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Odyssey Awards 2 Gold Putters


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Odyssey Golf presented two of its staffers with commemorative gold putters for their excellent performances this season. Both Graham McDowell, winner of the British Open, and Stuart Appleby, who shot a 59 in competition at The Greenbrier, are Odyssey players.


"I might have to put this baby in play," said McDowell after getting a replica of his White Hot #7 putter in gold. He was presented with the putter during a ceremony last week at the Ely Callaway Performance Center in California.


Appleby received his putter, a White Hot XG 330 mallet, at the BMW Championship at Cog Hill.


The gold putters were made by Austie Rollinson and Dennis Wagner, members of Odyssey's ProWorks team.


source: http://www.thetourvan.com/features/223363


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Funny that no company has thought of doing this before :rolleyes:















[Yes I have heard of PING :lol: ]

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