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Best Short Game Area near Anahiem, California?

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Hey MGS Members, 


I'm going to Anaheim, CA in a few weeks and would like to find the best public/resort course in the area that has the best short game facility. I'm going to be shooting some videos for an upcoming web project and basically need to find a facility where I can shoot some putting, chipping, and bunker golf lessons. I'm happy to pay to use the facility, but just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what courses I should start contacting?


Thanks in advance!



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Not in Anaheim but Mile Square in Costa Mesa might be good. Also Strawberry Farms in Irvine.


Awesome thanks for the reply! I've heard of Mile Square and will be sure to check it out, thanks so much

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    • By StripedSweater69
      An Unofficial Review of Cleveland RTX-3 Wedges
      Hey guys and gals, I am new to the forums, but wanted to contribute something because I think this is a pretty neat community.  I've replaced almost every club in my bag this season (and my bag, come to think of it), but the most notable improvement I've seen simply due to a club upgrade has come from my set of Cleveland RTX-3 Wedges.  I purchased a 50°, 54°, and a 58°, all in the “Tour Raw” finish and the V-MG grind, on June 6th to replace my random assortment of wedges, the 50° from my iron set (Taylormade Burner ‘09s), a 55° from a set of Taylormade RBZ irons, and a 60° Cleveland RTX 2.0 that I bought on a whim when Sports Authority was in its death rattle.  I hit Cleveland RTX-3s, Vokeys, and Ping Glide wedges at the PGA Tour Superstore in Sandy, UT and just loved the look and feel of the Clevelands, so I pulled the trigger.  I paid the standard retail price of $129.99 per club + tax.

                  I was having trouble with consistency with my original setup, probably due to my swing, but also the feel of each of the three wedges was very different.  The 5° gaps were wide as well.  I decided to shrink the gaps by 1° and get rid of the 60°.  It was simply too much loft for me, and I wasn't hitting it how I wanted to.  The first time I hit the RTX 3.0 set was one evening at work when I was waiting for the last carts to come in (perks of working at the course!).  It sounds a bit ridiculous, but I holed out my first shot from about 75 yards with the 54°.  I was sold!  I definitely didn't hole out my next 100 or so shots, but I noticed a marked improvement in my pitching game almost immediately.  I used them to chip that evening as well, and I was happy with the performance, considering my chipping was poor at best with my old set.  If I struck them well, I could get the ball to check quite a bit, even with range balls when before I don't think I ever got a ball to check noticeably at all.  Since I purchased these wedges, I've shot the best 3 rounds of my short golf life (1 year), with an 86, 85, and 84.  Also, my putting numbers have gone down, which I think has a lot to do with the fact that I'm able to miss greens, but put myself in a position to 1 putt.  I've had more 1 putts in the past few weeks than I've ever had.  It's important to keep in mind that I also have been playing A LOT (5-6 rounds per week), and am getting more comfortable on the course every day.  I was a little nervous about hitting these clubs out of the sand, as I was a solid bunker player with my old, wide-soled 55° SW.  The first go with the 54° in a bunker was a badly bladed shot that ended up on the other side of the green…. in another bunker.  The second bunker shot with the 54° was great, though, and I put it about 4 feet from the pin, which is pretty good for me!  I've continued the bunker success since that first round and have had quite a few sand saves with these clubs.  I believe I've had a sand save with each one at least once. 
       Form factor is important to me, and I really like the look of these wedges.  They look very nice behind the ball and the Tour Raw finish suits me.  After playing a handful of rounds with these, the almost bronze finish is starting to wear off, exposing the raw metal beneath.  Every round I love the look more.  Rusty wedges seem to be a polarizing topic around these parts, and I fall on the side of loving the look of a well-used, trusty rusty.  On the head plastic when I purchased these, it said “designed to rust”.  The grooves have an appealing look to me as well, and the milling is interesting and seems to perform well.  The stock grip is a comfortable Lamkin (not sure which model) and the stock shaft is a Dynamic Gold Wedge shaft.  As a mid to high-handicapper, the specifics of the weighting and other improvements that Cleveland showcases are hard to feel for me.  All I know is, whatever Cleveland did is working out for me!  I believe that Cleveland offers full customization of these wedges from their website, all the way down to paintfills. 
      This is my first product review probably ever, so if there is anything I can do to improve it, if I'm breaking any forum rules, or I'm missing something, please let me know, and if you have any questions about the wedges, I'll try my best to answer them!  Thanks for reading!
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      Follow along as our five testers put the brand new Cleveland RTX-3 Wedges to the test. Accuracy and consistency are the name of the game here. The center of gravity has been moved closer to the center of the clubface, the grooves are high spin, and the sole options are extensive enough to fit any conditions. How do these wedges stack up? Stay engaged to find out!
      With that being said lets meet our testers!
      jayjay0808        Stage One       Stage Two      Stage Three
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        PMookie           Stage One       Stage Two       Stage Three  
        HeathS16         Stage One       Stage Two       Stage Three  
      Let us know what you think!
      Visit Cleveland's Website HERE!
      Visit Cleveland's Facebook HERE!
      Visit Cleveland's Twitter HERE!
      Visit Cleveland's Instagram HERE!
    • By MikeWilsonGolf
      Good Morning,
      I would like to know what the most difficult part of short game is for most players.
      Chipping?  Pitching? Putting? etc and is the struggle not knowing the right swing for
      these shots or not being able execute what you know is good technique.  
      Also, how many of you have custom fit wedges as compared to custom fit drivers?
      Thank you,
    • By GolfSpy MBP
      It's no secret I'm a big fan of the DST Compressor, as I've made apparent here and here. Oh and there's the original forum thread/version of the blog review.
      Just wanted to point out that my DST success hasn't been restricted to the range. This season I've suffered from a terrible short game, something I've always taken great pride in and have been somewhat know for round these parts. Well last weekend I took out the DST to the chipping green and it's really helped me get my hands back into a forward position that I had migrated away from in the off-season, After 2 hours spent just hitting shots from different situations I'm now back to getting the right check on chips when and where I need it.
      My last few rounds I've really struggled with my irons and this short game has kept my scores at some really respectable numbers.
      Anyways just dropping a tip for you guys looking for a training tool to really ingrain your chipping strokes.
    • By YESSIIR
      Hey Guys,
      I'm a professional golfer from Southern California. Love all things about golf so lets give this site a try! Not only is so cal a great place to golf its a great place to teach golf all year around! I am currently hosting a new site TTRGOLF.COM Any feedback or tips are very welcome! Trying something new and hope I am on the right track!
      Through The Rough
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