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Reviewer Wanted - 3-Days at the Tour Striker Golf Academy

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Paul Kraus, age 65

York, England.


Club head control and impact position to eliminate the two way miss and improve consistency.


Have seen improvement following lessons from a top 50 instructor in the 3Jack Golf Blog (like Martin) and won this months medal at my club.

Practice or do drills every day in my quest to improve.

Would love another top instructors advice on my swing. 


An old dog looking to learn new tricks.

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  • Chris Jemma, 28
  • Norfolk, United Kingdom
  • My biggest bugaboo: although I have a fairly rigid system for most of my setup, I find I can feel like I need to make unnatural movements on the course to hit the ball because I've done something different. And leads to all kinds of shots happening...
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Jeff - 59



My biggest swing issue is what I call "my swoop" which is when, at the top of my backswing, go out away from my shoulders and down rather than dropping down. This leads to a more outside in swing and body efforts to get the hands in the correct position to hit the ball resulting in a variety of misses, most often a slice. Note, based on video, this is not casting but more in the vein of a Furyk look without the ability to get the hands corrected often enough.


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What an awesome opportunity!


Seth - 39

Charleston, SC


Consistency, whether it be off the tee, from the fairway, around the greens or putting. I have had flashes where I put them all together for a few rounds and see my handicap drop. But, for the most part my game is stagnant and needs something to take it to the next level. I have begun planning and am working to put certain pieces in place to improve ball striking and work around the greens. Maybe Tour Striker is exactly what I need? Good luck everyone!



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Brandon Price - 40

Atlanta, GA.


The thing that causes me the most strokes on the golf course is not having a repeatable swing which in turn makes me have very little confidence. That in turn leads to bad shots and extra pressure on my short game. I would love the opportunity to have some one of this caliber fine tune my game and give me a plan of attack. 

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Jon Korpalski - 68


Lapeer, Michigan


A high lazy fade often gets me in trouble, but most of my lost shots come from poor short iron and wedge play, especially from 50 yards and in. I'd love to save those lost strokes and get into the 70's consistently.



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Rick - 41

Indianapolis, IN


My biggest issue is the hook using my irons 9 and up. I hit more fairways (about 65%) than I miss but can't find a green to save my life (or par). My GIR is about 18%. I've never been fitted or had any formal lessons so curious to see if it can help!!

PXG Gen 2 0811XF, Cobra F9 3-7W, Srixon 585 6 - PW, Ping Glide 46, 50, 56, 60, Scotty Phantom 7.5

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Jason N (36)

Memphis, TN


Iron Play is inconsistent

Driver: Cobra F8 Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 50 Stiff
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5 Wood: Callaway Epic 19* Project X Hzrdus T800 65
Irons: Mizuno JPX 900 Forged True Temper XP 105 shafts
Wedges: Mizuno T7 54* and 58*
Putter: Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 Heavy
Ball: Srixon Q-Star Tour

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This would be so cool and would be an awesome time for my first visit to the US!


Will Selwyn


I don't take advantage of good tee shots nearly enough. My approach play from 150 is too inconsistent. Can't get rid of the cutty slice with my irons!

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So the first contestant says consistent iron play is his bugaboo. Great drive followed by thin iron shot. I dream of hitting it thin because I have gone for two year stretches of hitting every iron FAT. Chunking it lakes and bunkers can drive a man to drink!!!! Help would be so appreciated....

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