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Faces are funny these days ,sound and roll *systemic *to say ,it does this it does that bla blah blah .....it's ok if you beleive in it ,but in other end  ,if you are in sudden death and the guy as the same distance as yours, and he has a gamer in his hands and  has confidence the famous " five inches " most arguable imaginative distance to win a match ,is wath measure between our ears.Take 5 ! By the way thank you all of you guys for reading my post...love this sport as much as you do...

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For those in the feel is the most important thing category,  do you believe you are the best putter you could possibly be?   If you don't make every putt then there is room for some improvement.  Give

Don't find your responses argumentative at all. I think the answer really lies within the personality of the golfer. You would like a player that is admittedly feel based. To you mechanics or techno

I don't think new putters make a big difference. You have Jordan using an old SC. Then you have guys who swear by the original PING Anser. When you find the right putter, you keep it.   Sent from my

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Posture and stance is very important at 60 of age we naturally bending a little lower our spine is aging and we have to find our proper comfortable positioning with less effort ,ingured knees, back problems,,eyes sight and on and in senior golf is quiet different ask Bernarhd Langert he had to adjust for sure at least once in his career.You sit well you sleep well doctor's might suggest but on a green a good reading of the slopes and the speed of the ball has to be the first key elements to focus on in my point of view.

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Brandt Snedaker still has his old 20 years old Odyssey mallet in his bag,There has to be a reason for this .? I have met a guy with a "Heavy Putter" brand making excellent long puts.Good for.him.not for me ...the best would be to have 20 to 30 different models lenght and gripwise ,then put all day long to finally stick to one among them..

Science has not proven me anything yet abou microhindge,or elastomer inserts stuff etc...it doesn't come with a usage instructions booklet .

Guidance is from up above I think.

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I’m using a DFX 2-ball blade I’ve had since 2009. I’ve bought new putters but always fell back to this one.  I will say there is a new company called Sacks Parente and the tech they use is incredible. But it’s the most expensive production putter ever made at $1200 but the tech behind it works. It rotates the head through the put and keeps the ball on line , best feeling putter I’ve ever tried. I’m saving my money because I think it’s worth it.  But someone came in my garage and stole my entire golf bag and i’m lucky that the two ball putter was in the house on my practice putting green or I wouldn’t have that but once I get my set replaced I’m definitely gonna get a Sacks Parente. 

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On 9/4/2019 at 9:13 AM, MrBaggins94 said:

I actually use the nike method milled mallet putter.  With supposedly roll technology on the face. Personally with putters I'm always looking for the weight feel. For the pendulum affect . If you have a good rhythm . Ball roll should be good. 

I have a Method 003 mallet style putter a friend gave me a while back. I do not really know what to call it sorta a familiar shape like a 8802 but bigger of course. Looks just like an Odyssey 009 or 9 as they call it. Put a large grip like a Super Stroke on it but it is a Master Grip brand. Messed with it some Saturday afternoon but the jury is still out on it. Lately I have been putting so bad with anything I put in my hands that I resurrected my Ping B-90 I broomstick  that is 43 inches long. I putted with it for a couple of years. Never anchored it back then and I do not now. The thing with the broomstick I can not get the speed down on long downhill breaking putts

Driver --- Honma G1-X Stock R Flex----  3W Callaway Steelhead UST Pro Force Gold 65 stiff--- 2 iron 1980 Macgregor VIP Nike R flex-------- Irons 3 thru PW 1980 Macgregor VIP Hogan Apex shafts--- SW Cleveland 588 Sensicore S-400-- Putter Rusty Santa Fe Bulls Eye Fluted shaft-- Bag Old School Hoofer I had in the stash--- Goes along with my raggety persona





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