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Monument Golf - Stick It Strap (Unofficial Review)


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The Stick It Magnetic Rangefinder Strap from Monument Golf confidently answers the question "What's the best place to stow the rangefinder during my round?" And they answered the query; "Pretty much anywhere you want". With 2 different sizes and a multitude of color/finish options the hardy, well crafted Stick It Strap will change the way you interact with your rangefinder.

First let me try to shed some light on the relationship I share with my Bushnell Tour Z6. It's without a doubt the most important piece of equipment in my bag and I subsequently treat the Z6 with the delicate care digital measuring devices require. For me that meant taking the unit out of the case, shooting a yardage and then securing it back in the case ~30 times during an average round. And where am I supposed to stow it between shots...the cart cubby...sweater basket...hanging on my bag? I no longer ponder these questions.





The Stick It Strap, a holiday stocking stuffer, changed my life. These days, thanks to the power of magnets, I simply remove the Z6 from its case at the start of the day and snap it onto something metal. There it hangs faithfully until I require the power of lasers. Magnets and freaking laser beams; life changing additions to my golf game...never would've believed that 20 years ago.


When I pulled this thing out of my Xmas stocking 2 years ago I concurrently thought "This.Is.Genius. _and_ Do I really trust this velcro strap to protect my $500 rangefinder?" Test flight: Xmas emergency 9 with Pops and my rangefinder looks like a ripe plum waiting to topple off the vertical passenger roof support. I'm feeling nervous as a dog in a room full of rocking chairs and flinch grab for it every time we hit a bump. Fast forward to today: The Stick It Strap looks fresh as the day I first wrapped it around the Z6 and I'd like to see Evel Knievel try to shake this thing off the post. These magnets are STRONG!


This product is pretty close to perfect. It's simple to install, unobtrusive, adds another layer of shock protection to your expensive laser unit and most importantly, saves you time. The only thing to consider when using your Stick It Strap is making sure the scope barrel isn't taking direct sunlight; but high on the post under the cart roof is safe virtually anytime of day. I also use this setup on my push cart. There are undoubtedly other Spies who have discovered Monument Golf, but for those who haven't, check it out!



Please share your personal experiences, pics and questions.

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Looks pretty cool

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Great review.  I am going to have to look into getting one of those.   Such a simple concept.

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