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Reviewer Wanted - 3-Days at the Tour Striker Golf Academy

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1.  Brandan Bassett, 35

2.  Bozeman, MT

3.  I have difficulty in maintaining consistency in my golf swing, including periods of time when I will catch the ball either fat or thin without me having the understanding or ability to self-fix the problem.  I have the ability to play a nice round of golf, only to follow it up with an awful round next time out.  Or I can play a decent round that is ruined by some major "blow up" holes.  Most of the problems seem to stem from an issue in building a consistent and repeatable impact with the ball.

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Gary (64 and 5 handicap)


Sarasota, FL


the biggest loss of strokes other than the normal iron/fairway metal striking, but is the short game inside 50 yards


love the videos 



TS2 Driver 16.5 degree fairway metal

918 19/23 hybrid

Apex 21 Irons Nippon NS Pro Modus3

Vokey Wedges 54/58

Cameron Newport Select mallet

MyGolfSpy junkie since 2017

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  • Davis Chuck - Age: 23

  • Boston, MA
  • Bugaboo - Wildly inaccurate drives. When I picked up the game years ago I was taught from short game back, and just never really got around to hammering out my driver swing and am wildly inconsistent  (unless you count consistently in the rough/OB). Don't care to hit it the farthest but would like to hit it closer to the fairway. From there it becomes consistency in general in my swing.
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Raymond Pace

I will be 59 on December 9th


Las Vegas, NV


My biggest bugaboo on the course is my inconsistency, I never know what part of my game will show up or NOT AT ALL. My game is like a box of chocolate I never know what I'm gonna get. For that reason I'm primarily a range rat.


I'm familiar with Martin Chuck and I would relish the opportunity to experience his golf school and report back to the forum on my experience at his golf school.


Thank you MGS for making this opportunity possible.

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Age 51

Northern New York State



I would not need lodging due to the fact that my son lives 15 minutes from Raven GC.


My biggest bugaboo is inconsistent iron striking. I tend to push my shots to the right. I got back into golf 5 years ago after a 20 year hiatus due to job and kids. I have lowered my handicap from well over 20 to 15 but have now reached a standstill and need help getting over the hump. Part of my job is writing evaluations on programs and processes and fell that I could give a very objective perspective.


Thank you for the opportunity.

Driver: Taylor Made SLDR

Irons: Taylor Made RSi2 4-PW

Hybrids: Adams Tight Lies 3 and 5

Putter: Taylor Made Spyder

Wedges: Cleveland RTX 50, 56, 60

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Great Opportunity!!  Thanks MGS and Martin Chuck.


Dale VanAman




Ocala, FL


Inconsistent with driver. Tend to hit low duck hook too often.


HC: 9

Pat VanAman

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Thank you for a great opportunity!




Andrew James

Age 51

Beaverton Oregon


I have been golfing now for 4 years. Like many, I struggle with inconsistent iron play. My short game is actually pretty good, but my mid to long irons need help. I am an avid reader and am constantly trying to improve my game thru study and practice.


Thank you for the opportunity to learn from the best using state of the art technology that is not readily available.

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  • Matt Deibert, 40

  • Bethlehem, PA
  • I've been a single digit handicapper (4) for 20 years. My typical rounds are filled with 12-13 solid holes. My swing will breakdown on 2-3 holes, resulting in very stupid shots. I struggle greatly with short bunker shots and short putts. I make my own clubs and practice quite regularly. It would be a dream come true to eliminate this last bit of volatility from my game. 
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