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Reviewer Wanted - 3-Days at the Tour Striker Golf Academy

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Have you ever wondered if attending a golf school could change your game for the better? Here’s your chance to find out.   Martin Chuck, the inventor of the Tour Striker line of training aids, has

Thank you so much for this opportunity!!  Martin did call me and we were able to talk over a few things.  I'm really excited for this opportunity!  I am going to put everything I have into this to giv

And the winner is...     goaliewales14   The logistical issue was that Martin wanted to call the winner personally, so John and I had to devise a clever way of getting Mike's phone number, pass i

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Age 50

Handicap 6.5

I would love to go to Martin's academy, I watch all his videos and have been trying to find a way to get to his school.  I will be in Arizona this December so attending would be awesome!!  I tend struggle with consistency, good one day not moving as well the next (hips) so I end up with a few errant shots.  Also can miss a few chips and putts when the tournament pressure is on.

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Wow, awesome opportunity!

Name:  Andrew (32)

Live:  Blaine, MN

Biggest Bugaboo:  I have trouble coming across the ball on long irons shots causing large hooks.  It has developed into a large inconsistency that will sometimes be present in irons as high as a 7, and as low as all the way down to my driver, but typically my 3 to 5 irons are the worst.

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Don Collister




My short game (pitching and chipping) and my driving. Come to think of it my entire game can be pretty bad, i.e. 14 handicap. Too top it off I have a tremor (hands) that gets worse when I put pressure on myself on the course. Good luck with this one!



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Great opportunity - I'll put you to the test; been to a couple schools

                               but have never made lasting progress

                               Love the game.. but would really love to improve




Age 59





Short; erratic drives and weak / inconsistent contact with irons

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What an awesome opportunity. I'd love to attend and am more than capable of writing a thorough review (I write for a living).


Eric, age 32
Seattle, WA
My biggest golf bugaboo is probably a miss that's too far left (followed closely by below average wedge play).
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Jon, 62


Of course our swings tend to vary, however slightly, day-to-day; that's golf!  My greatest challenge is the tendency of a "hit" thought versus "swing" through the ball.  Backswing pace plays a very large role in my shoulder turn and setting the club into an eventual significant "workspace" at or near the impact zone.  Too fast leads to poor shots, weak left.




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Justin Bertsch, 31 years old

Fleming Island, Florida


I could name a dozen of my golf bugaboos, but I would say my biggest golf bugaboo is inconsistency in ball-striking ability.  This inconsistency translates into much larger areas of my game such as hooks or slices from the teebox and wrong club selection when I do hit a good drive.  I would love the opportunity!


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I would love the opportunity to go thru this academy course.


Name: Paul

Age: 38

Location: Omaha, NE


My biggest golf struggle is consistency with my iron play/ball striking from round to round.  I can go out a shoot a great round and the next day play like I have never picked up a club before.  Having some expert coaching would be great!

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Kevin Conner (33)


Wake Forest, NC


My biggest issue would be consistency with the driver off the tee box. More importantly the root problem would be never having a solid foundation to build upon. Having 10,000 different swing fixes rolling through my head as I stand over the shot cant be helpful. Thanks for the offer to help some poor fella or gal out that's in need like myself.

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