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(5) Testers ANNOUNCED: Cobra Connect Challenge II - The Full Bag Edition

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Thank you for the opportunity


1. Your first name and home state or province  Bill Callahan Virginia


2. Your current set makeup   Cobra S3 (2015), Nike SQ 5900 driver and 3 wood, Gx7 wedges


3. Your current handicap   19


4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season  Steady improvement to get down to regular scores in the low-mid 80s

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1. Courtney, Washington


2. Driver- Cobra F6

Irons- Cobra FMax One Lengths

Hybrids- Taylormade Kalea

Putter- happy by Brainstorm


3. current handicap- 30


4. Lower my score, improve my driver consistency, improve distance control with full vs. partial swings, sink more putts, share the game of golf with other ladies.

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1. Teddy - Ontario


2. TM M1(16) driver

Callaway XR16 3W

Callaway Diablo 5W

TM stage2 3Hybrid

TM Rocketbladz Irons 5-AW

Cleveland 54 and 58 degree RTX 2.0 wedges

Odyssey 2Ball F7 putter


3. 13


4. Straighten out driver, play consistently in 80s or lower, and minimize double + bogeys.


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1. Scottsdale, AZ



Taylormade M1 9.5 70 gm stiff shaft set to 9.5 degrees, neutral

Taylormade Burner 2.0 PW thru 5 Iron


taylormade 56 and 60 wedges

64 degree Wilson wedge

Taylormade Rossa putter


Adams 15 degree 3 wood/hybrid

Adams 19 degree 5 wood/hybrid


3. HANDICAP - 4.5


4. GOALS -  consistent iron /approach shots, especially inside a 100 yards and 175 and 200 yards

improved/consistent chipping




Golf On!

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Thomas Erik Bell / 48

Atlanta, Georgia


Driver, 3 and 5 woods - Cleveland Hb Launcher

Taylor made M4 Stiff Irons 4-Pe,aw

Wedges Titleist SM 6 -56 & 60 degree vokey

Putter. Odessy White Hot Rx V Line Fang


Handicap 15(guess)


I want to be able to keep the ball in the fairway off the tee and be consistent by shooting in the low 80s every round I play.

Safest place on a course is on the green!



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Hopefully I didn't miss the entry deadline! I have been on the market for a new means to track my swing data since losing my zepp 2.0 a few weeks ago. An arcos system on a set clubs by my favorite gear designer, Cobra, would be amazing.



Blake Lagarde playing from New Orleans, LA.


After never having played a single hole of golf in my life 14 months ago, I am now proudly rocking a 13 handicap... playing at least 3 days a week. My goal for 2018 has been to drop the handicap below 10 by beginning to focus more on objective data, provided by tools like the arcos system. I would love to share this experience with fellow forum members.


My weapons:

Callaway epic driver--9.5 with draw bias. Project X hzardus T800 55 reg flex--light flex would be more ideal with my swing speed.

2-3 (adjustable) Cobra F7 hybrid.

4, 5, and 6 Cobra baffler hybrids. all hybrids standard flex

6-9 + LW, GW, SW, & PW Taylormade rsi 1

Ping Karsten TR Anser putter

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I am from Quebec ,Canada.

My current set up is

Taylormade Driver Burner with light 49 grams Fujikura shaft.

My 3 wood is a Callaway Ft Fusion with also a Fujikura Fit On160 graphite shaft

#2 and #3 irons are Callaway Fusion with light weight graphite shaft

My irons are Old Burner 5 to Pw fitted with steel light weight TT Lite green tag.

My 2 wedges are from Wilson called Harmonized 56 and 60 degrees and I do magics with them.

And a Mc Gregor Low Twist milled face putter 34 inches

All my clubs have oversize grips 5 L new Decade.

This dream set up would certainly beat mines.


I Am a 14 hdcp


And I will be on the course 4 to 5 days a week this very summer .

I'm am a dedicated golfer who love this wonderful sports.


I was struggling with my putter and my #3 Callaway fairway wood..

I would like to overcome this aspect of my game.

Thank you

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1.  My name is Tim, I live just outside of Kansas City, Kansas.  I am a relatively new golfer looking to get better, and have really got obsessed with the game.  Played a lot of sports in the past.  Mid 90's mph driver swing, 7 iron 74-79 mph swing.



Cobra F7 Driver (10.5 set at 9.5), Tensei Blue Reg

Callaway X2 Hot 3W & 9W, Tour Blue Reg

Callaway Big Bertha (2014) Irons 4-AW, Recoil Graphite Reg

Cleveland RTX 52 & 60

Taylormade Spider Putter


3. HANDICAP - 15-18


4. GOALS -  I am a relatively new golfer (less than 2 years).  Retired Army, current Government Civilian.  Reading MyGolfSpy and other golf forums about equipment and what works and techniques for different type of golfers.  Trying to learn game, getting better every time.  Looking to get better (straighter) with woods with more distance (technique), more consistent with mid/short irons.  Definitely trying to get more consistent with less than full wedges and chipping.  Want to try and get to 10 handicap by end of this year.

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My name is Sal and I live in Middleboro MA just south of Boston.


My clubs are clubs that were made for me by a family friend and are mostly knock-offs.


Driver - Big Bertha Titanium 454 10 dergree

3 Wood -  Fairmetal Tour Model(Tight lies knock-off)

5 Wood -  Fairmetal Tour Model(Tight lies knock-off)

Adams Tight lies 16 degree

Hybrid - 653 th Snake Eyes 18 degree

5, 7-9 PW, SW - XPC Plus Irons

Pinemeadow 64 degree wedge.

Putter - Ram FX 10 M3


I'm not sure about my handicap. By doing my average score on some courses I've played I'm guessing its around 15-20.


My goal is to become a more consistent golfer and not to chunk so many shots. Also to fix my horrendous slice. I'm planning on getting a new Odyssey putter in a few weeks.


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Grande Prairie. AB. Canada

Driver- Titleist 915d3

Combo set - Taylor made aero burner

Putter - ping

36 handicap

My goal is to break 100 this year. Retired from 22 years of rugby and need a new fix. Also looking forward to taking my kids out on the range and on the course. Introduced them this year and they loved it.

DRIVER -  Ping G425 SFT Driver Tensei AV 55 Orange Reg Flex 

Woods -  Ping G425 7 wood  Tensei AV 65 Orange Reg Flex 

Irons - Cobra Rad Speed 1 Length UST Recoil 780 Smacwrap Graphite Reg Flex 

WEDGES-  Callaway jaws 52/56/60

PUTTER-  Taylormade FCG spider putter 34" 

BALL-  Pro V1x or Tp5X  -- trying to figure this one out.

Footjoy Tour S golf shoe 

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1) Ron , Ontario


2) Driver: Cobra F6

    Fairway Wood: Cobra F6

    Hybrids: Cobra F6 - 3 & 4

    Irons: Cobra F6 - 5 - PW

    Wedge - Cobra King Satin 56*

    Putter - Odyssey White Ice 1


3) Handicap - 14 


4) Goals for this year are to be a more consistent ball striker, increase my driving distance, lower my handicap and enjoy each and every round that i play 

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1. Tony, from the land of COS also known as Colorado Springs. You can figure out what state that's in, right? :)


2. WITB? Ah, ok. My father-in-laws set of 3-PW of Wood Brothers irons. Probably made in the mid 90's. Good news is they are like new. A borrowed TM R5 driver and borrowed 3 & 5 woods. An old Cleveland 58* wedge, borrowed. A titleist ‘Dead Center' putter, again, borrowed. Sensing a pattern here?


3. Handicap? We don't need no stinking handicap! See below for further explanation. Although I shot 90 a couple of weeks ago. Should I figure out how to hit this #$*@&$ driver, that would have cut a half dozen strokes. Remove a few 3 putts and I'm close to my goals for 2018.


4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season - here we go. The last time I played on a regular basis was ‘94. Family was determined to be of more importance than golf, so the clubs were put away.


In 2016 I went to Top Golf and caught that bug again. Played a few times in late summer and fall. Sucked but had a blast.


Last year my obsession kicked into gear. Watching YouTube for instruction, started reading here on MGS, etc. Consistency started to build. More solid shots, more greens in regulation, better putting. Still not where I want it to be but we're making fast progress.


For 2018, assuming I get to play as much as I hope, my goal is to bring the scoring down 80 or below. If play time doesn't work out, mid 80's will be acceptable. That's where I was 20+ years ago.


Ambitious? Yup. Doable? Yup again. It's close. I can feel it. The mental side is coming along nicely. The physical side needs a little help, I'll have to invest in some lessons this summer. A first for me. But if I'm going to make my goals I'm going to need to get over my allergic reaction to spending money.

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Hastings, Michigan 


Handicap:  14.3




Driver - Epic Sub-Zero 9*

3 Wood - Epic Sub-Zero 13.5

Epic Sub-Zero 18* 

Hybrid - Titelst 816 H1  17*

Hybrid - Titelst 818  H2  21*

5-G - Mizuno JPX 900 Forged 

SW - Mizuno T-7 55* 13* 

LW - Mizuno T-7 60* 10* 

Putter - EVNROLL ER2  


I alternate between the 5 wood and 17* Hybrid.  I am a 48 YRO retired Army Veteran and Full Time student of the game  of golf.  I am in Florida until April 20 when I will return to Michigan for the golf season.  I will return to Florida in September.  


I am preparing for the PGA P.A.T in Spring of 2019.  I want to teach the game with a focus on the Veteran Population.  I am a part time SEO content writer.    


Goals for 2018 Season:  


Fairways Hit:  60%

Greens in Regulation: 64%

Shots Gained Putting: 2.25% 

Scrambling:  56% 

Driver Swing Speed:  105 MPH 



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McLeansville, NC


Handi-cap: 15



Taylormade M2 9.5 Reg Flex

Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 3 metal

Ping S55 Blue Dot Graphite Shafts Reg Flex 4-PW

Ping BeCu SW & LW

Scotty Cameron Cameron & Crown Newport



To practice more, be more consistent & decrease my handi-cap


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My name is Scott Huber

I am from State College Pennsylvania

I am left handed

My current club make consists of

Ping G 3wood

Ping G hybrid

Hogan Radial 3-PW(yes the clubs from about 1989) forged

Ping glide 2.0 58

Inertial putter circa 1990


Handicap I am guessing about 10

I took 20 years off of golf as I was an avid cyclist, too many friends getting hit by cars, and I don't care fore Mountain biking. I can walk in Golf and I played from about age 10 until age 30 on a daily basis.

I purchased a few clubs recently as my woods were Langert woods from 1990

I have always spent a lot of time on the driving range when I played, I have a very good golf swing and am a pretty consistent ball striker. Have been back to practicing now for about two weeks. This program would give me a chance to really develop and work on the details of my game as I get back into things.

Planning on spending a lot of time working with new technology, swing analysis and simulators to work on the details of ball striking.


I have been working in the simulator some lately, my swing is a few degrees inside to out on average and my swing speed is 85 to 90 mph depending on how I feel.


The most interesting aspect of this test to me is that it uses built in monitoring on the club. When I last really played golf I really relied on intuition only.

Driver Taylor Made M2 Ping G 3 wood 14.5 loftPing G hybrid 19Hogan Radial 3-PW(forged circa 1989)Evnroll ER2, Golf bag, old and worn out circa 1989

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1) Matthew-Florida


2) Driver: Cobra F7+ Hzrdus 65 Yellow 6.0

   3 Metal F7 Hzrdus 65 Yellow 6.0

  2-3 hybrid (17.5) F7 Stock Fujikura Stiff

  3-4 Hybrid (20.5) F7 Stock Fujikura Stiff

Cobra Forged Tec 5-PW, GW KBS C-Taper Lite +1/2

  54 Vokey SM6 M grind

  60 Vokey Sm6 S grind


Ball Oncore Elixir or Pro V1


3) Handicap 16.2


4) Lower my  handicap to 10 or less, play in 5+ FSGA events before the Men's Net Championship in Orlando Florida end of September 2018.



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1) My Name is Taelon, pronounced like Taylor, but with an "N". I'm from Arizona. I played College football and although I have been playing golf since I was a kid, I have recently made golf the direction of my passion and am striving to grow as a player!


2) My Current Set:

-Taylormade R7 Draw Driver, Stiff

-Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 3 Wood - Stiff

- Nike Vapor Speed 4h flex-x

- 5i-9i Taylormade Rocketbladez Max Irons, R-Flex 

-Pw & Aw Taylormade Rocketbladez

-Titleist Vokey 54*/58* Wedges

-Taylormade Daytona Rossa ghost blade Putter


3)Currently, my handicap is 11.6 and I 'm working hard to improve it!


4) I've developed a practice plan I think will allow me to hit these goals. My goals this season are to lower my Handicap to single digits and to Compete in a local tournament.

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1. Randall- Texas


2. Driver- Callaway Diablo Tour tStiff

    Irons- Wilson Staff Ci9- 4-PW+AW

    Putter- Wilson Putter


3. +20


4. My goals for the 2018 season is to practice more to become more consistent. Also to play more and lower my handicap 

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