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Reviewer Wanted - 3-Days at the Tour Striker Golf Academy

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Weatherford, Tx


Other than the usual misfits - main cause for concern is inside 100 yards. Seems like the closer to the green with a wedge in hand things get quite scary. Finding out why this issue is so much a problem and addressing it would drastically lower my scores.

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Chris Gordon 39 years old from Hennessey OK. I lose distance off of the tee. I have tried for years to work on it but can't seem to get there. I carry a 8 handicap. I play several times a month. I've learned to score by hitting it close & getting up & down. But I can't seem to get more that 225 off the tee. I. Need. Help.



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Fred Ulmer

48 years Old

St Matthews, SC


Biggest problem with my golf game is consistency.  With all aspects of the game.  I can start off hitting the ball great and then I lose it somewhere and just cant get it back.  Or I will play great one day and the next day I bring a totally different game to the course.

















































































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Sean; 30

Vienna, Va


Right now I'm really struggling to find a consistent feeling in my swing from the long clubs on down.  It feels like I have a half dozen different swings at the moment: one for the driver, one for the fairways, one for the hybrids, one for the irons, etc..  This has my confidence to hit the shot I want at an all time low.  As I get older I know I can't rely on athletic ability/coordination, only solid fundamentals will keep me playing well.


PS to MGS, this would be a perfect belated 30th birthday present! ;)

Sean K.

Driver: :callaway-small: Great Big Bertha, 10.5o, -1"
Wood: :srixon-small: Z-F85, 3W, 15o
Hybrids: :titelist-small: 818 H1, 19o
Irons: :mizuno-small: JPX 919 Hot Metal 4-GW
Wedges: :cleveland-small: CBX 2.0 55o, 60o
Putter: :1332069271_TommyArmour: Tour Impact No. 3
Ball: :srixon-small: Z Star

2017 Vice Pro Forum Review
2019 Tommy Armour Tour Impact No.3 Forum Review

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Yes I need this opportunity,

I am 68 and have been playing for about 13 years.  


My game is on a plateau.  nothing is getting better.


I have followed some of Martin Chuck's videos and while my brain says yes, but my body does not. 


I need help.  my current handicap is 27,  my lowest ever was a 23


Peter Wong

Sunnyvale California

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Sean HoAire (34)


Little Falls, NJ


My biggest weakness in my game, like many, is my driver. My miss off the tee tends to be an over-cooked draw, which some would refer to as a hook :) Long and wrong off the tee, everything else is fairly solid. When I'm hitting fairways, I can be deadly!

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This is amazing, and would be a fantastic opportunity!


Yuhao, 30

San Francisco, CA


My biggest miss is that I have a general out-to-in swing, so sometimes I open the face to compensate, and end up slicing the ball way too far to the right into the other fairway.

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Count me in for this one :rolleyes:  


I've watched a number of Martin Chuck videos on YouTube and he has a lot to offer.

  • Michael Cadle - 60
  • Gainesville, VA
  • Putting it in the fairway off the tee box

Looking forward to the contest. Whoever goes will have a blast and they'll have to share the experience with the rest of us.

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Well I score in the low 90's to the low 100's. I've been playing golf since 2002 and probably quit golf three or four times. I got my first golf lesson earlier this year when I was scoring in the mid 120's. After the lesson I immediately broke a 100 for the first time in my life this year. I love the game and I have a group of friends that I play golf with every Sunday. Currently I'm hooking the ball right with the driver. My irons and hybrids I don't have this problem. I'm also struggling with shifting my weight forward and properly turning my body at target. If this is the best golf school on the planet  then I would be more  than happy to test them out.

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I'm a senior (74) who used to be a low single digit golfer.  Over the years and injuries I am now a 20's golfer.  Still know the shots and how to execute but can't seem to solve the around the green and bunker shots which is where I have lost most of my game.  Still play "flog" every week but lost the edge.  Need help to recover it.


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- Dan Brashear, 61


- Portsmouth, NH


- My number one problem is inconsistent ball striking, probably due to early extension.


- Thank you My Golf Spy and Martin Chuck for this terrific opportunity. As a Revolution Golf member I have been listening to Martin Chuck's no nonsense, common sense approach to golf for a few years now. 



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Clint 38

Phoenix, AZ

Driver and Irons are horribly inconsistent. I have lost 50-60 yards on most of my clubs lately and too many swing thoughts have me treading water/sinking. As soon as I get around the green everything is fine, but getting there is a challenge. I used Arccos tracking sensors for 2 years and I was a 30+ handicap driving, 30+ approach, 5-10 chipping, 7-10 sand, under 5 for putting. On days when driving OR irons go decent my scores drop dramatically. 


Very cool opportunity!

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