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Reviewer Wanted - 3-Days at the Tour Striker Golf Academy

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  • David W. Couvillon, 61 yoa

  • Port Allen, LA (that's Louisiana, NOT L.A.)
  • everything after the tee shot and before the 1st putt (well, I handle greenside sand fairly well).

David Couvillon

Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired.;

Former Governor of Wasit Province, Iraq;

Righter of Wrongs; Wrong most of the time;

Distinguished Expert, TV remote control;

Chef de Hot Dog Excellance; Collector of Hot Sauce;

Avoider of Yard Work

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Jeff Sena 71

Bellevue Nebraska

I need to improve my short iron consistency, from 100 yds. in. I have watched most of your videos and have improved greatly. I have gained 30 yds. in driver distance and dropped my average score from mid 90's to mid 80's! I can sometimes hit good iron shots and sometimes not!  After a good drive it's frustrating to miss the green! My birthday is December 9th, it would be a great birthday present ! 

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Michael Pannozzo

age 35

Nova Scotia, Canada


I use to play a lot when I was growing up and was a near scratch golfer.  University, then work and now kids have really hurt my game.  Keeping my driver in play is my biggest fault.  I've got delusions when I stand up on the tee that things are going to be good but usually they aren't.  I've tried the easy way by trying to "buy" my game with new equipment but I know I really need to take lessons.  This would be an amazing and forced opportunity!

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Davey Jones 53


Denver CO


As of 2 months ago driver.....Woke up one morning and started hitting it high right and loosing 50+ yards, no matter what I do on the range with or without instruction  I cannot translate it on the course....it's become so frustrating it bleeds into the rest of my game. 


A great opportunity awaits the winner, good luck to everybody.

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I was thinking about this during work today. How freaking cool is this opportunity?! I'd be interested to see if he could fix me and get me to where Id like to be in such a short period of time. It'd be exciting for sure!


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Wedges: Scor 50*, 54*, and 58* with TT Dynamic Gold 120 S400 shafts

Putter:  :cameron-small: Pro Platinum Newport 2 Midslant

Handicap: 3

Location: Illinois...until i can get my wife to move to a warmer climate

Right Handed: Although sometimes I wonder if left handed would suit me better :blink:

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Fister 42 years old.

From the...New York.


Fear of using my driver because of the consistent sharp slices off its face the leave me on my third stroke 100 yards from the tee box...

TM R15

Adams V3 4-6

Cobra F7 One 7-S

Cleveland 2135 8.0

Fifty Elite


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This would be a really cool opportunity. I've never taken lessons and taught myself after my first fall semester at South Carolina. That is, needless to say, my swing looks (and is) hacked together. 


Kevin Burke - 27

Washington, DC


Biggest miss: As a lefty, a "power fade" that turns into a vicious slice off the tee. Brutal.

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This would be awesome! 


Tim McKeever, 41

Rocklin, Ca

I am constantly stuck on my back foot, costing me distance and wear and tear on my body. I hope Martin can help.

TM M1Mitsubishi Rayon Diamiana 62x5ct

TM RBZ Stage 2 Tour 3W

TM Rescue 11 4H

TM RBladez Tour, KNS C-Taper 120

Mizuno S5 Blue 50 55 60

Heavy Putter “bullseye” blade

play fast, 70 in 70 minutes is my best.

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Wow, what an awesome opportunity:

David- 48

Wiggins, MS

My biggest bugaboo would be my inconsistency with the driver and longer irons.



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Taylormade R11s driver

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Taylormade R7 3wood

Ping S & U wedge

tri-ball putter

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Really cool opportunity, can't wait to read about the winners experiences. Unfortunately getting off of work during those dates is non-existent. Good luck fellow spies!!!


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 Joe Loukota - age 51

Live in Plainfield, Indiana

Biggest issue on the course - missing greens left/right in regulation; I am usually pin-high (because I know my iron distances) but am always pitching my 3rd/4th shot, making par difficult & birdies even more-so

:callaway-small: Epic Flash

:cobra-small: King F8 3W & F9 Baffler

:ping-small: G425 4i-PW

:cleveland-small: CBX2 50/54/58

:titleist-small: Pro V1X or :taylormade-small: Tour Response (thanks to MGS testing)

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Raymond Pace


Las Vegas, NV


I will be 59 on 12/9


My biggest bugaboo is inconsistency. My game is like a box of chocolate I never know what I'll get. To avoid the pain and frustration of a round of golf I've become a range rat for better or worse.


I'm familiar with Martin Chuck and I've even bought a tour striker, which I would Love to be taught, first hand, how to use it properly.


Thank you to MGS for the opportunity.

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Name: Mike Wales

Age: 28

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Golf Bugaboo: Driving accuracy


Listening to the video from Martin Chuck, I wanted to add more than just the requirements listed for this opportunity.  I wanted to list out what I would want to focus on during the time there based upon what he was describing in the video.


The first part of the video talks about wanting to know what my best score was and when.  My best score was an 85 that was shot this year.  I have only been playing for 4 years now and struggled to break 90.  This year through taking a few lessons and focusing on the short game, I was able to break 90 the past two rounds that I've played this year.  I have also been focusing on my health and body.  I have been working with a physical therapist/trainer to allow me to be pain free for high school injuries on the course.  We have focused a lot on strengthening the core, which has translated to a better, and more athletic, posture. 

In the video Martin talks about three bugaboos.  I listed my bugaboo above as driving accuracy.  That is certainly what I feel as my biggest bugaboo.  I say that because I feel that most courses I've played have fairways lined with trees, and by missing the fairway I'm having to hit a recovery shot on my 2nd.  That is then forcing me to get up and down for par most times.


My 2nd bugaboo would be bunker play.  I am referring to both fairway and greenside bunkers.  I recently when through a wedge fitting and it revealed that my old wedges weren't proper for a digger.  That was one of my issues.  The other I feel like is lack of experience.  I'm just not sure the proper technique for each situation.  I have read books and watch many videos, but I feel the proper way to learn would be through personal instruction.


My 3rd bugaboo would be swing tempo.  I believe this is also contributing to bugaboo #1.  I have a tendency to get quick with my tempo.  Trying to go for that home run shot with any club, not just the driver, and kill it.  I've tried to combat that through taking more club than I need in certain shots, but then I sometimes decelerate causing more issues.


If I were to be chosen for this, I would like to do at minimum of one post per day describing the events.  Then I would also like to do a post a week later after following the training platform.  That is where I feel like it will show how effective the school was/is.  If you are able to take things home and continue the change on your own is where you will see the most long-lasting changes.


I would also stay in contact with Martin after the program.  I have been starting to get into outings.  This is my first year participating in any, and I have played 3 so far.  I will probably play at least one more before the year is over.  I would eventually like to get into individual events based upon handicap.  I would keep him posted on my status of that and how the training platforms are still helping.  Even reaching out about, I heard this concept on the Golf Channel, and can that be applied to my training?

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LW: Taylormade Hi-Toe Low Bounce
Putter: PXG Battle Ready One & Done



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Ryan Jacques 34

East Lansing, MI


My biggest problem is consistently sticking to and executing the same swing mechanics that I just worked so hard on at the driving range based on a recent lesson I watched, blog I read or book I just finished with highlights and corner page bends abound.  I will do the research, take the notes, tell myself that I am committing to these 3 ( or 4 or 5) fundamental changes for the remainder of the season, put in a few practice sessions, take them to the course, fail to execute on the changes during a round or two, lose confidence in the resource, then go back to the drawing board.  It's a vicious cycle considering the abundance of quick fixes at our finger tips today. I am forever asking myself 'how do I know what resource I should absolutely trust to improve my swing, how do I commit to that resource without distraction for a whole season and, most importantly, how do I most effectively incorporate the teachings from that resource into my practice routine (which I am always second guessing may also need major changes) and on the course in a repeatable way'.  

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