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Reviewer Wanted - 3-Days at the Tour Striker Golf Academy

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Have you ever wondered if attending a golf school could change your game for the better? Here’s your chance to find out.   Martin Chuck, the inventor of the Tour Striker line of training aids, has

Thank you so much for this opportunity!!  Martin did call me and we were able to talk over a few things.  I'm really excited for this opportunity!  I am going to put everything I have into this to giv

And the winner is...     goaliewales14   The logistical issue was that Martin wanted to call the winner personally, so John and I had to devise a clever way of getting Mike's phone number, pass i

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Rance Prewett - 53

Blue Springs, Missouri

My biggest faults are : inconsistency with the driver, staying on plane, coming "over the top", poor impact. I'm a 12 handicap but feel like I could be much better with proper coaching and teaching. Would love the opportunity to be a student/reviewer of the Tour Striker Golf Academy.

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Would be a dream come true


Ryan - 31

Charlotte, NC

Where do I start? I would say my driving can be very inconsistent at times. But one of the biggest struggles is putting. Hate to think how many strokes I've left out there due to multiple 3 puts. 

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Please, PLEASE give me a reason for leaving rainy winter dark cold Sweden and help me improve my game in sunny Arizona


Ola (Male, 44 yrs)

Stockholm, Sweden


I struggle with consistently finding a correct bottom of the swing. Need to avoid the mix of  thin-fat-duff-topp, long irons in particular.


Good luck to you all!

Ping G400 9 degrees  (Ping tour 65 stiff)

Ping G30 fw 3 15,5 degrees (Mugio stiff)

Ping G fw5 18 degrees (Accra FX 300 Stiff)

Ping G30 hybrid 22 degrees (Accra FX 300 Stiff)

Ping i200 5-pw, (Ping awt 2.0 stiff)

Ping glide 2.0 50-54-58 SS


subject to change at any time!

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Shermans Dale, Pa.


Have always wanted to attend a golf school/academy to attempt to repair the issues with my game, looks like a great opportunity.


The last two years most of my game issues are two way misses off the tee and inconsistent ball striking, any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

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Andy, 32


biggest bugaboo - consistent ball striking...if i'm hitting irons well, the driver suffers, the opposite is also possible.  if i can figure out how to keep the ball in play off the driver, and at least put a decent strike on my second shot, i really enjoy golf that day.

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