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(5) Testers ANNOUNCED: Cobra Connect Challenge II - The Full Bag Edition

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Handicap 8




Driver: Titleiest 915D2 8.5, Diamana blueboard 62x5ct x stiff.


3wood/5wood : 917F2 15° and 18° Fujikura Speeder 84 Tour Spec xstiff


Irons: Taylormade Tour Preferred CB's 2014 4-pw stiff


Wedges: Cleveland RTX3's 52,56,60


Putter: Scotty Cameron 2.5 Newport


Ball: Taylormade TP5X


Bag: Ogio Silencer


Goal for 2018: To consistently shoot in the 70's, Sometime I shoot in low to mid 80's. Want to stay in the 70's this season. I plan on working on my golf game extra hard this season.

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Jason - Cave Creek Arizona

Set Make up

2016 M2 driver, 3 wood, 3 hybrid, 4 hybrid

2015 Mizuno JPX EZ forged 4-GW

Callaway X forged 56 degree sand wedge

Taylormade white smoke putter


18 handicap


I would love to get to a 10-12 handicap this season.

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Nick- Minnesota


Driver- Taylormade M1

3 wood- Callaway XR

2 hybrid- Ping G30

5 hybrid- Callaway XR

Irons- Ping G30

Wedges- Callaway MD3


Handicap 10


Goals- Break 80

Win my men's golf league

Feel confident enough to enter into some local tournaments

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1. Mike, suburbs of Chicago IL

2. Full set Cobra King F6 Driver, 3W,5W ,4-5H, 5I - SW, LW

3. current handicap - 18


4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season - continue to lower my handicap and break 80.

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Ernest, Ontario (Canada)


Driver:    TM R11s

3W:        TM RocketBallz Stage2 

HY:         TM RocketBallz Stage 2 Tour Rescue

IRONS:  TM RocketBallz Max

Wedges:  Nike VR Pro Brushed Oxide

Balls:       OnCore AVANT


Current Handicap Index:  9.0



>>>  To win this contest and have the greatest year of golf in my life

>>>  This is the first year I have ever purchased a Golf Membership, so I plan to play at least 2x a week.  (Yes, I have my wife's approval)  :D

>>>  My dad is 73 and has a membership at the same course as me, so another goal is to make as many great memories as possible, while we still can.

>>>  Make my 8 yr old son fall in love with the game.

Now, some more traditional GOALS:

>>>  Break 80; 25% of the time

>>>  Break 85; 70% of the time
>>>  Break Par (Net Score); 50% of the time

>>>  Putts / Hole

>>>  3 Putts / Round

>>>  GIR 40% (up from 35.8% in 2016)

>>>  FIR 60% (up from 59.3% in 2016)

>>>  With those goals achieved, watch my Handicap Index Drop to possibly an 8.0


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Dave in Delaware


Left-handed Golfer


Callaway Fusion Driver, R Flex - 10.5, one inch short

Titleist 915 Hybrids - 2, 3, 4, 5 - R Flex

Callaway Apex 2016 Irons - 6 thru Gap Wedge

Titleist SM5,  54-10, S Grind

Cleveland RTG 58-6

Cleveland Classic 2 (Right Hand), Lie 70, Loft 3


Handicap - 8.8


Goal - Reduce handicap to

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Longtime lurker and had serious FOMO after not entering in this last year, so I'll finally bite and make an account. Here's my humble entry: 


Me: Kyle, an early 30-something LEFTY from Michigan where spring has been brutally slow to arrive this year. 


Current Set: 

Driver: Cobra Amp Cell 10.5 w/ Stiff Fuel Shaft

3W: Taylormade 07 Burner  

4Hy: Taylormade 09 Burner 22°

5-AW: Callaway X-22 w/ Stiff Graphite Shafts

Wedges: Callaway MD2 56° (bent to 55°) and 60°

Putter: Nike Method B2-01

Ball: K-Sig


I was recently went through an iron fitting process and plan to make a purchase decision on those and a hybrid/fairway wood upgrade by mid-spring.  


Handicap: 10 - Thanks to a slight job change in early 2017, I played more than I ever did in the past (70-ish total rounds). Started the year as a 16, got down to 10 by the end of the season. TBD as to what effect the long winter will have on that number but I'm hopeful 1-2 trips to the range a week kept most of the rust away.


Goals: Last year, my goal was to get to single digits. While I was close, it didn't quite happen. This year I'm aiming to: 1. Play even more than last year. 2. Increase my GIR and FIR stats, both of which are my biggest weaknesses that force me to rely on a stronger short-game) and 3. get to a 8 or lower handicap. Once I've hit 8 my plan is to finally enter my first ever actual competition through a local club or organization. Editing to add one last goal: Kick some butt during my annual buddies trip in northern Michigan. Photos I took last year for anyone interested.  

Lefty in the Mitten State currently carrying: TM '17 M2 9.5  w/ Fujikura Pro XLR8 Â· Exotics EX10 15° w/ GD Tour AD Stiff ·  :cobra-small: F7 HY @ 20° ·   :cobra-small:   Forged Tec Black 5i-AW w/ Project X LZ 6.0 ·  :callaway-small:  MD2 56°+ 60° ·  :nike-small:  Method B2-01 · Kirkland Signature · Clicgear 2.0 · Course photo albums: Boyne Highlands + Bay Harbor (Michigan) | Wailea Gold & Emerald (Maui) | Forest Dunes (Michigan)


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Tyler, Manitoba


Cobra Bio Cell Driver and 3-wood, Cobra Fly-z Hybrid, TaylorMade MC 5-P, Cleveland RTX 2.0 52 and 58, Scotty Cameron GOLO 3


Honestly don't know my handicap


Goals- Play More! Work on consistency with both long irons and short game.

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1.  Stuart, California (Northern Cali) - right handed.


2.  Ping G Driver - 10.5 degree - Tour R Shaft

     Taylormade R9 5 wood Stiff Shaft

     Callaway X-Hot Hybrid 19 degree Stiff Shaft

     Callaway Steelhead XR Pro Irons 5-A wedge XP95 Stiff Shaft

     Callaway Mack Daddy 4 Wedges 52, 56, 60 - S200 Shaft 

     Heavy Putter B-1 Putter.


3.  11.4


4.  Was down to my lowest last year at a 9.1 and would like to get back to that, and start breaking 80 on a consistent basis this year.  

Ping G Driver 10.5, TaylorMade 5 wood, Callaway XP Pro irons, custom wedges from Corey Paul (52,56,60). Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1.5 putter.

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Paul -  Ohio


Right Handed



 Driver: Callaway Epic Subzero  9.5  Stiff

Fairway: Taylormade  M2 3 wood 15 degree  Stiff
Hybrid:  Taylormade  M2 4 hybrid  22 degree  Stiff
Irons: Taylormade CB 5-GW  DG R300SL Reg shafts
Wedges: Vokey  SM6  50, 54, 58
Putter:  Ping Wolverine T  


Hcp  2.8


My goal this year is to improve consistency on iron, fairway and wedge play.  Looking for more distance on Driver. 



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1. Nickolas, Indiana


2. Current Set:

Driver : Taylormade M2(2017) with Hazdrus Black X stiff

3 wood: Taylormade M2(2016) with Speeder 7.2 Tour Spec X flex

Driving Iron: Taylormade UDI 19*

Irons 4-PW: Mizuno MP-68 with S300

Wedges: 52,56- Cleveland RTX 2.0. 60- Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind

Putter: Oddysey O Works #7


3. Current Handicap- +1.3


4. 2018 Goals- I will be playing in the US Open and US Mid Am qualifiers. The major goal for the year is the advance through the qualifiers. I will also be playing many local and state tournaments. The end goal of the year is to save up enough money to attend Q School for PGA Canada next year.

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William, from Western Wyoming


2. Titleist 905t,

Titleist hybrid h2

Titleist 716 Ap2 irons

Titleist SM6 52 degree wedge

Titleist SM5 56 degree wedge

Cleveland TA 60 degree wedge

Scotty Cameron and Crown putter

*all off the rack, never been fit


3. 3.5 handicap


4. my goal is to get to scratch this season.

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1. Jon

    Lansing, MI


2. Driver - Cobra King LTD 8 degree, Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 70 Xstiff 77g, Standard Lie and Length

    3 Wood - Cobra King LTD 13 degree, Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 70 Xstiff 77g, Standard Lie and Length

    Hybrid - Callaway Big Bertha Alpa 815 18 degree Fujikura Speeder 865 HYB Stiff

    Irons  4-AW - Callaway Apex 16 KBS Tour C-Tape 130 Steel X-Stiff, +1 Lie and +1/2" Up Length

    Wedges - Titleist Vokey 54 and 58 degree lofts Dynamic Gold Steel Stiff, Standard Lie and Length

    Putter- Ping  Isopur 2 1994 35" Length ( Have been looking at the TaylorMade Spider with Blast built in) 

    Bag - Titleist Staff Bag 2016


3. 9.5 Handicap


4. My goal is to win our club championship and as many tournaments as possible. My kids are older now and I have more time to play. I am in two 18 hole leagues during the week and plan on playing alot on the weekends. I absolutely smoke my Driver and 3 wood, I had never purchased a Cobra product before buying these 2 years ago. The end of last year I finally had gotten fitted for irons and were debating the Cobras before buying the Callaways. I have an Optishot in my garage and would love another tool to help me analyze my game on the real course.

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1. Lee, Arkansas


2. Driver - Callaway Epic Subzero, 8.5*, Kuro Kage 60X; 

    Fairway - Callawy Xhot2 pro 13.5* - Aldila green x-stiff

    Hybrid - Cobra Baffler (2010) 20* - Aldila green stiff

    Irons - TM PSI 4-pw; c-taper 105 S stiff

    Wedges - Titleist SM6 52*, 56*, 60* wedge flex

    Putter - TM Spider red center shafted 35'


3. 2


4. Get my handicap to scratch and finish top 3 in my club championship; Win one individual event

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My name is Michael Deg and I am from Peoria, IL. I have a mixture of Taylormade clubs and Cleveland wedges.

Driver: Taylormade Superfast Burner 1

3 Wood: Taylormade Rocketballz

3-4 Hybrid: Taylormade burner superfast 3.0

5-PW Irons: Taylormade burner superfast 3.0

Cleveland wedges 50 and 56

Taylormade 60 wedge

Scotty Cameron Futura X7 putter


My handicap is 9.4

My goal is to get down to a 7 handicap this summer. I am in the market for an entire new set of clubs.

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Tom -NY


Calaway Steelhead XR irons 4-PW, Titleist SM6 wedges (50,55 and 60), Callaway Fusion 3W and Driver and Callaway XR 4H


25.6 index


Clean up my very inconsistent play to get handicap down into the mid teens. Iron and wedge play will be a major part of this plan.

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1) Mathieu from New Brunswick
2) Titleist 913D2 Driver

Callaway XR16 3wood

Adam idea v3 4 hybrid

MIzuno MP52 4-P

Mizuno T7 50, 54, 58 

Scotty Cameron select newport 2 notchback
3) Current handicap 5.2
4) Goals are to get handicap under 4 and get rid of the big miss.

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1. Joey, Georgia


2. Driver - Cobra F7+, 3Wood - Cobra F7, Hybrid- Cobra Amp Cell, Irons 4-PW Taylormade P-790, C-Taper 120 S, Wedges 50,54,60 Vokey SM5, Putter XENON Golf Co KURVE carbon black. 


3. 5.6 Index


4. Win Player of year in GCAMTour HHI 2018 season (Palmer division) (currently 1st halfway), Win GCAMTour Major (Pinehurst in July or St. Aug in June), Qualify for GA State AM, Qualify and Place Top 10 or higher in GCAMTour Nationals 

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(5) Testers Wanted:

Cobra Connect Challenge II



The Full Bag Edition


Please read this one carefully gang, as it's a BIGGIE!!! And it's more than just a club review - it's a season long experiment in golf improvement.


Welcome to MyGolfSpy's 2nd annual Cobra Connect Challenge - and we're making it bigger and better than ever. We're looking for FIVE of you to spend the rest of the golf season with a full bag - yes, a full bag - of Cobra's KING F8 gear equipped with the ARCCOS-powered Cobra Connect System.


We'll outfit you with a complete set of Cobra F8's, from driver, fairway and hybrids to irons and wedges - all customized to your specs - as well as MyGolfSpy's newly crowned Most Wanted Stand Bag, the Cobra Ultralight. Your job? Spend the season with your Cobra gear and use the Cobra Connect system to analyze your game, focus your practice and see how much you can improve.



Year Long Competition


Our 5 testers will spend the season competing against each other for some great prizes provided by Cobra-Puma, and all you have to do is what you'd do anyway - play golf and work to shoot lower scores.


To start, Cobra will send you a full ARCCOS 360 set for use with your current gamers. You'll spend a month setting a performance baseline, and once you get your new Cobra gear, you'll spend the rest of the year playing, tracking your data and discussing your journey here in the MyGolfSpy Forum and on Social Media.


This is gonna be, as they say, a hoot!


How To Apply:


This review opportunity is open to any golfer in the U.S. or Canada, so in this thread - please tell us the following:


1. Your first name and home state or province


2. Your current set makeup


3. Your current handicap


4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season


Again, the commitment on your part is to game your new Cobra gear for the remainder of the season and share your journey both here in the MyGolfSpy Forum and on Social Media.


Good luck to all, and we'll be announcing our 5 testers right here next week!




Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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