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(Full disclosure, I posted this on GolfWRX as well.)


For those who use SkyCaddie Mobile Premium, I've recently bought the GT2 w/ SCM Premium and went out and played a round today.  When I hit "Play Golf", I only got the option to score my game, no visuals whatsoever.  The course I was on is listed as having "Intelligreen" and "QuickVue".  I'm simply trying to determine if I did something wrong or if courses with QuickVue don't show any mapping during the round.


To build on that, I'm assuming then that none of my tagged shots with GameTracker were stored too?





P.S. I did an online chat with a SkyGolf rep who told me that QuickVue courses should absolutely show mapping in the SCM Premium app.  When I stated they don't, he sent me instructions on how to "learn" the smart tags.  SMH.  Thanks for nothing. 

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From what I remember, if the course is mapped it should show you. I haven't used it in a couple of years. Used to be a guy in their help forums named mustang or something like that. See if you can find him.

Good luck.



Grip n Rip it

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