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Reviewer Wanted - 3-Days at the Tour Striker Golf Academy

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Albert - 33

Scottsdale, AZ (it would be just a short drive down to the Academy for me! But I did just move here from Canada)

Bugaboo for me - wedges and scoring clubs. I struggle with distance control leading to unnecessary big numbers when I'm in scoring positions. 

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Dave, 55

Northern California


Bugaboos (at least what I think they are)

  1. From the tee - Hanging back and sending one left (and then overcompensating for it)
  2. From the fairway - Downhill lies
  3. Short irons, good for 1 borderline s---k per round that goes way right, usually after a great drive :-|
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Brad LaVallee 48

Cornwall on Hudson, NY


Consistency off the tee, either I can crush it down the middle or snap hook it deep left.  The occasional sky-ball off the tee too.  Throws my whole game off.  I do hit my irons fat from time to time too, but it is definitely my tee game which can make or break my round....

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Doug Himberger, 62


Palmyra, VA


While my drives are getting longer and straighter (everything is relative, after all!), my iron play isn't keeping up. While I can depend on my short game to bail me out, getting to greens in regulation is a challenge. I've dropped my index from 31 to 14 since I started playing three years ago, but I'm stalled there...I need to hit my second (and third) shots better!!



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Doug H.

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  • Brian DeBlis, 47

  • Edmond, OK
  • My biggest problems are:   straight pulls on my irons. No matter how I try to adjust, the pulls always seem to be there. My secondary issue is my short game. I cannot seem to get the ball as close to the hole as I should for a 4 hdcp,



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Tucker, 38


Detroit, MI


Alignment and address.


I feel as though my flaws manifest themselves greatest when I'm not fully confident at address in regards to ball position, stance/squareness to target, etc. I practice. I have a pre-shot routine. I throw yardsticks on the ground in the backyard and swing at the neighbor's garage. My swing is pretty good when I'm either swinging at nothing, or so focused externally that I'm not worried about angles and ball positions. When I'm not "in the zone," and I'm not aligning or addressing the ball properly, my brain and body try to compensate, which is never wow successful. Flipping the wrists, dipping the knee, any manner and number of identifiable swing flaws come alive when I align improperly, and good habits cannot be baked into muscle memory. I haven't been able to unlock that mystery on my own, at least not for extended periods of time. But I do think that alignment and address are the roots of all my golf evils.


Good luck all!

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JIm Roddy (60)


Usual bad hole that drives up the score is one or more of the following...

- a wildly inaccurate tee shot that could be a pull hook or push,

- a serious loss of swing rhythm resulting in a topped/smothered iron shot,

- a greenside  or 20-30 yard pitch shot that is left horribly short of the pin.

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Mike Nunez


Age 33


Orange, CA


Erratic ball striking, i tend to have a fade to my shots. Some days i can mange it and play it but on bad days it makes for a really long day. I tend to watch a lot of videos and try to self teach but i think I'm to the point where i might be doing more harm than good.

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