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- Your first name and home state/province: Ventura, CA, USA

- Your current handicap: 6.3 as of 3/1/18


- Your current golf ball: Srixon Q Star Tour


- Do you feel you're a "high spin" or a "low spin" player:  I feel I am a low spin player

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Columbus, OH




Lower spin so the MTB Red would seem to be the better fit.


Last couple years have played the Srixon ZStar almost exclusively.



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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Thanks for the opportunity!!


- Your first name and home state/province - Charles, SC

- Your current handicap - 7


- Your current golf ball - Nike Tour Platinum RZN


- Do you feel you're a "high spin" or a "low spin" player - Low spin, would love to try the MTB Black

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attachicon.gifSnell Golf Balls - 1.jpg



Yep gang, it's time to kick off the new year for MyGolfSpy Community Forum Member Testing. We have a boffo year planned for you, and we want to kick it off with one I know you'll like...


We all know the story of Dean Snell, the original MTB and Dean's roll in shaking up the golf ball industry with a Tour-level ball at direct-to-consumer pricing. Well, it's been 3 years since the MTB first hit the streets, and Dean felt it was time for an upgrade.


A double upgrade, to be precise. 


attachicon.gifSnell golf Balls - 3.jpg




Snell's new MTB RED and MTB BLACK are hitting the streets this week, and we want you guys to help us test and review them.  



attachicon.gifSnell golf Balls - 6.jpg



Both balls share DNA with the original MTB, with some differences that will matter to the avid golfer. The MTB BLACK is a softer feeling 3-piece ball with a urethane cover and features lower spin off the tee and with long irons, but similar performance to the original MTB around the greens. 


The MTB RED, on the other hand, is a firmer feeling 4-piece ball that spins more for the player that wants it, both off the tee and around the greens.



attachicon.gifSnell Golf Balls - 7.jpg





We take Member Testing VERY seriously here at MyGolfSpy, and we ask that you put some time, effort and thought into your reviews. You MUST apply in this thread only.


Step 1: Snell has set up a webpage exclusively for MGS Test applicants to check out both balls and help you figure out which one might be best for you. CLICK HERE to visit the site, and make sure to watch Dean's video!


Step 2: In this thread, tell us the following:


- Your first name and home state/province


- Your current handicap


- Your current golf ball


- Do you feel you're a "high spin" or a "low spin" player


We'll be selecting 5 of you to test the MTB RED and 5 to test the MTB BLACK, so make sure you check out the video and apply for the ball you think might best fit your game.


Check back here next week, and we'll let you know who the lucky testers are.


​Thanks for being a part of MyGolfSpy, and we promise you are going to love what we have in store for you this year. 


Jim New York   Handicap 6  ProV1x  Low Spin

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- Jack / California

- 10.2 GHIN


- Snell MTB/Bridgestone Tour B RXS


- "low spin" but changing to the Cally Rogue X which is a low spin iron?

Driver: Titleist TS2 11.5° set to 10.75°
Wood: Cobra F-Max Superlite 3W 16°
Hybrids:  Cobra F-Max Superlite 3 Hybrid 19° /
XXIO X 23° 26°
Irons: Callaway Rogue X 7-AW
Wedges: Cleveland CBX 52° Cleveland RTX-3 58°
Putter: EvnRoll ER2 33" 2° loft 385g Winn Pro X 1.18 grip
Ball: Titleist ProV1x 2019 - Yellow
GPS: Bushnell Tour V4 Slope
Stat Tracking Device: Game Golf Live


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David from California

8 Handicap


Taylormade TP5x


I am a high spin player for sure and believe the MTB Black may help my game as some of my irons/full wedge shots will balloon up and tend to spin too much.


I have full access to a club where i can practice/play any day.

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I need more spin on my approach shots, so according to the Snell web site I should try the MTB Red.


- Lance in Charlotte, North Carolina

- 18.1 index


- Bridgestone e6 soft


- low spin on approach shots.


Thank you for your consideration!


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Rod - Phoenix, Arizona

- current handicap: 8.4

- current golf ball: Chrome Soft+ and Srixon XV

- "low spin" player

My image.png.0c570714622de82cddbc49a0cf0428f9.png C-130 cart bag currently includes;

Driver:  image.png.fe9149ee2dbe2d9f25d69eab8145dc8c.png  ST190G
Fairways: image.png.d831bcd50637cfd3f651fe8c70ff3c57.png  Rocketballz Stage 2
Irons:   image.png.9e3a3bf7a1aee330b6453f8a912d4f77.png  I-25
Wedges: image.png.2b014e8e825376ec28fba6e9104704b0.png50*, 56*, 60* Dynamic Gold W-flex 
Putter: image.png.543e45de642f822ebeeadd18979f45e5.png   Newport 2.0
Ball:  image.png.e95c705c27fed8582d2946fd00b9c3ed.pngMTBx 

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