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Golf Web Links

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Just had a good idea, or at least in my mind.


How bout a one stop shop for all of the golf links we post in random threads?





What is the site about


Web address here.




Cobra golf Main Site



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Not a bad idea. But seems like they would need to be categorized in some fashion. And then someone would have to manage them. I can see these being a jumbled mess in no time.

There already are categories in the Forum but it doesn't work like you're (example below) suggesting. I don't see it happening.


Equipment (clubs, bags, balls, grips, etc.)

Accessories (sunglasses, ball markers, headcovers, etc.)

Travel/courses (Pinehurst, PB, RTJT, etc.) 

Electronics (LRF, GPS, apps, etc.)

Golf Blogs (MGS, Sandtrap, Hackers Paradise, GolfWrx, etc.)

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