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Swing-weight match or MOI match?

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Just curious what is more important?

Does anybody have a preference?

Should you match each club, driver to putter with either method?

Should woods be different from irons, and irons from wedges?



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I personally like my swing weights to be heavier on my wedges(D6) Irons(D5-4) and woods (D4-3) I like to know where my club head is in my swing especially in my scoring clubs. I've found out through trial and err that I actually make better swings and strike the ball better when I stick to these weights, they seem to work well with my tempo and timing. I would go to a reputable fitter and ask to swing clubs with different swing weights to get an idea of what feels right for you, they should be able to help you find what feels the best. I don't believe there is one specific answer of what's better golf equipment and feel is so subjective from one person to another.

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There are many schools of thought on which system is the best, but as with anything else golf related - opinions vary.

What doesn't vary however are several key factors. The most obvious is each club is different. Likewise, it's pretty useless to have your putter matched to your driver as they are rarely used in the same manner.

Irons are a different proposal though - there is an advantage to matching them for a very important reason. That being distance control. It therefore follows that if the feel can be matched to swing each iron the same, then the distance control provided by the loft will be much easier.

This can be achieved by swing weighting or MOI matching - it's all down to preference, with some they like each iron to be specific in feel (swing weighting helps in this regard) while others like each iron to feel the same (MOI matching) when swung. 

For wedges, it's a slightly different option. This is because wedges are used for partial and delicate shots as well as full shots, so the swinging feel can be somewhat different to irons, not least because wedges are made of more head material yet are shorter than relative irons usually.

Woods are different again. The materials used to make them are usually a lot different to irons and are often used to achieve maximum (driver especially) distance rather that the specific distance provided by irons. It is therefore beneficially to have a weight that is comfortable to swing flat out, or at a level that gives the best shot dispersion for example.

Needles to say there are no hard and fast rules to what makes the best set, only that it is best to use whatever is the most comfortable. What is important to remember though is that swing weighting is a static measurement only - and how you translate that to your preference is entirely personal. MOI is a system to get the swinging feel of the club the same from club to club, but can run into problems with flex, launch and spin characteristics with some sets. 

In either case, getting fitted correctly is always your best option.

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