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Galvin Green Dash Insula - RRP is £120 but you can find it at anything from £85 to £120.
If you read my other GG reviews - there is nothing new for you here.
The quality, cut and fit (for me) are again very impressive. 
I have it in XL, with a 44 size chest it's a great looking pullover.
Comparing to let's say Under Armour ColdGear Reactor Hybrid - the L is uncomfortably snug showing off my beer muscle, and the XL looks like a potato sack on me.
It's comfortable to swing in. I usually pair it nowadays with a thermal long sleeve underneath and a Oscar Jacobson Caleb vest on top. 
And it just works. Perfectly. Played in winter temperatures between 0-14 degrees, and a lot of range sessions. 
I'm a big guy that sweats, not even trying to fight it anymore. When the temperature is warmer, and it's wet on the course - we're forced to carry. And that's where the whole layering system shines. 
The moisture management is amazing. Even with massive winds, you don't feel windchill. 
It has a chest pocket that fits a score card / yardage book perfectly.
And that's my biggest issue with the garment. 
It has such great moisture management, that the score card/yardage book gets moist in the pocket :-D 
But it may as well be an issue for me, and not for anyone else. So I strongly suggest you snag one as I can imagine using it for years to come.
Unfortunately it's sold out everywhere. All I am able to find now is XXL or S. And I like it so much - I'd stock up on a few of them :)
So a strong **4.75/5** go buy if you can find it. 
And if you see one in XL - let me know as I want it!


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