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Reviewer Wanted - 3-Days at the Tour Striker Golf Academy

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Tom Augustine

Age 58 Been playing golf for only 5 years and have been following Revolution Golf for a couple of years

South Milwaukee, WI

I have been struggling with inconsistent swing techniques and fairway woods

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Paul 40

Omaha, NE

I tend to stand the club up in the downswing and swing over the top. I have been practicing laying the club down more, but haven't found a good technique that yields consistency. I would like to learn how to drive the ball with a better strike instead of added loft that falls short. My big miss is usually a big high fade and slice. However, said miss usually nets me some free golf balls so...... 


Thanks for the opportunity. First learned of Martin from watching him and Paige Spiranac take on Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey. Looked like a very down to earth coach.

:callaway-small: Hyper Lite 5 Stand Bag
Driver: :taylormade-small: AeroBurner TP 9.5° Diamana S+ 60 shaft
3 Wood: :mizuno-small: JPX EZ 15° Fujikura Orochi 60 S shaft
5 Wood: :taylormade-small: 200 Steel Lite 80 R Shaft
4 Hybrid: :mizuno-small: JPX EZ 22° Fujikura Orochi 70 S Shaft
Irons 5-PW :mizuno-small: JPX 825 Pro KBS Tour 120 S Shaft
:cleveland-small: CG12 50° Wedge True Temper Dynamic Gold Shaft

:mizuno-small: JPX 56° Wedge KBS Tour 120 S Shaft

:mizuno-small: JPX 60° Wedge KBS Tour 120 S Shaft

Putter: odyssey.jpg Works Versa 9

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  • Your Name & Age: Marcelo Quinones age 59

  • Where You Live: Kansas City, MO
  • Your biggest golf bugaboo (The thing that causes you to lose strokes on the golf course): Alignment at address, ball contact on second shot, Sporadic distance off the tee (not consistent)

Clubs in my Ogio Shredder Cart Bag

Driver: Ping G400 10 deg
Fairway: Titleist 917F2 3 Wood 15 deg
Hybrids: Titleist 816H1 3 hybrid 19 deg, 
TaylorMade M2 4 hybrid 23 deg
Irons: Srixon Z565 4-AW

Wedges: Titleist SM6 54* and SM7 60* 
Putter: Nike Method Core i3
Ball: OnCore Elixir

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Terry Tompkins (age 48)

Plainview, NY

Areas to improve: consistent distance from driver off tee (average 250, some drives are 220 and other can go 270), lag putting, chipping/pitching inside 7 feet consistently, greenside bunker shots.  I would also like to work on overall swing mechanics (self-taught 5.5 handicap with lots of swing flaws) - i make up my poor mechanics with athleticism (played baseball and soccer through college).  I would also like to utilize my legs as a source of power with the golf swing.  I work at my game independently throughout the year by shooting video and maintaining stats (fairways, greens in reg, putts, distance putts made, up/downs, etc.).  Looking to take the next step to get to scratch and up my level of amateur competitive golf tournaments.

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Greg Watson - 61


75 - 100 yards out is my biggest bugaboo


I have worked harder on my game this year than ever before.  I would love to come to Phoenix and improve my short game.


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Paul (62)




I hit my tee ball fairly straight, but lack the distance I believe I am capable delievering.

I struggle with consistency of hitting crisp irons in order to reach greens in regulation.

I mainly rely on trying to get up and down around the green, and would love the

opportunity to reach my potential.

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Ryan Kukla Age 37

Minneapolis, MN


My biggest issue on the course is my irons...specifically my alignment is all jacked up.  I am consistently aiming 30 yards right of my target and no matter what I do, I can't fix it.  This leads to me not ever feeling comfortable over the ball.  I am constantly over thinking my shots.  I get 2 way misses, so unless my swing is perfectly on that day, it goes from a huge pull hook, or if I hit it straight to my target line  (way right) I am off the green on the right.  So I can't even rely on a one way miss, I literally miss both ways on most days, and this leads to even more swing thoughts and psyching myself out while standing over the ball.   Please help me out.  I have been fighting this alignment issue for over ten years, since I practiced in a golf dome one winter and didn't notice the mat I was using was pointed right of my intended target.  This bad habit has been locked in for over a decade!

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Kevin DeMeza, 28


Roswell, GA


I tend to lose most of my strokes from inconsistent iron strikes and hitting the ball far with wedges inside of 130 yards. I'd love the opportunity to take charge of my ball striking with Tour Strikers program.



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