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TESTERS Announced (Again): Ben Hogan Equalizer Wedges

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- Chris from Florida

- Mixed wedges all bought individually:

Nike vr forged 52/10 w/Dynamic Gold s400

Mizuno MPT 56/13 shaft sticker worn off, haha

Cleveland 588 58/12 with Tour Concept wedge flex

- Strengths: Full shots, standard greenside bunkers, chip and run

- Weaknesses: Distance control on less than full shots, check spin on chips, hitting fat shots

- 17ish handicap

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This is a great opportunity. Would love to be able to test the Hogan wedges.



Ken, Alberta


Cleveland RTX 2.0 52,56,60


Tight lies around the greens. Pretty sure that it is the bounce on my 56*. Should probably use my 60* more


Current handicap: 5.4

WITB - New Drive, Irons, and putter for 2019. What could possible go wrong?
Driver:   :callaway-small: EPIC 
3wd:  :cobra-small: BIO Cell+ 12.5*
2hb:  :callaway-small: Diablo Tour 18*
4-pw:  :srixon-small: 765
52*:  :cleveland-small: RTX-3
56*: :cleveland-small: RTX-3
60*: :cleveland-small: RTX-3
Putter:  :EVNROLL: ER 1

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Steven, Florida

Callaway Sureout 58,62 and Big Bertha 50 degree

Strenthgs full shot weakenesses distance control and sand


Handicap 17


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Bill from Ohio


I currently play 3 Scor wedges;  50 degree, 54 degree, and 59 degree.


Short game strength is accurate distance control with my 50 degree wedge. Weakness is controlling distance and trajectory with 59 degree wedge.


Current handicap index is 10.4. 


I'm very interested in the Equalizer wedges, especially because they have the "V-Sole". My Scor wedges have the V-Sole and I love them but they are no longer manufactured. 

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Rick/ California

Mizuno 52.10 and 60.12

Strengths: Shots inside 50yds

Weakness: Deep bunkers

Current index: 11.7


I have been trying to decide about these wedges for a month. I love the looks and have been a fan of the new Hogan company since it re emerged. Also love my Mizuno's and don't want to leave them except for something better. Love to be selected to test them.

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Sean - Massachusetts
Titleist Vokey SM5s
Solid with bump and run style chipping, but struggle with a pitch, higher chip or flop shot.  Tend to try to not short side myself as I will struggle to get up and down.  Pretty solid at distance control from 80-125 yards with my wedges.
Current handicap - 2.0

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Ken, Florida
Clelveland RTX-3 48*, 52*

SCOR 56*

Strengths:  Full swings from 75 to 120 yards, chipping from around the green.

Weaknesses:  Wedges inside 70 yards
Current handicap: 11.1 USGA Index


Beautiful wedges; would love to test and review them.

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Vokey SM6 46, 50, 54, 60

Short Game is overall strength

Handicap: 2.3

:ping-small: G400 Driver 10.5* Mitsubishi Tensei Blue CK Pro 60 Stiff

:ping-small: G400 Fwy 16.5* Mitsubishi Tensei Blue CK Pro 70 Stiff

:titelist-small: 818 H1 Hybrids 20* & 24* Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 80 Stiff

:titelist-small: TMB Irons 5 - 9 Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 105 Stiff

:titelist-small: Volkey SM-7 Wedges Black 50* & 54*

:callaway-small: Mack Daddy PM Grind Black 60*

:cameron-small: Select Newport 34"

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Aaron - Mountain View, CA

Currently playing Cleveland RTX 3 in 51, 55, & 59 Degrees with Project X LZ 6.5

Short Game Strength - Giving myself a good chance at saving Par when missing GIR.
Short Game Weakness - Distance judging can be off/inconsistent on occasion.

Current Handicap - 1.7 (NCGA)


Excited about this opportunity! Good luck to all! 




  :cleveland-small:  :bettinardi-small:  :nike-small:  :srixon-small:  :callaway-small:

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Ryan Massachusetts

Taylormade ZTP 52.09*, 60.07*

Taylormade R-Series 56.12*

Handicap - 5.0


Strengths - distance covered (wedges cover 160y and in) and bunker play

Weaknesses - spin inside 40yds from fairway

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Awesome opportunity, have been wanting to try something Hogan since they reopened!  Good luck everyone


First name/Home state or province: John, California
Current wedges: Sm6 50* and 54*, Nike Engage Toe Sweep 58*
Short game strengths/weaknesses: Strengths - bunker play, chipping. Weaknesses - 30-40 yard pitches, controlling trajectory
Current handicap: 8.0 as of 4/15/18

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Russell, State of Washington;


Vokey SM4 54, 60 DG S400 Nickle. Members would want to have my short game, I am pretty good inside 60 yards; rough, sand, tight lie, low running or checking spin, standard pitch shot, high flop shot. Use them all.

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Great opportunity to see if it can hold up against my 50/54/58 vokeys blades and Cleveland rtx3. I play 2x/week on tifway Bermuda and seashore paspalum as well has hard pan and fluffy bunkers. Honolulu Hawaii

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