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Reviewer Wanted - 3-Days at the Tour Striker Golf Academy

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John Lorimor, 46

Kansas City, MO

Approach shots accuracy, hooks, poor iron contact



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Ping G30 9°, Fujikura Pro 63

Taylormade Rocketballz 3 wood

Ping Crossover 3

Ping G30, 4-U

Ping Tour-W 56°,60°

Golf Pride CP2 wrap

Odyssey DART Mallet

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Pittsburgh, PA

Consistent driving accuracy and green side bunker shots

Always looking to get better and enjoy the game more

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64 years old

Biggest challenge getting the club face square at impact on a consistent basis.


Just retired looking to get my game in shape. Have appreciated the review to help me purchase my clubs Bridgestone driver, RSI irons, Cleveland putter.

Epic speed driver

sxiron 3 wood

Tour Edge hybrid 

PXG irons

Mizuno Wedges

SC Putter 


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  • Jose Gibert / 50
  • Florida

  • 3 putts, tee shots, inconsistent short irons
  • Engage! Ready to commit!  #TurnMyGameAround

Vero Beach Country Club


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Tour Edge fairway wood XCG7 beta 13.5 Stiff Shaft

Titleist 913H 21 Degree & Mizuno 23 Degree hybrids Stiff Shaft

Taylormade wedges 51-56-60

Taylormade TP Collection Berrick putter with SuperStroke grip


Titleist ProV1x or Taylormade TP5X




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Andy Newton

Sioux City, IA

Can't consistently put my game together. I play a lot and see improvements in whatever area I'm focusing on at the time, but can't piece all aspects together with any consistency.



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Thank you for the opportunity to enter and congrats to the winner! Should be a terrific experience for all involved.

  • Michael
  • 36
  • Richmond, B.C., Canada (near Vancouver)
  • Bugaboo...​ sorry... it is a bit of a long-story...

Inside me wages a war between a Golfer and a Basket Case. At times the Golfer comes out and the game is easy. At other times the Basket Case shows up to play and has no clue what he is doing. The Golfer/Basket Case scenario has played out many of times. I would prefer the Golfer to partake in the bulk of my rounds and let the Basket Case sit on the sidelines as a curious observer.


"My" scoring range for last year is 67 (-5) to 92 (+19). The course where "I" shot a 92 was followed by a 73 the following week. I say "My" and "I" because really I'm not sure if I should be taking full credit for the Golfer and the Basket Case.


So my biggest Bugaboo would be that objectively I have seen what the Golfer can do when he comes to play. Without any hint of hubris I have seen the Golfer hit some amazing shots. I have been to PGA Tour events and I have seen the Golfer hit tour level shots. I have seen people ask the Golfer is he a professional. I have seen people gather around to watch the Golfer hit balls.


I have also seen the Basket Case completely and utterly lost without so much as a concept of what they are trying to do with a golf club in their hand. I have seen the Basket Case lose all feel and look like a high handicapper. I have yet to witness another golfer with such a massive variance between high and low.


I struggle tremendously with self confidence. I do not even practice at the range for fear of the Basket Case showing up looking silly.


I suspect that part of my struggles are that I am self taught and that truthfully I don't have a good understanding of what I am doing in my golf swing. When the Golfer comes out it's unconscious competence (see target; hit target). The mind is clear, confidence is high. When the Basket Case comes out it's conscious incompetence. The mind is buzzing and performance goes down the tube.


I would love to work with a competent coach to put in place some fundamentals. To gain insight into what I do well and what I do poorly and to put together a plan and guiding principles I can use on the range and on the course instead of just teeing it up on the weekends and discovering which part of me has come to play. Hard work is welcomed. I just need to ensure I am working smarter and engraining the right concepts.


Thank you again and sorry for the long-winded reply. It's a big bugaboo.  :D 

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Brian, 37


Louisville, CO


Righty trying to play with a banged up shoulder the past 6 months. Developed a slightly over the top scoopy pull to compensate for the injury. Steady rehab has finally provided shoulder stability and I would greatly appreciate a sharp eye to guide me through the transition back to an impact position with flexion in my left wrist. Help me make it rain those dollar bill divots again, Martin.



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:taylormade-small:_______'19 TP5X
(the preceding have all been gamer approved)

"The most important shot in golf is the next one“ - Ben Hogan

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Stephen A Davis, 70

Lakeland Florida

hit drive left on occasions. Pull Hooks. beside I can consistently hit a putt two inches left on 95 % of putts. I am a serious competitor. I take Golf seriously So ill be brief.

handicap 7-9

I still play from men's tees not seniors.




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Drew, 29




Pittsburgh, PA


Inside 100yds is where I lose the most strokes. Mainly 40-80 yd range and putter. I Avg 31 putts per round but I'm thinking my putts per GIR is around 1.75.





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Super cool offer.  Hopefully this will turn into a regular thing. Instructors that are willing to put themselves out there can be hard to find.  Kudos to Chuck for being a pioneer in this regard. More of this will end up helping us all as golfers.


Kevin - 37

Lisle, IL

Biggest bugaboo is losing strokes off the tee.  Too much OB or putting myself in jail due to lack of consistency. Related to a larger problem of hitting a great shot once but not being able to reproduce in similar situations the next time.  Love golf!

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Can't wait to see who our lucky winner will be,

  • Like 1



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