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TESTERS Announced (Again): Ben Hogan Equalizer Wedges

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First name/Home state or province  Mark :  Maryland
Current wedges:  Hogan TK  50/55/60
Short game strengths/weaknesses: chipping/sand game
Current handicap:  7.4 index


Would love to compare as  love the TK wedges



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First name/Home state or province

Bryce from British Columbia


nike engage 52 and 56 and callaway pm grind 60

strengths, around the green up and downs and 100 yards to 120, weakness 30-60 yarders




would love to test if available in lefty

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Wesley / OhioFirst 
Titleist Vokey sm6

48.08 f grind

54.08 m grind

60.12 k grind
Strengths: Full shots, 50-100yds, sand shots, chipping

Weaknesses: 3/4 Pitching and Gap Wedge, 25-50yds, Flop Shots
Handicap: 0.0

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Tyler, California

Current: Callaway razr x 44*/54* & Callaway forged copper wedge 60*

Strength: 60* around the green, full swing with PW/SW

Weakness: distance control out bunkers, inconsistent distance between 30-60 yard shots

Handicap: 15

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Michael Grieder, Middlebury, CT

Play three wedges Gap 52 Mac Daddy Callaway, 56 Degree also Mac Daddy and a 60 degree Titliest Vokey
I have pretty good touch from immediately around the green not including bunkers (weaker) and then sometimes struggle on that 50/60 yd half shot. Obviously need to play more.
Current Handicap is index 4.7, 5 handicap at Highfield Gold Club


michael grieder

Swing easy deal w the distance

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Don : Saskatchewan
Callaway  45/50/56
Short game strengths/weaknesses: chipping/full shots with backspin
Current handicap:  12


Would love to give these wedges a go




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Jim, Ontario (Canada)
Callaway MD3 52,56,60
Short Game: strengths - bunker play, bump and run, low chips  weaknesses: flop shots, shots from very tight lies
Current handicap:10

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I'm Alex from Massachusetts. I've been a Hogan fan since I started using my Uncle's hand-me-down Hogan Producers and Apex IIs as a kid. I used Hogan clubs right up until I bought my recent set of Callaways. Would LOVE to put some Equalizers back in my bag. That name was always one of my favorite things about Hogans.


I go with the four-wedge offense:
Pitching Wedge: 47 degree Callaway RAZR X forged. Gap Wedge: 51 degree Callaway RAZR X forged (both part of my overall set of irons). Sandwedge: 56 degree Cleveland RTX 3.0 black satin. Lob Wedge: 60 degree Nike VR forged raw

Short game strengths/weaknesses:

My weakness, like most amateurs, is out of the sand. Other than that, I'm pretty decent from 30 yards in. In fact, my short game often makes up for an inconsistent iron game.

Current handicap: 5

WITB: Callaway Epic driver, Titleist 915 3W, Titlest 818 3 & 4 hybrids, Callaway Apex Pro (2016) 5-GW, Vokey 56 SW, Callaway Mac Daddy 60 LW, Odyessey Triple Track Double Wide putter  

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Rick, Texas


BIG Hogan fan!


Currently playing 52* & 56* Vokey SM5's, but evaluating 52* 56* & 60* Cleveland 588"s


Would love to compare the Equalizers against those.


Inconsistent short game, too often go from Hero to Zero

14.1 Index handicap

This week`s Starting Line-Up:

B-Stone J815 w/ Fubuki ZT 60, Stiff
B-Stone J15 3 & 5 w/Fubuki ZT 75, Stiff
910H 21* w/ Diamana, Stiff
B-Stone J15 Cavity 4 Iron w/ Steelfiber i95, Stiff (either/or w/ hybrid)
B-Stone J40 Combo set w/ Steelfiber i95, Stiff, 5 - Pw
52* & 58* Vokey SM5's (Evaluating 52*,56*,60* Clevelands)
Ping Ti Anser Wrx

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Mike Texas

Taylormade ATV 52,56,58

Strengths- Full shots

Weakness - distance control and offline shots on partial swings


Irons Taylormade Rocketballz Max std length and lie Stiff flexDriver Taylormade R15 10.5* Regular FlexDexterity = Right HandCentral TexasHandicap 22 and going down.Returned to playing golf after retirement. Play 3 times a week almost year round.

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Ben / New York
Hogan TK 49 / 53 / 57 / 61
Strengths: distance control, Weakness: short bunker shots
Handicap: 7.6

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Randy, UT

TK15 50, 54, 58 Tour V 110 S shafts
Full Lob wedge is a very consistent 105 yds.  I've had lots of trouble under that.  Working on the Pelz system and I am making significant improvements, but a half lob still goes 50yds.  So I am still left with a gap from 50 down to the fringe.  I end up having to take too much off the swing in that range and I have ended up with some chunks or overhits.  I feel like the TK15s have helped with the chunking, but I don't collect data down to that level with GolfShot.
Current handicap - 8.9


Hopefully one of the lucky 4 can put these up against the "old" TKs to give some real world comparisons of the V-Soles on each!

:ping-small: G400 LST 8.5 Ping Tour 65 Stiff

:adams-small: Adams XTD Ti 18 deg 3Hy

:benhogan-small: Ben Hogan PTx 22-46 

:benhogan-small: Ben Hogan TK15 50, 54, 58 deg wedges

:cameron-small: Futura 5.5

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Ray  North Carolina

Callaway Steelheads

No weaknesses

20 Hp


Pinehurst NC, a quaint little drinking town with a golfing problem.

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I will be honored to be a tester for The Ben Hogan Equalizer:

John, Illinois

Current wedges Caliway Rx22 PW, A, SW

Short game strengths/weaknesses: I need to improve from 25 yards out to 1 putt range

Current handicap 22

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