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So, it's cold and wet here in England so I thought I may use this time to write up another review.

This time of something that may be useful in this kind of weather - Nike Hyperadapt Waterproofs.
After doing some research online, it had good reviews and at half price of goretex alternatives I thought I'll give it a go.
It's made of the Nike's own Storm-Fit material, which promises to be water resistant, and breathable.
I've played it in some insane conditions like:
Or real storms:
And the bottom line is - it did keep me dry.
Well, kind of.
The quality is pretty good. All nike Hyperadapt stuff is good quality to be honest. 
Rory wears it after all.
The stretchable shoulders in Hyperadapt stuff is amazing. Love it, I'm surprised no one else does something like it.
Anyway - down to the good, bad and ugly.
* It looks good. 
* It's very easy to put on quickly.
* Definitely very waterproof, even in the worse conditions imaginable.
* Comparing to other waterproofs it's pretty quiet.
* Comfortable to swing in, doesn't restrict movement.
I have 1 issue with it, and it's breathability. I do sweat on the best of days, and in this I felt like like Ryan Seacrest watching Brokeback Mountain.
Sweaty. Wet. So as much as it kept the water coming from the outside - it did make me wet and hot on the inside :-(
And that for me is a dealbreaker :-( Maybe now that the temperatures are close to 0 it would be better.
As I have replaced them already, I will be giving the whole suit away. 
So stay tuned.
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Great review! I have never tried any of the Hyperadapt stuff, but it seems really nice.


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Great review! I have never tried any of the Hyperadapt stuff, but it seems really nice.


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It's mostly great. The rain suit is the first thing I'm disappointed with to be honest.

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