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Hello from another Floridan

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I'm originally from Georgia  but moved here in 2013 a year after retiring.

I' m a late learner coming to golf since my dad did not play neither did I until i was around several guys at work that played it finally rubbed off on me but like a lot of beginners I bought a cheap set of clubs and hacked at the ball my first few years lost interest for a couple of years then took a few lessons and tried to play a couple of times a year.

fast forward a few years I retire and me & the family move to Florida the land of year round golf and great prices & opportunities to play courses.

the first couple of years here i only played a few times and then the bug bit me hard and i started playing 2 & 3 times a week I've made some great improvements  and been practicing my week points a lot.

I am at the point now that i am almost breaking a 100 before you laugh i'm proud to say that I do not take mulligans , do-overs , pick-ups , give'mes ,and i take penalty strokes when applicable. 

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Greetings from Idaho! Beware that there are several grumpy Spies about that are still snowbound and are envious of your global position... :P . Really though, great group all around here and welcome in. Looking forward to hearing about your improving game!


Cool profile pic BTW!



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