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Official Mizuno JPX 900 Iron Review





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Jlukes                       Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3


Carolina Golfer 2      Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3


yungkory                   Stage 1                    Stage 2               Stage 3



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Mizuno JPX 900 Tour Irons Testing - Stage One


I still feel like I'm living a dream being selected to test the Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Irons. I've played a few sets of Mizuno irons over the years and they've by far been my favorite. I had got away from them the past few years and so when the opportunity to possibly test a set that I was extremely interested in presented itself I jumped on it. I was floored when I saw that I had been selected. I want to thank MGS for the opportunity and Mizuno for always providing equipment to be forum tested.








For those that I haven't interacted with yet, my name is Jason. I'm a commercial underwriter for a large bank in Columbus, OH. This allows me to be on here more than others as some month ends can by crazy as my sales staff works towards hitting their sales goals.  I've been a member at MGS for 3 years now and was introduced to the site by Mr. Theoo.


My golf game has seen many ups and downs over the years. I played on my high school golf team and was very competitive. When college came, time was a premium and I ended up not playing much. I've also gone through some career changes since then which has allowed me to play more than other times. I'm very settled in my career now which allows me to play most weekends. I do have 2 kids (2 years old and 3 months old) so any time not working or golfing is generally spent with them and my wife.


I do not keep an official GHIN but depending on the consistency of my play I'd fall somewhere in the 13-15 handicap range. Based on handicap alone, most would assume that the Hot Metal would fit me best, however, I've played a lot of blades back in the day including a set a Mizuno's and prefer the thinner top line. I also have a steeper swing and when the sole of the club starts to dig for me it will throw the ball all sorts of directions.


In terms of my actual golf game, I'd say my iron play has been the best in the past but over the past few years has taken a backseat to putting. I'd chalk this up to a lack of play and also not being properly fit. I've also lost the ability to work the ball and would love to be able to find this again. My driver still leaves the most to be desired but is headed in the right direction this year. I also have a bad habit of getting my swing off plane. When this happens I lose all distance and my shots start going left and right.






My bag currently in a bit of flux.



Driver: My driver was an Tour Edge Exotics XCG7beta with a Paderson shaft, however, about a month ago the epoxy holding the head on the shaft decided it was going to break down and so now the head is loose and I haven't had a moment to fix it. In comes a Nike Vapor Fly Pro with a Mitibushi Diamana Blue shaft. This has filled a gap pretty well though I'm still holding out for an Epic Subzero.



Irons: Taylormade SLDR 4-PW with the KBS C-Taper 90. I picked these up used about 2 seasons ago. I was playing a set of Mizuno MP-67 which I LOVED, however, the lack of time being able to play and practice made these almost impossible for me to continue playing. I knew I needed something with a cavity back. I was fit into the KBS C-taper lite 110's at one point and the Taylormade irons were the closest I could find that came stock with a similar KBS shaft.


Wedges: I had been playing a mix of old wedges. I've been slowly updgrading these with the purchase of an Edel 58* wedge. The addition of the Gap wedge from the JPX line has been a nice addition. I just need to add a 54* wedge now and I'm eyeing the Mizuno SP-18 wedge for this.


Putter: So 2 years ago I entered a bunch of the masters contests that all of the online websites tend to put up. A month or so before this I had been fit by Edel at the grand opening of a new Golf Galaxy and was set to purchase one of their putters. Well just so happens that I won one of those contests and won myself a 2015 Scotty Cameron Golo 3. This has been in my bag since and I've been very happy with it.










My hope in testing the JPX 900 Forged is to see if being property fit and getting forged irons back in my hands gives me the feel I've been missing the past couple years. As i mentioned eariler I'm also hoping to find more consistency and workability. We shall see if the Mizuno's live up to their claims of being a players iron or not.

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Driver - Tour Edge Exotics XCG 7 Beta w/ Paderson shaft 44"

Fairway Metal - :nike-small: Vapor Fly 15* w/ Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 65F 43"

Irons - :taylormade-small: SLDR 4i-pw w/ KBS Tour C-Taper 90S

Wedges - :edel-golf-1: 54* and 58* Digger grind

Putter - :scotty-cameron-1: 2015 GoLo 3 33"

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Mizuno JPX 900 Tour Irons Testing - Stage Two


Hey everyone! I want to first apologize for my stage two taking so long to be posted. In an effort to not throw my 8000 excuses at you all lets just say that I've been working 70-80 hours a week for the past 1.5 months and it got to the point of being behind on everything that I took a “mental health” day today to finish this up.


I'm still honestly in awe that I've been able to test and play these irons since I received them. I mentioned in my Stage One that most previous to the JPX's I was playing some Taylormade SLDR irons. The Taylormade's were purchased basically for one reason and that was because I'm getting old and busy and don't have the time to dedicate to golf to be able to play the Mizuno blades that I had been playing previous to the Taylormades.


With all of that being said, with the state that my golf game is in currently, these clubs could not be a better fit. Let me first start by saying, in my humble opinion, the first play any golfer should start with the purchase of new irons is to get fit. Luckily for me, I'm good friends with someone I think most people know on the forums, Mr Theoo. For those that DON'T know Theoo, just know this. The guy is an endless pit of knowledge when it comes to equipment. He may not technically be a certified fitter or do it for a living but I've literally watched him fit professionals into clubs they are still playing today. He also has the knowledge of playing with me often each year so he knows the progression and tendencies of my game to apply that to my fitting.


I had a preconceived notion on what I THOUGHT I wanted to be fit into, however, going into the process I told Theoo to just start putting clubs together and dont tell me what they are. We simply used launch monitor data as well as feel to pick what was best. To say I was surprised by the final result would be an understatement. Below are some of the launch monitor results of my fitting with different shafts.












At the range:




Range performance is interesting to me. When I was younger and played golf in high school I would have most definitely been considered a range rat. Through that, I tend to hit the ball REALLY well and really consistent at the range and much less consistent on the course. The good news in that is in terms of comparison to other clubs, the range is the best place for me to test clubs head to head.

The exact same day that I received the notice that my clubs had arrived I texted my wife and told her she'd need to pick the kids up after work and that I'd be home late. I got to the range that first night and warmed up using my SLDR irons so I had a feel comparison. I also knew the Mizuno's were fit differently than anything I was used to. As it turns out, it was MUCH different.

The first night on the range with the Mizuno was both good and bad. The good - the couple good shots that I hit, were GOOOOOOOOOOOOD. I had played Mizuno forged irons in the past and so I was familiar but it had been a few years since I had played a forged iron, specially Mizuno's. I'll talk more about this a little further down.

The bad - the fit was so different it required required a few range sessions to get dialed in. With that being said - once said changes were made to my physical game the outcome was outstanding. With the previous irons and fit, I played a really high fade for the most part. This was okay but my eyes on a course really prefer a draw. I was basically unable to hit a draw with the previous clubs. With the Mizuno's I've been able to gain the ability to “work” the ball. This was the first biggest surprise for me.

The second surprise was distance. I'm going to go back to a previous statement I made which is to GET FIT. While I believe the clubs themselves have given me some help, I also know that a full fit is what really makes the difference. I've picked up ~10 yards per club. While I think getting fit is what makes this happen, where Mizuno sets themselves apart here is the ability to have almost unlimited fitting options with no upcharge.

The third surprise was trajectory. I've always had a very high trajectory which is fine but I live in Ohio which means weather and wind are basically unpredictable and the high trajectory can be tough to manage. I was pleasantly surprised to find a more “penetrating” ball flight with the Mizuno's. This has also created the ability to spin the golf ball more for me into greens. It's been an interesting process of learning to “control spin” but it's absolutely another nice option to have in my arsenal.

Range Score: 9/10


On the course:


I honestly couldn't be happier with these irons so far on the course. As I mentioned in my range portion, it took a couple rounds and a couple range sessions to get these dialed in but once I was able to they've performed way past what i expected. The workability of these left, right, and straight have been the biggest and most welcomed surprise.

Long Irons - I love long irons. I've always been able to hit them well and have never loved hybrids. I did go with the 4-G set so I dont have the 3 iron but with how well I hit the 4 and 5 irons I will probably order the 3 iron in the spring. As mentioned above, I've picked up about 10 yards per club and I have the ability with each to either get after it for a few extra yards or lay off a bit as well. With my previous set, I felt as though I had bigger gaps between my long irons because of the inability to “work” the ball.

Middle Irons - Picking up that ~10 yards with each club has really made my disbursement around the green so much tighter. Being able to hit a 7 iron instead of a 6 iron even just makes the game more fun I feel like. I have more control with these clubs and so I'm generally tighter to the pin creating more birdie and par opportunities. The additional spin I'm able to generate with these has also been useful. I'm used to a hit and then a 5-10 foot roll out with the previous clubs. With these it's generally hit and backup 1-5 feet. The only palace I struggled with this was having to actually fly the ball to the pin. I think my “on course” yardages have changed due to this fact as well.

Short Irons - Much of the same as the long and mid irons. I think one nice addition for me was the gap wedge included in the set. I wasn't sure if I'd like this club or not. Turns out - it's been a great addition to my set and has filled a gap that I had.


Course Score: 39/40










These things are absolutely beautiful. I LOVE the look of blades and always have. I am that player that says the topline can't be too thick or it bothers me. These are a perfect mix between player looks but cavity back performance. There is just a little offset that is not noticeable at all. Compared to a the previous couple years of the JPX line, the graphics are nice and don't overtake anything.


Looks Score: 15/15


Sound and Feel


So here is where I feel Mizuno really stakes in claim in my book. I've been able to hit MANY different clubs through the years including Mira and PXG. I will say that for me personally, when I hit a shot “in the screws”, absolutely nothing matches the buttery feel of a Mizuno forged iron. It's hard to explain but when you hit an absolutely perfect shot it feels like you hit air. The feedback through the shaft is so soft but yet receptive it's incredible. I've always been a fan of this feel and I couldn't be happier to have that feeling back in my game. Sound wise is much of the same. The sound is very muted and soft. No gimmicks or anything here.


Sound and Feel score: 15/15


Likelihood of Purchase


I've had my eye on a set of Mizuno's for a while now ever since I traded in my last set. I've admired the JPX line for the last few years but this year's variation were the best looking for me and performance wise set themselves apart from previous models as well. I'm funny when it comes to the money aspect of this because I'm thrifty but I also appreciate and will pay for quality. The past couple variations of the JPX's were nice but not enough for me to pull the trigger. I can honestly say that even with the price tag on these I'd have purchased these in a heartbeat.


LOP Score 19/20



Total Score  97/100


I believe that having these clubs in my bag make a difference in my game. At the end of the day I believe that's what most of us golfers are looking for. I'm excited to continue testing these next spring (Ohio winter is about to take over) and really dial them in over the course of an entire summer. I've already seen in increase in GIR and other stats and the more comfortable I get with these the more results I believe I will also see.

These have also given me a higher confidence in my iron game. I feel as though before it took me longer to figure out what I was going to hit but I've developed some versatility with these clubs and there's more of an ability to just pull the club and hit the shot. There's confidence that the shot that I want to hit I'll be able to hit with less thought and effort than before.

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Driver - Tour Edge Exotics XCG 7 Beta w/ Paderson shaft 44"

Fairway Metal - :nike-small: Vapor Fly 15* w/ Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 65F 43"

Irons - :taylormade-small: SLDR 4i-pw w/ KBS Tour C-Taper 90S

Wedges - :edel-golf-1: 54* and 58* Digger grind

Putter - :scotty-cameron-1: 2015 GoLo 3 33"

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Mizuno JPX 900 Tour Review

First and foremost, I have to say mahalo to MGS for giving me another opportunity to test for the forums. I'm also currently testing the Vice Pro+ feel free to hop over if you want to see another one of my reviews! https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/20588-official-forum-member-review-vice-propro-plus-golf-balls/?p=318466 stage 2 coming soon!



About the reviewer

My name is Kory and I am fortunate to have called Hawaii my home for the past 18 years. I've been playing golf since I was about 5 years old, through my adolescence, and a bit after high school. I've never really played competitively, but did play on my high school team – mostly just to practice for cheap. Golf has always been more of a leisure/family activity for me, and at my best I was consistently shooting between 82-85. I quit playing regularly in about 2006, and between then and May of this year, had played maybe 2 rounds and mixed in a few range sessions. A friend of mine called and called and called until I finally agreed to come out and play with them. Let's just say that since that day, I can't stop thinking about golf and wanting to play.


My story today

Re-writing this from my Vice review, because some interesting things have happened to my game. The strongest part of my game is still the driver. When I can get it out of the middle, I can get near 300 total yards, but I'd say my average is more like 260. Seriously, get fit for your driver if you haven't already.

In my last review, I said that my iron play and wedge play were horrible. So, I've been putting work in, mostly on my wedges, because I'm still a decent ball striker, but I am a little inconsistent. Wedges, there was no in-between, it was only bad. I will say that the gap between my strengths and weaknesses has come closer, but it's not entirely that my iron/wedge game has improved.  More on this in Stage 2.




WIMB: 2017 Update 3




My bag has had a slight update since my ball review. Thanks to fellow MGSer chisag, I put a Spider Tour Black in my bag. Had a slight breakup with the ER7, it was more me than the putter, I think the grip was just too large for me.


Driver: Callaway Epic 10.5* with stock HZRDUS T800 6.0 55g. I feel like I was lucky to get along so well with the T800, since it was a no-upcharge shaft. The closest competitor was the PX Yellow, but the results weren't enough to warrant the upcharge, and my fitter surprisingly agreed.


3w: Callaway XR16 15* with Fujikura Speeder 565 FW stiff flex. The face on this feels like it should be illegal. The ball just rockets off the face, it's ridiculous. Off the turf or tee, I'm absolutely in love with this club.


Irons: Nike Vapor Pro Combo – I bought these used off the rack, honestly just because I loved the look of them. After my JPX 900 fitting, they were immediately benched, and they're pending sale. I had them in TT XP95s and hit them decent, but the feeling just doesn't come close to the Tours.


Wedges: 52, 56, 60* MD3s all with DG Wedge flex shafts. I love the look of these. I used to not really care for the alien pods, but after I stopped trying to hit full wedge shots, and going to ¾ swings, the results are just insane. I'm starting to get my feel back on shots around 50 yards out, and I'm hoping for the results to show on my scorecard.


Putter: TM Spider Tour Black. The ER7 got the boot. It wasn't at all the putter, it was an issue with me. The Winn grip they use is just too thick for my hands, I guess they're a little on the small side :x. I was rolling the Spider Tour while I was killing time one afternoon, and I wasn't sure if the putter was amazing, or the greens at the shop were rigged. I saw a pretty sweet deal on the trade forums from Chisag, and I just had to have it.




The Irons

When I saw the thread pop up, and the mods asked what irons you thought would be best for you, it took me some time before I decided on the Tours. I watched a million different videos and reviews on them and thought about my current game. I didn't necessarily need or want more distance, and I'm a very aesthetics-driven person (club ho) so the Hot Metals were unfortunately immediately out, even though my handicap might suggest that I should game them. There was a lot of back and forth struggle between entering for the Forged and the Tours. I liked the idea of getting some help from the forged, but I struggled with the aesthetics, and the top line was a little thicker to my eye. The Tours were of course insanely beautiful, and checked every box imaginable, but did I actually have the game for them? In the end, I chose the Tours because I feel like I could grow into them, the jacked lofts of the Forged would take some getting used to, since I've played more traditional lofts my entire life.


My expectations are that these should be the most buttery smooth irons I've ever hit (spoiler alert: they f***ing are!) and while they are more bladed, should still give me some help when I don't absolutely strike it out of the middle, due to some of the perimeter weighting. I want to feel what #nothingfeelslikeamizuno feels like, or if it's just hype (spoiler 2: it's not). Coming from my first forged iron with the Vapor Pro Combos, how much better could it be?


In my testing, I also want to see how much merit there is to selecting clubs based on your handicap. I'm convinced its absolute trash, and there are reasons why us mid-high handicappers are where we are, beyond iron forgiveness. My 12 hdcp is not my iron play, and I'm set on proving that to myself, by playing something that should outclass me.






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Driver: :callaway-small: Rogue ST Max LS Tensei AV Blue S

3w/5w: :titelist-small: TSi2 Tensei AV Raw Blue S

4h: :mizuno-small: CLK 22* Hybrid Tensei CK Pro Blue 80HY S

Irons 5-PW: :mizuno-small: 223 Steelfiber PR 95 S

Wedges: :cleveland-small: RTX Zipcore Tour Rack 50, 54, 58 Steelfiber PR 105

Putter: L.A.B. DF 2.1 w/ BGT Stability Tour

Ball: :srixon-small: Z-Star Diamond

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JPX 900 Tour – Official MGS Forum Review by YungKory




     My previous gamers were Nike Vapor Pro Combos, 5-PW, but as you can see from the picture above -- those are long gone now. Those irons were not fitted, and if you're playing something off the rack, I highly recommend getting a fitting. The one thing that the two have in common is that they're labeled as “players” irons. To some folks, that can be a daunting word, players. As someone who plays off of a 12, I wouldn't consider myself a player in the slightest (in terms of golf *wink*) and to be honest, when I was picked, I was a little nervous. Constantly asking what I had gotten myself into, I scheduled a fitting and that was how this adventure began.


     When we were selected to participate in the forum test, I asked Shawn if we were required to get fit. He said no, but we all felt that it just wouldn't be right not to. I immediately called my friend's store who is one of the top fitters on island, and booked the earliest appointment I could (sorry to the other guys who had to wait a couple of extra days, I appreciate your patience!). The Mizuno Shaft Optimizer is probably one of the coolest and most-useful tools for someone like me who has been away from the game, and who hadn't played too many rounds in the year (before I got the Tours). The optimizer gave me 3 shafts, but my fitter hid the results from me at first. He said that folks will have biases towards certain ones and it can subconsciously affect how they swing, so to truly find the best, he would just hand them to me and ask that I not look at the labeling. Further, he also said that when people see the rank they also form a bias and it can skew the results. The results were:


1.       NS Pro Modus3 105 S

2.       KBS Tour 120 R

3.       Project X LZ 5.5


     My “swing DNA” suggested I have a very smooth transition, and you can judge for yourself later in the videos I post from the range, whether that is an accurate statement. As I mentioned previously my fitter had me do a “blind” test of sorts by not telling me what I was swinging, and of the 5-6 shafts I hit during my session, I kept going back to the feeling of what I would eventually select, and he would agree that I was getting the best results with, the NS Pro Modus Tour 105 in stiff flex. This shaft feels so effortless for me to take back and through and has really opened my eyes to the “feel” aspect of club selection. At the beginning of the year, I wouldn't be able to describe to you how one shaft feels compared to another, but now every club I pick up I find myself comparing what I feel in my hands, arms, and shoulders at the top of my swing – it has been eye opening!


     Such a great feeling shaft, leading into a clubhead that my eye absolutely loves, this pairing of NS Pro Modus and JPX 900 Tour has been magical for me. Imagine my iron game was one of those teenagers crying for attention, so they constantly lash out and do messed up stuff. Then, they get sent to spend an afternoon with some hardened criminals and turn their sh*t around right away – that was what happened to my iron play. “Scared Straight” the new title of my ball flight!




At the range:


      The day after I got them in (FedEx delivers late to my house) I immediately took them to the range for a photo session and their maiden voyage. My veins were itchy since the last time I took a hit of #nothingfeelslikeamizuno and I needed my fix. The first strike lifted me back to the clouds, and I knew right then that they were something special. Beyond just feeling amazing, the irons perform beautifully as well.

       My accuracy has definitely improved, but I would credit the fitting more than the irons for that. Previously, my shots would tend to start a fraction to the right, and with my 900 Tours being 1-degree upright, I think that's what is helping me start the ball on target. My miss is consistently a ball that cuts, but it seems to have been minimized switching to the 900 Tours. My regular shape is actually drawing a couple of yards, which when you've been playing a fade your entire life, is a breath of fresh air.

       Distance since switching to the 900 Tours has increased slightly as well. They're not long by any means, and the lofts are more traditional with the 7i playing at 34-degrees. I believe that overall, this iron is just more playable than my Vapor Combos were. Not to discredit that set, but the 900 Tours just seem to be more consistent all around for me.

        Trajectory for me has been consistently mid-high, which I like. I wouldn't say they necessarily help me get the ball in the air, but I know as long as I put a good swing on the ball it is going to fly the way I want it to.

        Control, playing off of a 12 currently, is not something that I'm doing on every shot. However, I am able to flight the ball lower if necessary, but I'll touch more on control in the performance notes.


SOUND WARNING. The day I was filming was rather breezy. Filming was done by my girlfriend on her iPhone X so there's no dead cat on the mic to dampen the wind. Turn your speakers down and adjust after. Enjoy!


4i DTL. This shot just doesn't happen for me with a hybrid and I'm glad I ordered it with the set. My previous set was 5-pw with a 4h but I couldn't hit the hybrid into the green to save my life. It was basically a rescue club and I had a huge gap from 3W to 5i.



7i DTL.



8i droppin bombs on greens  B)



Range Score: 10/10


On the course:


     Like I mentioned previously, I wasn't sure if I had the game for these irons. In my last two rounds, that thought hasn't crossed my mind a single time, and I'm honestly playing the best iron game of my life. Anyone who carries a handicap is there for a reason in my eyes. If you think it is because you can't hit your irons, then you might want to rethink the 900 Tours. If you're like me, and you struggle on/around the green, then I would say to consider them, at least in the short irons with a combo set.

      Long Irons – I've never really been a strong long iron player. When I came back to playing I actually remembered my junior/high school days where I struggled with anything longer than a 5i, and even that was sketchy. Revisiting my first range session with the 900 Tours, the first 4i I swung I striped one dead straight down the range. I was so happy that I took a picture of the ball mark, a little heel-side and maybe a fraction up, but it was leagues above what I was doing with the hybrid. While I'm able to hit them well, I wouldn't say no to a little more help in this department, and the 3i is definitely not gameable except off the tee. My next set will be a combo of whatever the next big Mizuno release is for sure, probably 4-5 in something with more help, then 6-PW in a similar head to the 900 Tours – something bladey but still has a bit in the back that gives me that little extra confidence.

      Mid Irons – For my distances and the length of courses I'm playing (~6500 yards) these are usually the clubs I'm hitting into greens. Although my distance off the tee suggests I should be playing further back, until I improve other aspects of my game and get my handicap down, I'm sticking with the 65-6700 range. The flight is absolutely what I like to see, a mid-high flight but not so high that balls are Olympic high-diving out of the air. My ball marks on the green normally have a “backstop” to them and you can tell they came in at some sort of angle. The spin I am able to get usually puts my ball within a foot or two of my ball mark, exactly where I want it. Distance control has been great, and I'm hitting more GiR than ever before and having some decent birdie looks, definitely makeable.

      Short Irons – Again, I'm having great success controlling distance with these, and have reliable stopping power playing the Tour B XS. If the strike was there, I know it's going the distance I intended, nothing more.  They're flying a little bit higher in comparison to the Vapors, but still not nose-diving out of the air. The main triumph with these irons is being able to zap the flag with the rangefinder, swing, and have a predictable distance once I select the club.


Course Score: 40/40


Performance Notes:

  •  Buttery-soft feeling, instantly get the ball in the air vs a climbing-then-parachute-out-of-the-air flight
  •  Easier to hit and game than my previous Nike Vapor Pro Combo. Could be credited completely to the shaft being fit for me (NS Modus3 105 S vs TT XP 95 Regular).
  • Miss hits aren't punished too much outside of the longer irons. A miss-hit mid or short iron will normally result in a club's worth of distance (10 or so yards for me) lost at most, where a missed 3i is basically a full swing putter (never tried that but I'd be willing to bet)
  • They don't feel like they require insane clubhead speed to perform, the clubs do the work for me, and I don't need to make an extra effort. I'm not a long hitter by any means, I carry my 7i around 165y, and driver speed is between 102-105, but it feels like all I need to do is swing my swing, and the club gets it there
  • Easy to keep under trees if I find myself needing to play a low shot to get back in position. I'm sure a better player who can command the ball would have no issue cutting or drawing. I can cut the ball to a certain extent, but not confident enough to attack a pin if it were tucked back-right.






  • The shape is absolutely beautiful. I love the smaller blade length
  • There's not much offset, which is great for my eye because offset is usually off-putting for me and I feel like I'm going to hook one across my body, or hit it incredibly fat.
  • Graphics are muted, I like the placement of the logo within the small cavity, and the JPX 900 on the toe side of the back. Everything is tied together with a beautiful satin finish. You don't catch any glare, and they just look as soft as they feel
  • Compared to other products, it doesn't get much nicer than this for me. The only irons I prefer the look of now are the MP-18s obviously, both the SC and the blade models
  •  Mizuno did, however, put one of my grips on crooked!

Looks Score: 14/15


Sound and Feel


     Okay, when they say #nothingfeelslikeamizuno, they mean it. I'm a skeptic in every sense of the word when it comes to stuff like that, but honestly these are the best feeling clubs I've hit in my entire life. Coming from Ping Eye 2, to Nike forged irons, and now here, is like shaking a baby's hand vs. a mechanic whose been in the shop for 50 years and doesn't know what lotion or moisturizer is. Feel across the face is noticeably different, the Tours let you know when you've missed. These irons are so soft feeling that when you pure the ball it's like you haven't struck anything, feels like a practice swing! The sound is soft as well, not quite sounding like you pulled a zipper down your windbreaker quickly. I've never felt or heard anything like these in any of the clubs I've gamed in the past. It's hard for me to express in words how they sound, but I'll just say that I'm not put off by the sound they produce, so I won't take any points away.


Sound and feel score: 15/15


Likelihood of Purchase


     I can say with 100% absolute certainty that I would purchase these clubs, but probably in a 4-PW configuration, and I would strongly consider a combo in the 4 and 5i, just for some extra help/confidence. From the soft feel to the performance, and even down to the way they look (yeah, I'm that kind of person) they check all of the boxes for me. Maybe it was meant to be, but I was actually at the pro shop looking at these exact irons a week or so prior to the application thread


LOP Score: 17/20




  • Reserved for questions from fellow spies, I'll answer them in an edit and reply to the post when I've answered them




Total Score: 96/100


     I'd like to thank MGS for the amazing opportunity, and Mizuno for making such an outstanding product. I thought #nothingfeelslikeamizuno was some marketing crap, but I have come to realize that it is the truth. The results I'm seeing out of these on the course is helping me play the best golf of my life, at least from an iron play perspective. While my handicap might suggest that I should play something less player, I am completely confident with gaming these aside from the 3i. Once I fix my putting skills (or lack thereof) you will see that 12 in my profile drop, I promise. If you're around the same handicap and you feel like you strike the ball well – that is you don't chunk/duff shots, shank the ball often, etc. do not be scared to try to game these, maybe consider a combo with the Forged in the longer irons if you struggle sometimes. I wish I could've gotten a gap test done like @jlukes and I had discussed, but I couldn't find the time between actually playing, practicing, and living life. Hopefully if you're reading this, you enjoyed the review, and if you have any questions for the 900 crew, please fire away! We really enjoy interacting not only with each other, but with the rest of the spies on the boards. This has been an absolute blast to do and I hope everyone enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed testing. Until my next review - a hui hou!



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Driver: :callaway-small: Rogue ST Max LS Tensei AV Blue S

3w/5w: :titelist-small: TSi2 Tensei AV Raw Blue S

4h: :mizuno-small: CLK 22* Hybrid Tensei CK Pro Blue 80HY S

Irons 5-PW: :mizuno-small: 223 Steelfiber PR 95 S

Wedges: :cleveland-small: RTX Zipcore Tour Rack 50, 54, 58 Steelfiber PR 105

Putter: L.A.B. DF 2.1 w/ BGT Stability Tour

Ball: :srixon-small: Z-Star Diamond

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Seriously excited about this!!

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In my :cobra-small: Ultralight Stand Bag:

Driver:    :cobra-small: King F9 9° - LH - Atmos Blue TS 6 Stiff
Woods:   :cobra-small: King F9 - LH - 3/4 Wood - Atmos Blue 7 Reg
               :srixon-small: Z U85 2 Iron
Irons:     :titelist-small: T200 4 Iron AMT White S300
  :titelist-small: T100S - LH - 3-48* - AMT White S300
Wedges: :cleveland-small:     RTX Zipcore - LH - 52° 56° 60° - True Temper Spinner Wedge shafts
Putter:    :rife-putters-1: Barbados Island 2
Ball:        :titelist-small: Pro V1x

Tracked By: :Arccos:

Follow me on Twitter @ham12_hampton and on Instagram @Nunfa0 


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Just went with a buddy of mine yesterday as he said he was "going to test a lot of irons" to see what he wanted. First set he grabbed was the 900 Forged Tours and that was all she wrote. Didn't try anything else, said they felt too good. I'm curious to hear what everyone else thinks of them.

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:ping-small: G400 Max

:ping-small: G410 3W

:ping-small: G410 3 & 4 Crossover

:ping-small: i200 5-PW

:vokey-small: Vokey SM7 | 52-56-60

:taylormade-small: Taylormade Spider X



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Looking forward to this!!



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What's In This Lefty's Bag?

Driver: :cobra-small: F8 9.5° Project X Even Flow Blue 65g shaft 

Fairway Woods: :cobra-small: F8 3W Project X Even Flow Blue 75g shaft

Fairway Woods: :cobra-small: F8 5W Project X Even Flow Blue 75g shaft

Hybrid: :titelist-small: 816H2 19°

Irons: :titelist-small: 2021 T200's 4-GW AMT RED shafts Regular Flex

Wedge: :cleveland-small: Tour Satin RTX 4 Wedges in 52° and 56° 2 Dot

Putter: :nevercompromise-small: Gray Matter TDP 2.2 32.75"

Bag: :1590477705_SunMountain: Three 5

Ball:  :titelist-small:  PRO V1 / :srixon-small: Z*Stars

RangeFinder:918457628_PrecisionPro: NX7 Pro

Social Media:

Facebook:   md golfhacker
Twitter:        @mdgolfhacker
Instagram:   mdgolfhacker


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For some reason I feel I should not be reading this thread at work............

I think once the testers start posting pictures it will become a NSFW thread.
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Driver:  :ping-small: G400 Max 9* w/ KBS Tour Driven
Fairway: :titelist-small: TS3 15*  w/Project X Hzardous Smoke
Hybrids:  :titelist-small: 816H1 19* set at 18* w/KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid Prototype
                :titelist-small: 915H  21*  w/KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid Prototype        
Irons:      :honma:TR20V 5-11 w/Vizard TR20-85 Graphite
Wedge:  :titleist-small: 54/12D, 60/8M w/:Accra iWedge 90 Graphite
Putter:   :seemore-small: mFGP2

Backups:  :taylormade-small:TM-180, :odyssey-small: Milled Collection RSX 2, Bellum Winmore 787, logo-horizontal-black.svg Directed Force 2.1 

Member:  MGS Hitsquad since 2017697979773_DSCN2368(Custom).JPG.a1a25f5e430d9eebae93c5d652cbd4b9.JPG


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:titelist-small: TSR2 10.0 HZRDUS Red CB 6.0 

:titelist-small: TSiR2 10.0  Tensei Blue X ink 55g 

:titelist-small: TSR2 16.5 PX Evenflow 5.5 60 g 

:titelist-small: TSi1 20 and 23 degree hybrids Aldila Ascent Shafts R

:titelist-small: T200 5-GW SteelFiber I80 

:titelist-small: SM8 48F/54/58 D Grinds 

:scotty-cameron-1: Select 5.5 Flowback 35" 

:titelist-small: ProV1X Play number 12



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Great start Rob. Thanks for linking your stage so I didn't have to hunt it.


Do you plan on playing a round or two from forward tees so you can keep the hybrid in the bag and play more Mizzy shots?



Sent from carrier pigeon using MyGolfSpy

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In my ATumSBM.jpg Pisa, riding on a hXf3ptG.jpg 3.5+

:ping-small: G410+
:755178188_TourEdge: EXS 5W
:cobra-small: King F7 Hy

:ping-small: i500 5-GW
wxW5hk4.jpg Equalizer 56/60
:ping-small: Heppler Ketsch

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