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Being a golfer and in a relationship (woe is me stories)

Gg Owen

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Anyone seen Billy Maddison?

If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis.

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One of my buddies was telling me about this guy in our area who's wife made him give up golf. Super good player. Anyway, he snuck out about once a year. So he's playing with a friend this one year and shoots something in the 60's or low 70's. His friend told him he needs to start playing again. So that's what he did. He ended up getting a divorce but he played on the Web.com tour, I believe.


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When my wife and I were engaged she was caddying for me in a qualifier. Came to a par 3 a couple under par. 140yds down hill water long. She said hit your wedge. I wanted to hit 9. She won out or so she thought. She turned around and I pulled the 9 and proceeded to hit it in the water. She said “wtf”. I went on to make double and par would have been more than enough to qualify.


This was 2008. Now she still caddies and I listen. Just wish I could have that one back.


On a side note we played a ton of golf together until kids came along. We still play 3/4 times a week in the summer but not as often with each other.



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Fiancé begs me to go. Probabbly to get a break! haha

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There's more to life than just your hobbies. If golf is more important to you than the relationship you're in, you need to rethink some things. Relationships are give and take, although most times for us guys it seems like a lot of give give give, at least we don't have to birth out a child. If golf is so important to you, communicate it to your other half.

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My wife was well aware of my golf addiction before we married.   I am lucky because she accepts and supports that addiction.   During my professional life, there were many opportunities to play golf with vendors and other business associates.   On such occasions, when the wife asked about my day and I told her I was golfing she would jokingly (I think) say-darn you have it tough.  I would then remind her at some point in one's career, one gets paid for the responsibilities one assumes, not their day to day activities.   I still don't think she bought it.

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Marriage is what you and your partner make it.  Put in the effort and your life will be richly rewarded as a result.  The number of rounds I play has increased since marriage for many reasons.  When we were married in 2001, she had just finished college and I was exiting the military.  Needless to say, we didn't have a pot to piss in.  I no longer had the military courses near by to play for little or nothing so, we couldn't afford for me to play very often.


Now that we are financially secure and our children are self sufficient, I play almost every weekday afternoon during Daylight Savings with my younger daughter.  My older daughter and wife really enjoy the Arts so, they spend as much time with that as we do on the golf course, if not more.  I still do 90% of the cooking and laundry but I always have.  I lived alone for nearly 10 years before marriage.  I enjoy cooking and for anyone who has spent time in the military, you'll understand the laundry issue!


To be honest, I'm the envy of all my wife's friends.  It appears their husbands never help with household chores.  Golf is but a just reward in my wife's eyes.   ;)

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A good friend of mine was going on a golf trip to Scotland. When the time came for the players to put down their money, one of the players dropped out. The group was looking for a fourth who could commit on short notice.


My friend called my house (back in the land line days) to see if I was interested. I was gone so he talked to my wife. Her reaction: "He'd love that." When I got home a couple of hours later, she'd already checked on airline tickets and had a deposit check ready for me to take to my friend. She was so excited about the trip that I just had to go.


That was the first of six trips to Scotland or Ireland with my friend.

Can she give 'relationship lessons'



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I play at 6 am may-october. I get my 36 a week and I'm back home just as my wife is waking up. Keeps us both happy. Who needs sleep? She's started playing a bit, so that makes it easier to get 9 during the week too.


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Take Dead Aim

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Once married not much change we both had our joys. Golf everyday while she went to the gym. And then kids came along we alternated who watched the kids. Seems to work for us.



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I'm actually golfing more now that I'm married... not because the wife is a pain I just became addicted before we got married. It's going to be interesting when the baby comes in August. Ask me then how much I golf.

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I'm retired, well mostly. I got offered a consulting job at the end of the season and took it with the clear understanding I would be out the door when golf season starts. I golf almost every weekday and my wife never says, are you going golfing again. The standard comment is are you going to work today. She knew how much I golfed when we first started dating and hasn't changed her stance at all. She loves that I go play with the boys. Weekends we go camping because that's what she likes to do. Everyone is happy.

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Another one in the happy camp here. My wife actually likes to golf, and we'll go out together frequently during the summer (she's a teacher, still working .. I'm retired). But she knows that boys .. even us aging ones .. still have to have time to go out and play with their toys and do their activities! Plus it doesn't hurt that I also do a lotta stuff around the house, inside and out.

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My wife is a hairstylist... She works on Fridays. I have three little ones and I travel for work, she works and has the kids all week... How do you think it would go over if I golfed on Sundays???

Yeah, “Happy wife, happy life.” I take my sticks on the road with me, and if I'm not traveling, I try to hit balls, or play 9 before the kids get home from school.

I need my old job back!!!!



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If my wife were not awesome and support me in my golf avocation, I don't think I would enjoy a round. I'm blessed, lucky, just like many of you are too, to have a great marriage. Happy wife, happy life.


My rounds per year have pretty much gone up as the kids have gotten older, this past year an exception due to work. I still try to be among the first groups out during the season, but since joining a club, that's around 7 am, not 5:45. A few extra zzzzs and not sleeping in the car @ Bethpage. That was a quality of life improvement.


6 more weeks of winter...

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