno fitting. My driver speed hovers around 105-108mph from my latest trackman session in early June.
    You can check it out here.
  • I'm currently gaming RZN Blacks. I really like the ball, but since they're out of the game, it's rather pointless to stock up since I'll eventually run out. I've tried the Vice Pro and I really liked it, except that it felt a little marshmallowy off of the driver face. When I heard of a firmer Pro+, I just had to try it out. I really like tinkering with my equipment. I wish my finances allowed me to do more of it, but at the ball-level, it's not too bad. There's something exciting to me about putting a ball you've never tried before onto that first tee!

Since I'm between balls at the moment, I thought it would be interesting to put the Vice Pro+ up against some competition, so I'm going to try more 4-5 piece balls to see which one I end up bagging. Hopefully, everyone enjoys my posts as we journey on! I'm going to keep the Vice Pro+ as the star of this first post, so I'm not going to reveal all of the players in this game.




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Vice Pro+ Stage 2 – Review by YungKory


As I mentioned in my Stage 1, I'm currently searching for a ball to game. I liked the Vice Pro when I first played it this season, but I wanted to see what a harder, 4-piece ball could do for my game. Since I am between balls, I figured that a great way for me to test would be to put it up against other balls that I've yet to try, especially the more-expensive popular balls like the TP5x and the Chromesoft. I chose these two because they seem to be the most popular after the obvious ProV1x, but I had already tried that and found that it spun higher off the driver than I could handle.


I don't want to disrespect the Vice ball, so I'm not going to focus on, or mention the other balls heavily, but I will compare them directly a bit in this review. I want to give insight for anyone who has tried the Chromesoft or TP5x to provide them with some feelings I've gathered, and possibly help them make a decision on whether or not they should purchase these balls.


Performance on the course

  • Distance – I find the Vice Pro+ to be middle-of-the-road in terms of distance. It doesn't feel crazy long off the driver or irons, but it's no slouch either.
  •  Consistency – I find that my trajectory comes down a little bit when the Pro+ is in play, which helps reaffirm when I say that it feels like it spins less off of all clubs.
  • Feel – The feel off the driver is harder than the regular Vice Pro. I found that ball to be a little marshmallowy when I played it, but the sample size was small. Around the green it feels firm, but I still feel it is soft enough to where I don't consider it to be “clicky” off of the putter face. The TP5x definitely made more of a click sound.
  • Carry vs. Roll – I get a more middle trajectory from these as I mentioned before, which leads to a decent amount of roll out. I'm still able to stop them on the green, but they roll a bit in the fairways. I've definitely not been able to “pull the string” with this ball. For the courses I've been playing in the past 2 months, the extra roll in the fairways hasn't been a factor in terms of scoring.


Course score: (35/50)



Performance Notes


With 6 rounds under my belt with the Vice Pro+ I have to say I'm thoroughly impressed. The testing methodology I employed was to play the first 9 with one ball, and the second 9 with another. Some days I would start with a Vice, some I would end with one. I'm not a tour professional, so I can't tell you every little nuance between all the balls I've been rotating between. I wasn't able to get on a launch monitor to back my feelings up with data, but I definitely had some consistent feelings from the Pro+ to the other balls I tested.


Let's start with the best thing about this ball, the price in relation to the quality you receive. There's absolutely nothing that would lead me to hesitate to call this a premium golf ball. It feels and plays as well as any ball I've played this season, but it does have different characteristics. At $25 when you buy in bulk, this is a no-brainer if you're looking for a quality golf ball that you can afford to crush into a pond. I haven't tried any of the other direct-to-consumer balls, but as an introduction to the business model, it gives me total confidence to try the others.


Head-to-head notes

  •  TP5x – I found the ball to be very comparable to the Pro+. They were similar in terms of how hard they felt to me, with the TP5x feeling slightly harder. I also found the TP5x to be clickier off the putter face, and that it was harder for me to control distance on my approach shots. The TP5x was giving me a more penetrating ball flight, and seemed to spin less, so my shots were taking big hops on the green before slowing down. Not quite a hop and stop, more like a big hop, a small hop, and then a couple feet of roll. Where the Pro+ was still slightly lower trajectory than usual, but I was able to stop them dead.
  •  Callaway Chromesoft – This ball feels like a middle-ground between the Vice Pro and Pro+/TP5x in terms of firmness. If you game the Chromesoft but want something that's harder, the Pro+ could be the ball for you. The Chromesoft spins more for me on my irons and wedges, but it doesn't seem to do so on my tee shots, and of the three balls, it's the longest for me.


This was a 9i from 135 into a breeze, from a slightly elevated tee box, so the ball was relatively "held up." From my testing with the ball, this is what I've come to expect from the Pro+ on approach shots, where with other balls I'm getting more backspin and a higher angle of descent.




Looks & Durability


Like previously mentioned, this ball screams quality when you look at it. The branding is something that I'm personally very attracted to. From the font of the Vice logo, to the ridiculously-cool boxes, and the rest of the aesthetically pleasing stuff I've seen from Vice (that stand bag from the best bags blog post?!?! https://mygolfspy.com/2017-golf-stand-bag-buyers-guide/) their marketing/branding is superb. I think they are miles ahead of Callaway in terms of their branding and packaging, but when you're a bazillionaire, chicks don't care if you're ugly right?


One of the hot topics I've seen on the forums is related to their durability. I can't speak for their previous formulas, but if you're not hitting trees or cart paths, I've played an entire round with a single ball and not thrown it into the practice bag. Playing two rounds with one ball would be a milestone for me, so I can't quite comment on that, but I'm one of those guys that digs for a fresh ball on the first tee, and if things aren't going well in my round, I reach for the “zombie balls.”


Looks Score: (15/15)



Picture from yesterday on the 10th tee after playing the Pro+ for the front 9. Managed to stay out of the trees and didn't hit any cart paths. As you can see, the durability of the cover holds up fine. Not sure what folks are doing to cut them after three holes, but this ball saw plenty of my Callaway MD3 wedges, and it is still playable.


Sound & Feel


When I hit this ball from the turf on a full shot it sounds dead and dull, even when I absolutely pure it. It's rather off-putting from the fairway, and if I couldn't feel it, I would just assume I hit everything an inch behind the ball.


As I mentioned before, the ball feels on the firm side. If you've tried any of the balls I've mentioned in this review, ranking them from softest feeling to hardest, it would go Vice Pro > Chromesoft > Pro+ > TP5x with the Taylormade being the least soft.


Sound & Feel Score: (9/15)


Likelihood of Purchase


Having played the Pro and being left with the feeling that it was too soft, the chance to try the Pro+ really intrigued me. I'd like to thank MGS and Vice again for giving me a chance to do so, and I hope anyone in the same boat finds some clarity through my review.


For this particular ball, the Vice Pro+, I would not purchase it. Through my testing, I found that I just prefer a softer ball, as I am able to control it around the greens much better, and it makes scoring easier for me. In terms of the Vice brand itself, I'm definitely going to try the regular Pro again, because I feel that the ball could be everything that I want it to be, if I just give it another chance. I also recall that my only gripe with it was that it felt soft off the driver, but now that I've been playing more golf recently, I've learned that isn't an important feeling, and that it was just a random observation that I got stuck on. From doing this review, I really learned the value in choosing your ball based on the performance from 100 yards and in.


Please don't look at the number below as a score for the Vice brand itself, this is purely based on the Pro+ model, I'm definitely going to give the Pro another go, this time with more than just a sleeve that I was given.


LOP Score: (0/20)


Subjective Notes

  • In terms of looks, my favorite ball that I've played this year
  • A firm ball, more than the Chromesoft, but less than the TP5x
  • Cover is durable as long as you're not hitting trees or cart paths
  • Sound is muted or dead and dull.


Conclusion and Final Score


In conclusion, this is a premium quality ball at a great price (when bought in bulk). It came into the boxing world and jumped right into the ring with Ali. That said, this is an amazing ball that just doesn't fit my game. Lately, I've been making my money on crispy approach shots, and I just can't quite get the level of control/short game success, with the Pro+ that I have found with the Chromesoft. Please don't dismiss this ball as not being as good as the Chromesoft though. It's an amazing ball and if you're looking for something that leans towards the firm side of the spectrum, this is hard to beat. If you're looking for a ball with a lower trajectory and spin rate, and a ball that plays more firm, this one checks all of the boxes IMO, and I 100% recommend trying it.


Total Score (59/100)

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I'm very excited to have been selected to review the Vice Pro!  My name is Riley and I'm 25.  From September to May, I referee junior hockey for a living and from May to August, I work at a golf course in my home town.  I started playing golf when I was young, but stopped shortly after starting and picked the game back up about a year ago now.  My handicap index is currently 15.5 (started the summer at about 20).  I get to spend most of my free time at the course practicing, so I've made a lot of progress.  I'd say that the strengths and weaknesses of my game can be pretty erratic.  My most constant weakness is my long irons and my most constant strength is full shots with my wedges.  My ball flight is fairly high, but has dropped a little bit since changing from regular flex TM Burners to stiff AP2s.  At the beginning of this season, my typical miss was a push slice, but after changing my swing quite a bit this summer, it has transitioned to a pull or pull-hook.  I've played quite a few different balls this summer, but I've played most with Pro V1s and Chrome Softs.  My swing tempo is moderate to quick and my driver club head speed is 105-110.  I'll post a video of my swing soon!  Probably in this post or Stage 2.  I think that golf appeals to me because of the inability to "win".  I love competing against myself and play by myself a lot, probably over half of my rounds, to be honest.  I'd say I'm a serious golfer, but I am not one to get mad out there on the course and beat myself up about a bad round.  I really enjoy being out there and try to have fun every time.  I'm currently very content with my bag.  I'm playing Cobra F7 driver and 3W (both with Project X HZRDUS Black stiff shafts), a Callaway XR Steelhead 19º Hybrid, Titleist AP2 4-PW (DG AMT stiff), Cleveland RTX3 50º, 54º, and 58º (tour raw), and a Cameron & Crown Newport Mallet 1 (I'm going to post a review of this putter soon!).  I did a lot of research on these clubs and hit a bunch of different combinations.  I never had a true fitting, but I'm very happy with how I'm playing these clubs.  I'm generally a tinkerer and love technology.


Here are some photos of the balls:














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Skrupa and I kicking it off! Hope you guys enjoy everything this testing group has to offer!

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How about that! A tip from Hank Haney himself. We're off to a good start guys



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Good stuff so far guys.


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About Me: Hello gang!!! I have been golfing for about 8 years now, weekend golfer with dreams of Mohring to skins and tourney play, so I started late in life and quickly feel in love with the challenge of the game. Took some time to get things going but since I have moved to Phoenix my game has really improved, of course with a lot of upfront cash and club "experimenting" I finally found the set for me (for now). My weakness is Driver off the tee (SS 105), which has started to improve over the previous weeks, my strength is distance no issues with how far it will go!


Thank you golfspy for the opportunity to test the new Vice Pro golf ball.


Currently I play Nike RZN tour black which I feel gives me great distance, durability (I don't always hit the fairway), and enough green side control.


Now the fun stuff WITB:

Taylormade PSi Tours with DG Tour Issued shafts

Titleist SM6 wedges

Taylormade M2 4hybrid

Taylormade M1 2016 3 wood

Taylormade M1 2017 driver

Taylormade tour red spider


Time for pics:

I must say I was really impressed with the packaging of the Vice Pro





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Great stuff I personally play the Vice Pro Plus best ball I have ever played looking forward to hearing your thoughts



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Definitely will be following this, I'm currently playing the Snell MTB but the VICE line has had me curious. I ordered their sampler pack but unfortunately lost the Pro balls within a few swings.

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Definitely will be following this, I'm currently playing the Snell MTB but the VICE line has had me curious. I ordered their sampler pack but unfortunately lost the Pro balls within a few swings.

if you have any questions about the balls please let us know and we'll let you know what we think.

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if you have any questions about the balls please let us know and we'll let you know what we think.


Yeah! It helps us find content to talk about :)

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