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(5) Testers ANNOUNCED: Cobra Connect Challenge II - The Full Bag Edition

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Dave, Ohio


 Driver:   Wilson Triton 9 deg Matrix Ozuk Altus 5.1 stiff

 3 and 5 Woods:  Snake Eyes Viper Matrix Red Tie 8Q3 stiff

 Irons: Maltby DBMs Matrix Studio 84 stiff

 Wedges: Maltby M-series 54 and 58 deg Matrix Studio stiff

 Putter: Ember Exotic Wood Putter, custom built  


Handicap 16


Goals;  Turn my fade with a driver to a draw.    

             Stop pulling my shots left of target 

             Get my handicap back down to 12

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1.  Mike,  Minnesota 



irons - Taylormade Rac 3 - p 

Driver - cobra biocell

3wood - cobra biocell

putter - scotty cameron bullseye blade

wedges - Cleveland 

cobra king 2016 stand bag


3.handicap = 15


4. goals for 2018 move from a 15 - 11 by having more hit fairways and greens 


real goal - win our Friend tournament ( U.S. Bropen )... this is the real motivation for trying to get better at golf. because of the Bropen i am at the range 2 - 4 times a week and golf as much as possible.






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Traci, Michigan


Driver:  Ping G25

Driver: King Cobra 355 SZ

Fairway Wood: King Cobra 5 Speed LD

Hybrid: King Cobra Baffler 3

Hybrid King Cobra Transition S (4 through 9, P & S)

Putter: Ping Craz-E G5i


Current Index: 12.7


Goals for the 2018 golf season:

I want to refine my approach shots from within the bunker, around the green, in tight lies, etc. The goal would be to get closer to the hole on my second shot, so I can sink my ball with fewer putts. Would love to average 1.5 putts per round. My drive is on average b/w 190-215 yards. Would be very happy to stretch that beyond 215+.  My second shot on a par 5 is one that I struggle with, probably because I have ladies' clubs and I always try to get there in two or really close at the very least. I have been wanting new clubs for a couple years, so being chosen for this would be amazing!!  Also, one of my first careers out of college, I conducted claims testing on consumer products for a global manufacturer. I live on a golf course, play several times a week, am competitive in tournaments and am currently using ladies cobra clubs. Please choose me!! :)

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1. Brock, Nebraska




2. 2017 Taylormade M2 Driver, R15 fairway wood, Taylormade speedblade irons, 4/5 hybrids and wedges, Taylormade spider limited putter




3. 18




4. Goals for the season are to improve short game, minimize 3 putts, improve fitness/conditioning and resolve occasional snap hook off of teebox.

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Layton, Utah


Taylormade M2 Driver

Taylormade  Rsi 2 irons 3 - PW

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Wedges 52*, 56*, & 60* 

Odyssey Metal-X Milled 2- Ball Putter


Handicap: 16 


Goals: Lower handicap by 5 this year and have more consistent play through out this year with my whole bag. 

Play minimum of 3 to 4 rounds a week.  

Shoot under par 

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 Your first name and home state or province

John, Illinois

2. Your current set makeup

Driver Cobra Fly Z

Hybrid 3,4,5 Adams

Irons 5,6,7,8,9,PW.SW Callaway X22

putter odyssey

3. Your current handicap


4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season

would Like to get back to shooting in the low to mid 80's


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Wow amazing opportunity. Good luck to all!


1. Jonathan from Tennessee


2. Currently playing

Driver: Taylormade Jetspeed 9.5

3W-5W Taylormade Jetspeed

Hybrid: TourEdge

Irons: Taylormade R7 3-Sw

Putter: Odyssey Versa Tank


3 Handicap: 24


4. Goals for the season:

1. Work on consistency in driving.

2. Work on long iron play 3-4

3. Work on chipping and wedge play.

4. Shooting consistently in the 80's.

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Byron Sigman

Waldron, AR

Cobra Amp Cell Irons 6-GW

Nickent 3,4,5 hybrids

Bombtech wedges 52,56,60

Adams 3W

Big Bertha Driver

Wilson putter


- I am about a 15 handicap.  I have not kept a handicap since last year due to the weather.  Yeah warm weather.

- I would like to get my handicap down to single digits.  I am just not consistent and if I can do that I think my handicap will come down.

- I would love to test the Cobra equipment as the Amp Cell Iron have been great but I know they are dated. I actually have a smart phone now so that would be great.

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Tom- Virginia


Driver- TaylorMade SLDR, Project X 6.0 Shaft

3 HL-  TaylorMade R15, stock shaft

3 Hybrid- TaylorMade SLDR, stock shaft

4-PW- Callaway Apex, True Temper XP 95 shafts

50, 54 & 58 degree wedges- Callaway MD3, True Temper wedge shafts

Golf Pride CP2 grips


Putter- TaylorMade Spider Blade, 38" Shaft, Super Stroke 2.0 XL Grip


17.3 index


Goals for the year:  Take a few lessons, practice more, get index back down to a 10

Driver:  Callaway Epic Flash, Fujikura Pro 2.0 stiff

3 wood:  Callaway Epic Flash

7 wood: Titelist TSi2, Kurocage 55 reg

Irons:  5 iron -PW PXG 0211, Aerotech Steelfiber i95 stiff

50 degree wedges:  Callaway JAWS Chrome

56 & 60 degree wedge:  Callaway JAWS Gray, Full Face

Putter:  TaylorMade 

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David Anderson

Callaway 816 alpha dbd

Taylormade aeroburner 5 wood

Taylormade R15 2 Hyb

Callaway Razr X Forged 5-pw

54 58 Callaway Mac daddy 3 wedges

Nike 007 putter

Handicap 27.7

Working on Driving, I have increased my drive by 54 yards with new driver

Shirt game is what I am working on most this year

Thank you for this opportunity

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Jon Burton Washington


Driver Taylor made r1

Fairway Callaway 3w and 5w

Hybrid cobra 3

Irons callaway apex pro 4-pw

Wedges taylormade 56, 60

Putter Scotty Cameron Newport 2 with a black oxide paint job.


Handicap 10


Goals to cut my handicap in half and play a few more course in different locations. First up México.



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

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David McNeely South Carolina Cobra F6 driverCobra Amp cell 3 woodCobra Bio Cell 2/3 HybridCobra 3 and 4 hybridCobra F7 One Length IronsOddessy PutterHandicap 18Goals this year improve iron distance and lower handicap to a 8 or 10

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Bobby Hernandez- Texas

1. Taylormade m2 driver 10.5

Taylormade m2 3 wood 15

Srixin u65 20*

Srixon 765 4-pw

Cleveland RTX 3 50 54 60

Piretti cottonwood 35” putter


2.6.9 index


3 goals for 2018 is to be more consistent, and have less blowups on the course that kills my score. Hopefully to play enough to be back to scratch golf

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1.  Mike and Ontario

2.  Current setup
     Taylormade M1 M430 10.5 RH Aldilla Rogue White Stiff

     Adams Tight Lies TI 3 Fairway reg
     Adams Tight Lies RH 3 Hy reg
     Adams New Idea RH 4 Hybrid reg

     Adams Idea Tech v4 RH 5 Hybrid reg
     Adams New Idea 6 - 9 irons RH reg steel shafts
     Scor Wedges 44, 49, 54, 59 RH reg steel shafts
     Taylormade RH Soho putter


3. Too high...20


4. Better short game, straighter iron game (currently too many pulls)

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Djordje - Alberta, Canada


Driver: Taylormade Aeroburner 10.5
FW: Taylormade Aeroburner 3W
Hybrid: Taylormade SLDR 19
Irons: Taylormade Aeroburner 4-AW
Wedges: Taylormade TP EF 56, 60
Putter: Taylormade Ghost Tour Black Daytona
19 index
Break 90 consistently, Improve ball striking, no more three putts!  
Hoping to get the chance to really work with the analytics to help reach my goals, thanks for the opportunity!
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1. Marshall, Saskatchewan Canada

2. 2017 M1 Hzrdus t-1100 6.5

3w cobra Ltd fujikara pro 56

Hybrid Taylormade stage 2 tour addi 105 x

4-pw 0311T PXG, KBS c-taper 125 s+

49,54,58 PXG 0311 KBS c-taper 125 s+

Putter- Taylormade tour spider 34 inch

Handicap +.8


Goals. To win at least 1 amateur event, play a round hitting all 18 greens & eclipse 100 rounds played in the calendar year.

Cobra Speedzone Dr, Pro LTD 3w


Apex pro 21 4-pw

Vokey 50,54,58

Odyssey triple track 

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Thanks for doing this guys! This is freakin awesome!


1. Nino Azurin - Toronto, Canada


2. Driver: King F7 with Aldila Rogue 110 msi 60g Stiff

3 wood: Cobra Bio Cell+ 3-4 Fwy setup at 13* with Aldila Rogue

Irons: Cobra Amp Cell Pro Forged 5-PW with CTapers Lite 110

Wedges: Cobra PüR 56*

Tour Trusty 60*

Putter: Bettinardi Studio Stock 6


3. 17

4. Get handicap lower to single digits, most of my extra strokes are because of glory shots and off the tee game but last year has been my best driving year as I was able to hit way more fairways and still hit it long. The F7 move was great, and all I've been watching were nothing but good reviews with the F8 series, would be super nice if I can get to try them. I also do on course vlogs 😆 My goal for this year has been set to drop the handicap and play competitively more and who knows web.com? It's never too late no?

Driver:       :cobra-small:  King F7 + Aldila Rogue Silver 110 MSi

Hybrid:      :cobra-small:  Bio Cell+ 16* + Project X Stiff

Irons:         :cobra-small:  Amp Cell Pro MBs Forged + CTaper Lite 110

Wedges:     :cobra-small:  King PuR 56*

Wedges:     :cobra-small:  Tour Trusty 60*

Putter:          :bettinardi-1:  Studio Stock 6

Ball:                :srixon-small:      QStars


IG: ninoazurin

YouTube Golf Vlogs: TGNnewbie

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1) Amherstview Ontario , Canada

2) Driver- Titleist 915 D3

Callaway GBB Epic 3 wood

Ping s55 3-pw irons stiff shaft

Ping Glide 2.0 stealth wedges 50,56,60

3) 9 handicap

4) my goals for 2018 are to shoot a consistent 75 and under, hit 100 range balls a week when not playing,improve course management with better shot making and working the ball better, and finally work on my green side shots putting the ball kn tighter on short chips.

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Brian, Pennsylvania


Callaway razr fit x stiff 9.5 degree driver

Taylor made jet speed 3 wood

Taylor made burner hybrid

Taylor made psi 4-Gap

Mizuno 56 degree

Cleveland 60 degree

Taylor made Itsy bitsy


8 handicap


Get down to a 5 handicap and hit more fairways

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