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I think it really depends on your level of paleness. Most of the time I go baseball cap, but I'm pretty pasty so if the sun is beating down I go large straw hat. Sometimes it gets in my back swing but no big deal, a few beers and it wont bother you at all.


Driver: 2016 TaylorMade M2, 9.5*,

Irons: 2017 Taylormade M2 4-PW,

Wedges: Bombtech 52*, 56*, 60*

Putter: Odyssey White Hot putter

Ball: Callaway Supersoft

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Hi, you know, this works pretty weird. Since my childhood, I have not liked to wear any hats. For me, it was taboo, not cool in the circle of my peers. When I turned 30, I tried my first hat in my life. And then it started. I began to buy up all the shops with hats, I can not be pulled away from this dependence. Until now, I order hats for myself once a month on the website for Custom 6 Panel Hats. Try some classic hats. Start with this. You'll see, you'll get used to them. Make sure you don't get involved and become like me , lol. Although I will feel safer knowing that I am not the only one dependent on this

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I've had numerous noncancerous but iffy looking spots removed from my face and know at least 10 people who have either died from or have recovered from serious skin cancer. I now wear a wide brimmed hat and use sun screen whenever I play. I always wore a baseball cap, but let's be serious here, unless you facing directly toward or away from the sun, at least half of your face is still getting hit directly by the sun's rays. Do yourself a favor and get a stylish wide brimmed hat BEFORE the damage is done. It should be as much a part of you golf equipment as your putter. 

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😧 Wilson Triton

3w: PXG 341

5W: Cleveland launcher 

3H: Wilson Deep Red

5-GW: PXG 0211

SW LW: Mizuno MP T5

P: Scott Cameron Newport

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