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Reviewer Wanted - 3-Days at the Tour Striker Golf Academy

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Guest Tom Duckworth

Tom Duckworth age 62

Kansas City

I'm in pretty good shape for my age I'm 6'4" about 215

My biggest problem is my driver and 3 wood I know I come in too steep and I have tried to flatten my club at the top before I start down but then I don't do a good turn because I'm thinking about that. It seems like when I work on one element of the swing I don't do something else right. I will hit a 280 yard plus drive when I'm straight or most of the time a giant towering slice into the other fairway. I hit my irons and wedges pretty well for good yardages but I'm always trying to save myself after a bad drive.

I'm really good at hitting a low punch shot with my 5 iron because I get so much practice hitting out from under the trees.

It is crushing my golf game. My swing speed with driver is at 100 or just above

and when I hit a good drive I can make par or birdie most of the time but most of the time I'm hitting some crazy second shot trying to get out of trouble.

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Wow! What an amazing opportunity!


Huge thanks to MGS and to Martin Chuck for making this possible for one lucky person!


Tim - 53

Houston, Texas


I struggle with inconsistent ball striking that leads to a number of issues, fats, thins, and tops. I believe the cause is mostly an out to in swing path.


Good luck to everyone, this is going to be a fun journey to follow!


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  • Jesse (27)

  • Port Huron MI
  • Inconsistency on tee shots, particularly towards the end of a round. Good round for me is in the mid-high 70's, bad is mid 80's, but majority of those extra strokes seem to come in the last 6 holes as the result of one or two wayword tee/long approach shots.
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There is no doubt that this is the best give away in MGS history. I can hope to be the lucky one.


Ryan, age 28


New York


The one thing that I think hurts my game more than anything are those shots from the 125-175 range. I'm getting better at them, but the further away from the hole I get the less likely I am to hit a green and that puts a lot of pressure on my short game.

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:ping-small: G710, 4-UW, Blue Dot, Nippon Modus 105-S

:honma: TW-W4, 56*, Nippon Modus 125

:mizuno-small: T20, 61*, Nippon Modus 125

🤮⛳   Flo-C

:titelist-small: Pro V1X, 2021 Model, #33

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Gonna sit this one out, but what an incredible opportunity for one of my fellow Spies

Driver:   :honma: TR20 10.5*

Utility Iron: :cleveland-small: UHX 18*

Hybrid:   :callaway-small: Epic 4h 23* 

Irons:    :mizuno-small: JPX900 Hot Metal 5-GW

Wedges:  :cleveland-small: CBX2 52* 56* 60*

Putter:  :EVNROLL: ER 2.2

Ball:   :bridgestone-small: Tour BXS





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Jason; 45

Franklin Massachusetts

Inconsistency - some shots go right, some left, some low, some high; never had a lesson before so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or how to correct it.

P G410 LST | C King F7 | C SuperHybrid | T 818 H2 | S Z785 | C ZipCore | SC Newport 3

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Mike Cunningham, 30


Torrington, CT


The part of my game that I lose the most strokes on right now is wedges. I am not getting consistently close to the hole, and each shot from the same distance can produce different results. It really keeps 3 putt in the mix for me which are keeping me from break 80 consistently. I am looking for any advice all around in my game to save strokes and I know that wedges is currently the worst for me.


Thanks for the chance at such an amazing opportunity.

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Very cool opportunity!


Andrew Linhart (27)

Raleigh, NC

Lack of consistency driving off the tee & squaring club face on irons shots!

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TaylorMade RocketBallz 3W 15*
TaylorMade M2 3 Hybrid 19*
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Nike Engage 60*
Odyssey Works Big T V-Line Putter 35"

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This is awesome!


Your Name & Age: Trevor N. - 25

Where You Live: NYC (but I spend winters with family in Phoenix)  

Your biggest golf bugaboo: A two-way miss with everything from my driver down to about my 8 iron -- either a high hook, or a low block. 


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- Brett VanVeller, 34

- Ames, Iowa

- Tee ball consistency (left or right or trouble) and ball striking (thin and glancing slap shots). I'm a streaky putter too.


I think I have showed I can provide a thorough, detailed, honest and entertaining review.




I also have a lot of freedom around those dates so I can devote the time.


I have been a big fan of Chuck for a long time. This is definitely one of the more unique opportunities MGS has offered!

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DI:  :titelist-small:  T-MB 2 iron, KBS Tour-V 120 X,
Irons: :Miura: PP-9003SN 4-GW, Nippon 1150GH Stiff
Wedges: :Miura: 1957 K-grind SW, LW, Nippon 1150GH Stiff
Putter: :odyssey-small: EXO Indianapolis (link)
Ball: :Snell: MTB
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* Jasper 33

* Virgina

* 175 to 200 yard weak slicing drives. When I get a case of these it makes for long shots into the green and really puts pressure on my short game, which is usually pretty good but when it's not, watch out 90 here I come.


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Srixon Z-Star


I'm on Instagram as @sharpened_development_llc

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Will Elliott 43

Philadelphia, PA

Consistency off the tee and putting

Driver: TM M5 Tour Issue (got lucky in a trade), Fuji Ventus 6x (velocore)

3W: Tour Edge Exotic CBX, GD Tour AD-IZ 7x

Hybrid: 19* XCG7 Matrix Red Tie S

3 iron: Tour Edge Exotic CNC TT DG S300

5iron-PW: Mizuno MP18 MMC TT Elevate Tour X

Wedges: Mizuno T20 51*, 56*, 60* TT DG Tour S400

Putter: Scotty Cameron Circa 62 Model no. 1 34"

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  • Your Name & Age- Graham Upshaw, 29

  • Where You Live- Flowood, MS
  • Your biggest golf bugaboo (The thing that causes you to lose strokes on the golf course)- Inconsistency off the tee, particularly with the driver. 

Driver- Tmag 2017 M2 tour issue 8.5* actual loft 7.8* w/ Diamana Ahina 80X 44"
Fairway Metal- Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta 3W 13* w/ Matrix 7m4 X 42.5"

Utility- Mizuno MPH5 1 iron w/ Aldila RIP 85X (depending on course/ conditions)

Irons- Mizuno MP-18 FLI HI 3i and 4i w/ KBS C-taper lite X
          Mizuno MP59 5i and 6I w/ PX 6.5

          Mizuno MP69 7i-PW w/ PX 6.5

Wedges- Scratch 8620 Driver/Slider set.  50*, 56* bent to 55* w/ rifle spinner shafts

                and Titleist Vokey 60* M grind

Putter- Never Compromise Dinero Mogul
Ball- Bridgestone Tour B XS

Bag- Ogio Aquatech Cart Bag

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