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Lots of Good Stuff Going on Around Here...Thanks to Everyone!

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Just browsing through the forums today and it's hard to miss how many awesome things are going on right now with MGS.


Just on the first page of New Content (which I can't seem to hardly ever make it past) we have such great topics as


  • Most Wanted Driver Results
  • Cobra Connect Challenge-Full Bag Edition
  • Wilson Staff Spy Slam Masters contest for a custom set of Wilson irons of your choice
  • Sneek Peak at the new Hogan Edge Irons and Equalizer Wedges
  • Fantasy Golf Going On
  • New Members by the boatload introducing themselves


And overall just a lot of great golf conversations going on in a friendly, helpful manner with no drama or BS.  This is fully due to the phenomenal membership here. Thanks to all you for making it such a great place, and for letting me hang out with ya'll



Oh and stay tuned, if we haven't said it recently, testing season is just getting ramped up and the opportunities are going to be incredible.   If you're new and have any questions about that, feel free to ask anyone here, they'll be glad to help.   And it this thread will tell you most everything you need to know.  


Note: The thread was started 4 years ago, but GolfSpy_Meyer posted an update to it on post 178, so starting there is not a bad thing.



Right with ya Boss! No drama and no BS! I love the forums and enjoy the heck out of the website. All the new members lately is a truly awesome thing and I hope they keep coming for all the right reasons and not just for the ":free" stuff or give-aways. This is going to be a great year for golf overall and MGS leads it from the front. 

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Lots of good stuff going on for sure.




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