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Club Clearance! Hogan Ft Worth set & Cobra Hybrids

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I have decided to move on from my beloved Hogans. My set is the Hogan Ft Worth 15 in the low launch configuration. All clubs are equipped with KBS Tour 110 S shafts and standard, Hogan grips made by Lamkin (Ace 3 gens). The clubs are lofted in even, 4* gaps from 44* through 20* representing PW-4i the 4i is a "Ft Worth hi" which means it has a cavity and is constructed like a driving iron.

These clubs have been played but are still in good condition. 6/10. MGS price is $300 for the set including shipping. If interested, I also have 48, 50, 52 and 56* lofts available.


The hybrids are Cobra F6s in the 4-5 and 3-4 adjustable lofts. They are in 5/10 condition and include head covers. $40 each shipping included.



PS, clubs have a little course funk on them in pics. They will be cleaned before shipping. Thanks for looking!



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