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Reviewer Wanted - 3-Days at the Tour Striker Golf Academy

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75 year old golfaholic!

Still healthy and mobile but have naturally lost yardage. Am now a 19 handicap that many years ago was a 10.3.

Direction off the tee, getting out of sand traps, and putting, (side saddle for 35 years), are not my major issues.

Having second shots of 180/210 yards is killing me, hence rarely making GIR! My average drives are now between 200 and 220 creating long second shots.

Tried senior shafts to see if they would increase club head speed but way too erratic in direction so went back to regular shafts.

Got fitted for driver and irons so equipment, sadly, is not the problem and don't really know if there is a practical solution.

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Been following and bugging Martin since he was in Bend, OR. Would love a chance to have him help me out. Left of left off the tee and with a fair number of Iron shots. I believe it from lack of depth in the trail hip, but I can't seem to get there. The good part if I was choosen, live in Tucson, I am a cheap winner!

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Ty Inez. 45

San Pedro, Ca.

Impatience. I play decent golf but at times I rush my shots. Sometimes I'm so fixated on the result I don't go through my proper pre shot routine. (PGA) Posture Grip Allignment

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Male, age 75.

Healthy and mobile but tired of having second shots at 180-210, thus poor GIR's, and occasional blow up holes.

Average drives 210/220, generally straight and in the fairway.

Getting out of traps and putting, (side saddle for 35 years), generally not an issue.

Average scoring high 80's to low 90's.

Golfaholic! Would like to shoot 27 holes and throw out the first 9😁.

Hope I'm a lucky winner on this.

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I have been looking for the opportunity to work with Martin for several years. I would be honored to be the forum's commentator on his school.


Andrew (61)


Not enough greens in regulation, compounded by a shaky short game

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Thank you MyGolfSpy and Martin Chuck. What an amazing opportunity this is for one lucky person. Good luck to all.


Ken (45)

Denver, CO

My swing is self taught and though I am a single digit handicap my scores vary to greatly for what I feel my ability is. Consistent ball striking seems the biggest contributor from top to bottom of the bag. Misses can be two way.



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I would love to win this!




Yorkshire. In sunny England ;)


My biggest issues on the course would be I have lost a lot of ball striking/flight control with My irons recently and my driver isn't as hot as it once was... Distance is down quite a bit.


Thanks for the opportunity.



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Ummm, wow. What a chance. As a supply teacher getting the days off won't be an issue.


Kris 34 years old, (6 cap but moved recently so not playing much)

Petawawa, ON, Canada (near Ottawa)

Tempted to say driving is my bugaboo, but honestly it's iron play. My short game is good, so I get up and down a lot, but would shave a bunch off my game if putting for birdie instead of par on my first putt. Hit irons a bit fat, or weak fades that come up short right.

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