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WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Get Fit Like A Pro: Win a Trip to Cleveland Golf HQ & a Full Bag of Cleveland Gear

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1.) Jimmy Smith, DE


2.) 16.8


Dream bag: 


Driver: HB Launcher 

Fairway Woods: HB Launcher 3 & 5 

Irons: 4-PW CBX Launcher 

Wedges 50 -54-58 CBX

Putter: Elvado CB OS Grip

Ball: Srixon Soft Feel

Bag: Black, Blue, and White to bring it all together! 



Thank you, and good luck to everyone ! 

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Psyched to announce the winners this year's Get Fit Like A Pro trip!   First of all, thank you to everyone who signed up -- wish we could take more of you, but alas, there can only be two winners...

CONTEST!!!   Get Fit Like A Pro at Cleveland Golf     Win a Trip To Cleveland Golf for a Full Bag Fitting of the New Cleveland Gear     All right Golfspies, don't touch the knobs 'cause we'r

Holy schnikes!!!!! Wow, thank you so much, gonna be an unreal experience!! Big thanks MyGolfSpy and Cleveland Golf!!     Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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1. Don - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


2. I think I have ballooned to a 20 handicap now (darn kids!)


3. Dream bag of Cleveland gear:


Huntington Beach 10 putter


CBX wedges (Gap, Sand & Lob)


Launcher CBX Irons 4-PW


Launcher HB Hybrid (3 Iron Replacement)


Launcher HB Fairway 3-Wood


Launcher HB Driver




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Dan - Syracuse, NY

16 handicap

Bag make up: Launcher HB diver - loft and lie and shaft determined by fitting

Launcher HB 3 wood- shaft determined by fitting

CBX Irons - make up determined by fitting

Wedges Determined by fitting

Putter: Determined by fitting.



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1. Tim O'Shea - Chicago IL

2. 14.3

3. Dream Bag...

  • Driver - Launcher 10.5 - Stiff
  • 3-wood - Launcher HB - Stiff
  • Hybid - 22 degree - Stiff
  • Irons - CBX with Project X LZ 6.0 
  • Wedges - RTX-3 Tour Raw in 52 degree, 56 degree, and 60 degree
  • Putter - TFI 2135 Satin 1.0
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1. Your first name and home town, state/province: Eric, New York

2. Your current handicap: 10

3. Your dream bag of Cleveland gear:


Driver: Launcher HB 12-degree regular flex

Fairway: Launcher HB 3W regular flex

Hybrid: Launcher HB 3H regular flex

Irons: Launcher CBX 4-PW regular flex

Wedges: RTX-3 Tour Satin 50 (10 bounce), 54 (11 bounce), 58 (9 bounce) regular flex

Putter: Huntington Beach 6 Putter, O/S grip

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1.  Harry Farrell, Pinehurst , N.C. 

2. Handicap - 10.8

3.  Dream Bag:


Driver: Launcher HB 9*

3 wood: Launcher HB 3 wood 15*

Hybrids:  Launcher 3 and 4 hybrid

Irons: Launcher CBX Irons 5-PW

Wedges:  RTX-3 CB TOUR 50*, 54* (bent to 55*) and 60* (bent to 59*)

Putter: TFI 2135 SATIN - CERO

Balls:  Srixon Z Star XV Yellow


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1. Eric - Lakewood, Ohio

2. 1.0

3. Driver - Launcher HB 9.0 xstiff

3 and 5 wood - Launcher HB stiff

hybrid - Launcher HB 22* stiff

irons - 5-9 Launcher cbx bent 2* weak steel stiff

wedges - 46* and 50* rtx-3 blade 54* and 58* rtx 2.0 blade

putter - TFI 2135 satin - 1.0

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1. Jonathan Charleston, SC

2. 14 handicap

3. Driver: LH HB Driver

    Fairway: LH Launcher HB 3w & 5w

    Hybrid: Launcher CB

    Irons: Launcher CBX

    Wedges: RTX-3 54 black mid & RTX-3 58 satin mid

    Putter: Huntington beach 10 OS grip

Charleston, SC

HDCP 12.0

  • Driver: :taylormade-small:  M6 9* with 65g Stiff Mitsubishi Tensei Red shaft
  • 3 wood: :taylormade-small:  M4 with 60g Atmos red stiff shaft
  • 4-gw irons:  :mizuno-small: JPX 921 Hot Metal w/ X-stiff KBS 130gr shafts (soft stepped)
  • Wedges: 52, 56, 60 :titelist-small: SM5 & SM6
  • Putter: 34" :odyssey-small: 2-ball original with superstroke grip
  • Tracked By: :Arccos:

MGS Tester '20 - :ping-small: G710 Iron Review

MGS Tester '19 - :918457628_PrecisionPro:Precision Pro NX9 HD Pro laser rangefinder

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WOW i'm all over this! What an offer/prize! It would be an amazing early Chirstmas gift.


1. Ted, Oakville/Ontario


2. 13


3. What ever Cleveland makes i'm good! But if I have to choose.


RTX-3 CB TOUR SATIN WEDGE 54, 58 degree
and that sexy looking CART BAG!
Thanks MyGolfSpy and Cleveland!
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1. Edgar, San Diego, California


2. HC 25


3. Driver: Launcher HB 10.5 stiff

3 wood: Launcher HB 3 wood 15

Hybrids: Launcher 4 hybrid

Irons: Launcher CBX Irons 5-PW

Wedges: RTX-3 50, 54 and 58

Putter: Huntington beach

All RH.

Thank you for this great oppertunity

Avid Golfer

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1. Craig  Carmel, IN


2.  14


3.  Dream Bag

Driver: Launcher HB

3-wood: Launcher HB

Hybrid: Launcher HB 3 and 4 Hybrid

Irons: 5-PW Launcher CBX

Wedges: Cleveland CBX Wedges 50, 54, 58

Putter: TFI 2135 Elevado


Driver: Ping G 10.5

3-wood: Ping G

Hybrid: Ping G 3H

Irons: Ping i25 silver dot 4-U

Wedges: Ping Glide 54 and 58 SS

Putter: Ping Ketsch 


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