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Titleist Introduces New Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M

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This Mallet, Will Hang!

Not to be left behind by the other manufacturers, Scotty Cameron will soon be offering a mallet with toe hang. What was once a very limited choice market has now expanded quite a bit in recent months. We now have the TaylorMade Tour Spiders, the Odyssey Red/Black #7S, and the Cameron 5.5M to choose from, and of course PING, who has been offering slight arc mallets for years...


The Cameron take is a bit different from that of Odyssey and TM though as he did not weld on a visible slant neck, opting rather to couple the internal stub neck with a single bend shaft. Ultimately this should produce the same result though, a mallet with enough toe hang to fit someone with a more arcing stroke.


I'm curious about the 5.5M, but it's a putter, so I'm naturally curious.


What do you think though? Is this the one that you have been waiting for?


If you have $400 and the patience to wait until August 25th, you may have yourself a new Scotty in the bag.





Titleist Introduces New Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M


FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (Aug. 1, 2017) – Scotty Cameron has added a high-MOI mallet with enhanced toe flow to his new Futura line of putters – the Futura 5.5M â€“ combining the forgiveness of a mallet with the feel of a blade.

Inspired by Scotty's work with players on the worldwide professional tours, the Futura 5.5M offers a new mallet option featuring the alignment and high-MOI characteristics of the Futura line coupled with a neck configuration that promotes a flowing, arced putting stroke more commonly associated with blade style putters.

The Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M is available in North American golf shops beginning Aug. 25 (Sept. 22 worldwide).

QUOTING MASTER PUTTER MAKER SCOTTY CAMERON: â€œThe idea for the Futura 5.5M began as a prototype when Justin Thomas came to the Putter Studio looking for a new option,” Cameron said. “He wanted a smaller mallet that he could align easily, but one that also promoted the arced putting stroke he preferred. We welded a flare neck to a Futura X5 Tour putter and sent him on his way. He went on to win three events, reporting back that some of his buddies wanted a putter like his. The wheels started turning from there.

“In addition to Justin's visit, I'd also received requests for a smaller version of the Futura 7M. So, in thinking about this new entry in the world of mallet putters, I was able to blend my MOI and toe flow thoughts into this new model, the Futura 5.5M. To achieve this, I created a leaned over, stainless steel half-neck spud off the topline that accepts a single bend shaft. This is an elegant way to give the player a full shaft of offset and also offer a clean view of the entire leading edge of the topline. The proportion is right. The weight is right. And now we have a mallet with more toe flow for players who like that arcing feel in their stroke, but want more forgiveness.”

FUTURA 5.5M DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY: The new Futura 5.5M extends the popular Futura line with a model designed for players seeking a smaller mallet with additional toe flow and forgiveness:

·       The compact mallet â€“ about 10 percent smaller than the similarly-shaped Futura 7M – is designed for easy alignment with built-in toe flow.

·       Shorter single bend shaft configuration for additional toe hang, promoting an arced path and flowing putting stroke.

·       Multi-material technology â€“ featuring wrap-around face-sole construction milled from lightweight 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, integrated with precision-milled 303 stainless steel – moves weight back and to the perimeter, allowing for a larger putter head with enhanced high-MOI performance (resistance to twisting during the stroke).

·       Tour-proven heel-and-toe sole weighting technology increases stability and forgiveness.

·       Mid-milled face with vibration dampening technology offers soft feel with 3.5 degrees of loft to deliver optimum roll characteristics

FUTURA PUTTER FAMILY: From rounded mid-mallets to high-tech, high-MOI larger mallets, the 2017 Futura family melds design characteristics of the previous generation mallets with Scotty Cameron's continued innovation in multi-material putter constructions. The result is a cohesive lineup of tour-proven shapes and configurations – Futura 5CB, 5MB, 5W, 5S and 5.5M; Futura 6M and 6M Dual Balance; and Futura 7M â€“ with enhanced stability and forgiveness, improved alignment features, and responsive feel and feedback.

FUTURA ACCESSORIES: Each new Futura putter features advanced stability weighting with removable, customizable stainless steel sole weights, stepless steel shafts and supple Black Matador Mid-size grips with red and gold accents (Futura 6M DB employs a 15-inch Dual Balance grip) developed to offer the comfort of a larger grip while maintaining responsiveness and feel.

MODERN AESTHETICS: Scotty gave the Futura line's raw stainless steel surfaces a Silver Mist finish with a unique bead blast for a radiant, yet glare-resistant, appearance. All aluminum sole plates have been anodized in black. Additionally, the Tour-inspired cosmetics display the familiar three bright translucent red dots in the back cavity with engraved typography befitting this modern, high-performance line. 

FUTURA 5.5M AVAILABILITY: Futura 5.5M putters will be available beginning Friday, Aug. 25 in North America (Friday, Sept. 22 worldwide) through Titleist authorized golf shops.

MAP $379 | MSRP $410







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