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Reviewer Wanted - 3-Days at the Tour Striker Golf Academy

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Joe butts 46

Wilson NC

Iron play and putting


This would be very special and a great birthday present for me, thank you so much i really want to get my game under control to break 80 not often


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Humza Wazir, 34



My biggest problem in golf is that on any given day, I can either swing the driver well or my irons well. I can't seem to swing well with both at the same time and it is driving me crazy! To make matters worse, the switch from good driver days to good irons day seems to be completely random and without any noticeable pattern or reason.


In the bag:


Driver:  Callaway Epic 9.0* w/ Project X HZRDUS T800

3 Wood:  Adams Speedline Super S 15* w/ Matrix Radix S VI

3 Hybrid:  Adams Speedline Super LS 19* w/ Mitsubishi Kuro Kage

4 Hybrid:  Taylormade Rescue Mid 22*

Irons 5-GW:  Taylormade RSi 2 w/ KBS Tour 105

Wedges:  Callaway Mack Daddy MD3 - 54* S Grind, 58* W Grind

Putter:  Evnroll ER3 WingBlade 33"

Ball:  Callaway Chrome Soft


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Poor irons striking due to the practice facility in our country. We hit off mats and not turt so the ball striking is an upward/lifting swing rather than the correct downward/compressing swing.

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Wow great opportunity.


Andrew (44)

London U.K.

9 handicap, been as low as 5.


I hit is pretty decent most of the time and long enough, but most rounds will have a couple of holes where I hit a foul ball off the tee that invariably leads to a lost ball. I often then compound this with another mistake on the hole so leads to worse than a double.


The miss is either a hook or block.

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John B - Fit Fast and Fifty


Southampton England


Distance - I have had lessons in the past that have helped me strike the ball well on the range but have never been able to translate this to an improvement on the course. I would love the opportunity for the "Best Golf School in the World?" to put this right.

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This is a great opportunity, thanks for making it available to us


Dan (48)

Halifax, NS Canada


Accuracy with irons and putting are the areas of my game that I'd like to improve.

TS3 10.5 Tensi Pro Blue 70S

TS3 15.5 AD-DI 80S

Srixon Z785 4-PW

Vokey SM7 50, 54, 58

Scotty Newport 2

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This is the contest I would most love to win.


Mark Mason, age 44

Era, TX


My biggest problem is my iron play. It is inconsistent to say the least. My long irons are the worst and get slightly better as I get to the shorter irons. I haven't had any formal training in the year and few months that I have been playing. I am a 26 handicap. My goal is to drop that down in to the teens.

Mizuno JPX EZ driver

Taylormade SLDR HL 3 wood

Mizuno JPX EZ hybrids 3 & 4

Mizuno JPX EZ Irons 4-G

Titleist SM6 Vokey wedge 54.10

Odyssey White Hot Pro V-line putter

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Rhonda  50

Pelham, NH


Thank you for such a tremendous opportunity to improve my game and good luck to everyone!


I've been following Martin for years on Revolution Golf and on Youtube. He was actually listed in Golf Digest or Golf magazine as one of the top golf schools along with the likes of Butch Harmon, Mike Bender, David Leadbetter, Vision54, Jim Mclean, and more, etc...


I love Golf, and I'm on 2 leagues.  This season, I have lowered my handicap by 10 strokes. Looking to further improve my game, I definitely need help with approach shots and getting more spin as well as putting for dough help! (more distance would be welcomed!).

Thank you and Hit'em Straight!

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  • David, 31

  • New York
  • Some days it is pitching/chipping ... other days it is the dreaded high weak slice with driver/long irons

Driver - TaylorMade M3, 9.5 deg, Stiff Tensei Blue 60

Fairways - Callaway Rogue, 3W and 5W, Stiff Project X EvenFlow 75

Hybrid - Cobra F7, 3-4H, Stiff Fujikura Pro 75H

Irons - Ping G, 5-UW, Stiff Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 105

Wedges - Titleist Vokey SM6, 54M and 58M

Putter - Scotty Cameron Futura 5.5M

Ball - Srixon Z-Star Yellow

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  • Armando Araujo, 42 years old

  • McAllen, Texas
  • My biggest bugaboo is twosome, my inability to get more greens , due to lack of distance or hitting to many fat shoots, and once I get within 50 yards of the green I struggle to the ball close enough to make a par or boggie.
  • Titleist 917D2 Driver, Hzadus Blanck
  • Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0 , 3 Wood
  • Cobra King F8+ 5 Wood
  • Taylormade Rocketballz 4-GW
  • Vokey 54/58°
  • Odyssey Metal X Rossie Putter
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If I win, this prize may lead to my divorce..oh well! :P






Washington DC area


Truth be told, I don't have a "biggest bugaboo". I am a fairly new golfer (less than 2 years, rarely playing/practicing), so *everything* is a bugaboo. I usually shoot between 100-110 on any given day.


If I had to focus on one particular aspect of the game, it would be iron play, starting at about 150 yards out, and needing more and more work the closer you get to the green.

Driver:          Callaway_sm.jpg.213d9a9cfe284d5a45614599053e20d9.jpg  Rogue 9.0° with Synergy 50R 45" Shaft

Wood:          Callaway_sm.jpg.213d9a9cfe284d5a45614599053e20d9.jpg Epic Flash Heavenwood 20° with Project X Even Flow Green 65 Graphite (R)

Hybrids:         TaylorMade_sm.jpg.76c4784f360f4462bcc70f09d8552398.jpg  M4 4H/5H with KBS85R

Irons:             TaylorMade_sm.jpg.76c4784f360f4462bcc70f09d8552398.jpg  M4 6-P with KBS85R

Wedges:       TaylorMade_sm.jpg.76c4784f360f4462bcc70f09d8552398.jpg  M4 Attack Wedge 49.0° with KBS85R

                      Cleveland_sm.jpg.96b0eeec6fddc7b2cb9fd9804403bdb4.jpg  54°/12° & 58°/10°  w/Stock Steel Shaft

Putter:          Odyssey-Golf-Logo.jpg.8a3c6f89da01f152037dd26a2f2f3fc9.jpg Stroke Lab Seven S Putter 34" w/ FlatCatLogo_SM.jpg.e34dd3045e21d5279edb9a980dc0ade1.jpg Fat grip

Ball:             OnCore_sm.jpg.8ff76bfd7175d78b4b44fd8ff637227d.jpgElixir

Rangefinder:  Nikon_SM_1.jpg.8013a87a176b8338a5fd24191474c272.jpg Coolshot 80vr

Bag:                 Bennington Clip Lock 15 Slot Nova Stand 

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Chris Cruz - 35

Denver Colorado

When I'm playing at or near or slightly below my handicap it's usually my wedge game that's holding me back from scoring better.  But I have more than my fair share of bad driving/overall ball striking days that and I'll play 6+ strokes over my handicap. 


Thanks for the opportunity


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This is an outstanding and very generous opportunity.  I would sure welcome some time out west with the chance of improving my game:


Name:  Steve Troiano, age 55

From:   NE PA, outside Scranton

My golfing challenges: (so many)


1. Negative angle of attack on drives causing loss of distance.

2. Not hitting greens in reg more consistently due to to both side-to-side and front-to-back aim issues.

3. Problems with club selection from 100 yards in.

4. Starting to improve out to in club path, but have more work to do.

4. So many more....


Thanks for the chance to enter.


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