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- Matthew - Frederick Maryland

- Current Handicap = 8.2


- TP5 or Chrome Soft



- I am a high spin player off of my driver (2370 - 2640 RPM) and a moderate spin player with the rest of my irons roughly 6800 rpm with my 7i and so one. 


I also have a Sky Trak Launch monitor of which I can compare the balls in a closed environment and test the spin rates of well-struck shots to add a more in-depth analysis of the balls.


I have also played Bridgestone Tour B330 a bit last year as well as the MTB and enjoyed them both and have about 2 sleeves of the MTB left of which I can compare all of the balls in a very in-depth and thorough comparison.


I also work at Worthing Manor golf club and have access to every form of practice you can think of from a huge putting green to a dedicated chipping area to a driving range with actual green targets.


Lastly, I am able to answer questions that other members might have as I am able to respond within 2-3 hours any day of the week. 

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- Lou, Arizona

- 10.1


- Pro V1


- Low Spin

Titleist drive (TS1)., Callaway Epic Star 5wood; MAVRIK hybrids, Callaway irons, Ping Sand wedge and Vokey 60* wedge.  Still using my Wilson 8813 and am looking for a new putter.  My wife's bag is all Callaway.  I retired from the USAF after 30 years and 17 moves --loved my career.

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Dayne- Shetland isles, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Handicap- 6

Current golf ball - Callaway Chrome soft

Spin type - high spin player (MTB Black best suited)

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San Clemente, California



Currently play TP5X





I think I would be considered a higher spin player


I generate too much spin at times with my driver (4000), but I don't want to give up control coming into the green.




I previously played MTB.  I liked the MTB but ended up getting a little too obsessive about seam alignment as it was quite .  In general MTB performance was at least as good as the ProV1x that I had played for a number of years.  One of Dean's videos talking about Jim Furyk struggling with his 4 iron was a motovating factor in going TP5X. 


I tend to retire rather than lose balls, funny how you get straighter with age :)  I will usually play about 8 rounds with a ball and like the TP5x's durability.





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Hi, I am Isaac Liang, a high school golfer playing for Ontario Christian HS in Ontario, CA. My current handicap is 9 and I've been playing the Taylormade TP5 for the past couple months. I consider myself a high spin player due to my slightly steeper attack angle. Being able to test these balls would be an amazing experience and I hope to provide feedback that is helpful for everyone. 

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Robert - California (Northern)


Current Index is 6.1


I'm playing Callaway Chrome Soft (2018) and Taylormade TP5

Anxiety is contagious, please keep yours to yourself ... 

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