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One Sentence Story

GolfSpy STUDque

This thread started as a one-word-at-a-time story but transitioned along the way to one-sentence-at-a-time to help move it along and let people steer a bit. Have fun with it and keep the story going!

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:: PAUSE::


OK guys. We're getting way off the beaten path. Let's not forget that the objective is to tell a cohesive story. Wanna see how disjointed we've become? Here's what we've got so far:


Roy, a carpet salesman in his early 40's is out for a round with his weekend group. A wayward drive sends him searching for his ball down by the treeline. As he approaches his ball, he sees a white rabbit who whispers "follow me."


On the rabbit, Instagram had hundreds of cold pills. Really? Said the golfer, where did all of those goldfish go and why don't we try sushi? Roy Rogers get the cool whip and let's chase the old gray bush back home. Once in the confines underneath of the porch, suddenly everything turned grey, rainy, and cold. Suddenly!!! The clouds broke open feeling warmth within the tiger laire. Naked bikes were racing past the police. Buttered popcorn Jackson 5 pontificates. What the.....?


Bubble shaft shenanigans have caused confusing phenomenons among elderly donkeys. Show up! Heck, who are you? Dunno. I love lamp. But why not something appealing to carouse like?

So there were some bright spots and some dark times. Let's start fresh. Doesn't have to be about golf but that would be preferable. Next person to post gets to start the new story however they choose.




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