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FS: Accra Concept Series 300 70 M5 Fairway Shaft


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Accra Concept Series CS1 70 M5 shaft for a fairway wood. Has been tipped per manufacturer's requirements for a 3 wood.


Length shown in photos. Does have demo engraving on shaft, but it's in good shape.

$55 shipped OBRO


37342643200_a271479fb3_c.jpgUntitled by David Panella, on Flickr
37552373136_a2bcf7abda_c.jpgUntitled by David Panella, on Flickr
37342639570_ca0ef7f292_c.jpgUntitled by David Panella, on Flickr
36890856934_5ab8f9e858_c.jpgUntitled by David Panella, on Flickr
36890857094_ba652e7c24_c.jpgUntitled by David Panella, on Flickr
37601477251_5c9b3c8c8e_c.jpgUntitled by David Panella, on Flickr

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