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Titleist 2-PW 962B Irons customized, take a look!

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For your consideration is a special project:


Titleist 962B, 2-PW

Dynamic Gold Sensicore X100

New black velvet grips by Karma Golf


This is truly a unique set of irons as you will see by the finish on the heads.  The finish is an "oil quench" or "oil dip".  This process involves heating the head with a torch to a high temp and then dipping the head directly into oil which causes the finish you see.  The end result is very unique and pretty darn cool.


The heads are composed of the softer 731 stainless steel so they do have some bendability (2 degrees +/-).


I am going to leave the price open ended to start with, if you are interested please message me with an offer to consider.  I will accept payment via PayPal and I ship within one day of receiving the payment.





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That oil quench looks very cool! I have always liked the thin topline on those compact wrenches.


Even though they are cast, I think your buyer can probably get 3-4 degrees of bend out of those long hosels on the 731 steel heads.


I think the 962B is one of Titleist's most unique iron sets over the past 20 years. Good luck with the sale!

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