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Reviewer Wanted - 3-Days at the Tour Striker Golf Academy

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Have you ever wondered if attending a golf school could change your game for the better? Here’s your chance to find out.   Martin Chuck, the inventor of the Tour Striker line of training aids, has

Thank you so much for this opportunity!!  Martin did call me and we were able to talk over a few things.  I'm really excited for this opportunity!  I am going to put everything I have into this to giv

And the winner is...     goaliewales14   The logistical issue was that Martin wanted to call the winner personally, so John and I had to devise a clever way of getting Mike's phone number, pass i

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Vern Haynes - 74

Austintown, OH

My biggest stroke loser is a tendency to top the ball by raising my body up and back sometimes when I coming through the ball.  Better putting would also help..


Driver - Callaway BB Alpha 9* Kuro Kage 50g. Reg. Shaft - 45"

3 Wood - Callaway X-Hot 3 Deep Pro 14.5* Project X 5.5

5 Wood - Callaway XR 19* Project X 5.5

3 - 5 Tour Edge Exotics EX9 Hybrids 18*, 22*, & 25* w/ AeroTech i80 SteelFiber Reg. Shaft

6 - PW - Callaway Apex w/ AeroTech i80 SteelFiber Reg. Shaft - Standard length & lofts 

GW, SW & LW - Hogan TK - 49*, 54* & 58* - KBS fst - Wedge flex

Putter - Ping - Mid Ketsch Heavy - 33"

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Knoxville TN

This is an easy one. The driver. I usually cost myself around 4-6 strokes per round with hazard and OB balls. Otherwise I'm a pretty good and consistent player and can still shoot in the 70s with these wasted shots. Otherwise it's my wedge game. Just don't hit enough close. Thanks for the opportunity



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<p>Knoxville, TN 4 Hdcp Ping G30 9deg loft Ping G25 3 wood Nike Vapor rescue Ping I irons +1 upright Vokey Sm5 52, 56, 60 TM spider with 1.0 super stroke</p>

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Mike - 29

New Jersey


Ball striking inconsistencies - I usually take myself out of too many holes during a round by either not giving myself a shot off the tee box, or flubbing an approach shot. 75%/25% irons to driver with the erratic ball contact.

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Tony (32)


Charlotte, North Carolina


The thing that causes me the most issues is club face control. I hit a lot of shots off toe and low on the club face. I don't consistently hit the sweet spot with any of my clubs. I don't consistently hit any of my clubs well so I don't have any confidence of where the ball is going.

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Bruce - 54


Consistent ball striking

:ping-small: G400 Driver 10.5* Mitsubishi Tensei Blue CK Pro 60 Stiff

:ping-small: G400 Fwy 16.5* Mitsubishi Tensei Blue CK Pro 70 Stiff

:titelist-small: 818 H1 Hybrids 20* & 24* Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 80 Stiff

:titelist-small: TMB Irons 5 - 9 Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 105 Stiff

:titelist-small: Volkey SM-7 Wedges Black 50* & 54*

:callaway-small: Mack Daddy PM Grind Black 60*

:cameron-small: Select Newport 34"

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Thanks for the opportunity!


1. Jon - 33


2. Trafalgar, IN


3. Biggest issues are inconsistency off the tee and leaving myself long putts because I am not getting it close enough with my wedges.


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Brian - 40, Long Island


Biggest frustration is how long my swing is and not being able to stop at the top - so would love to tighten that up.  BUT, biggest stroke waster is definitely pitching and bunker play.


What a great contest!

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Chad Wyman


Farmingdale, NY


I'm an 8 Handicap, but tend to go through a round making most swings like a 4, but a few like a 20.  Need to get rid of my handful of MAJOR mistakes.  Most of the time my bug miss os weak and right.  Trackman says it's a path + clubface issue.  Too much into out on both.  Would love the opportunity to spend some time fixing that.  Thanks! 

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Brin Paulson




Chicago, IL


My bugaboo has become either thinning or chunking my second shot which has lead to zero confidence in my long irons and fairway woods and caused me to go from a 10 to a 13 handicap this year.



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Driver:  :wilson_staff_small: D200 13 Degree
3 Wood:  :wilson_staff_small: D200 15 Degree
5 Wood:  :wilson_staff_small: D200 18 Degree
4th:  :wilson_staff_small: D200 22 Degree
5-P  :wilson_staff_small: FG Tour V4
Gap:  :wilson_staff_small: FG Tour
Sand:  :wilson_staff_small: FG Tour
Lob:  :wilson_staff_small: FG Tour
Putter: Directed Force "Reno" Putter

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