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Dave's Take: Cigar Product Review Compendium

GolfSpy Dave

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Dave's Take: Cigar Product Review Compendium

Follow the links below to the various cigar accessories that I have reviewed. Feel free to ask any questions about the products in this thread, or in the original product threads.

Xikar VX-2 V-Cut Cutter


Xikar Tactical Triple Torch Lighter



Xikar XFlame Electronic Cigar Lighter image.png


Palio Triple Torch Lighter and Cutter



Xikar HP4 Quad Jet Lighter

Xikar HP4 Quad Flame Lighter - 10.jpg


Xikar Turrin Single Torch Lighter

XikarTurrimSingle - 9.jpg


Xikar XO Double Guillotine Cutter

Xikar XO Cutter - 11.jpg


Xikar Travel Humidor

Xikar Case - 1.jpg


Xikar 19th Hole Gift Set

19th Hole Gift Set.jpeg


The Cigar Minder Clip

Cigar Minder - 1.jpg


Bettinardi Milled Cigar Tray

Bettinardi Cigar Tray - 7.jpg


Mantello Catador Torch Lighter

Mantello Lighter - 4.jpg


Alaska Bear Antique Copper Cigar Cutter

Alaska Bear Cutter - 3.jpg


Stay tuned for more great cigar products, and if you find something worthy of taking a look at, shoot me a PM. -Dave




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