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Fitting - one and only one choice

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So I just finished my driver fitting, so I asked the fitter what she thought about the progression of fitting and what might be the next step in fitting for me. She said that typically what people will do is start with the driver, then do an iron fitting, then come back and fill in the gap with a long game fitting (woods/hybrids). Funny enough is that she never mentioned the putter fitting (which this company also offers).


But I really think it comes down to what are you struggling the most with in your game. For me, it was driver, so that's what I got fit for. If it was irons or putter, I probably would have been fit for that instead. Now that being said, I will still definitely go through a full fitting for my irons when it comes time to replace them (not just the typical box store fitting).

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If, for whatever reason (financial, time, etc.), you can only get fit for one of the below which would you choose and why?


* Driver/fairway woods


* Irons/hybrids


* Wedges


* Putter


There are obviously benefits for each... getting off the tee and in the fairway... getting it on the green and close... getting it as close to or into the hole..


Where you at spies??


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irons for me. Partially because those are my favorite clubs but also because they get used the most for me.



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Don't unless the second guess is putter.

I'm kind of stunned that so many people from MGS would say iron. We should know better.

It really should be all of them but clearly driver/putter lead the pack in regards to usage, importance and individual need.

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I said irons based on the fact that is the weakest part of my game. I've always been a good driver of the ball, short game and putting have maintained my handicap for years. You are correct driver/putter probably should be leader of the pack.

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