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TESTERS Announced (Again): Ben Hogan Equalizer Wedges

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Wow hogan jumping in on the fun!


Kellen Woodfield ft worth Texas

Had a set of hogan wedges (stolen) now I'm hitting mizuno t7 - 50,54,58 nippon 1150 gh Tour Stiff hard stepped

Strengths - low spinner, distance control, from longer yardage's and close to the green

Weaknesses - mid range wedge shots, long bunker shots,

Handicap - 4.3 (due to shorthand shortcomings)


Best of luck to my other spies! What a treat!

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Key / Texas


I currently play a Bridgestone West Coast 52 and Vokey SM5 56 and 60.


I'm more than comfortable with full wedge shots from 80 to 125, and I'm creative if not quite the artist from various lies on the fringe. 40 to 70 yard pitches kick my butt since my shallow swing doesn't always get them to check.


Currently I play off 12, but I'm a public school teacher. So this summer will be devoted to single figures.


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My name is Drew, from Northern Virginia

 I currently carry Hogan TK 53 and 57 degree wedges, as well as my 714 AP2 pitching wedge and 1960's vintage Wilson Staff Sandy Andy sand wedge

I am a solid chipper, and have good consistency and control.  Pitching, however is another story- I struggle between playing a standard chip and trying to open the face and get more of a lob shot.  Neither are consistent and consequently I also struggle with distance control.

I am a 14.1 index currently


As most spies know, I am a big Hogan Fan.  I have carried and played the Ft Worth Irons, and love them, but alas my game is not consistent enough to be worthy of those wonderful clubs.


My AP2s are ok, but I am looking forward to putting aside a few dollars to buy the new Hogan Edge Irons. I have an older set of Hogan Apex Edge Pro irons from the 1990's which are wonderful clubs, but alas technology has surpassed them.  I loved the buttery smooth feel, the control- you can really REALLY work the ball with those clubs.  I have hopes for my AP2s but nothing compares to those older Hogans.  I hope these Equalizer wedges will be as wonderful feeling clubs as the TK's but with a bit more control in distance and pitching.


For what it is worth,  I really like what Hogan CEO Scott White has done with the company, and I am excited to be at least considered for the opportunity to try these wedges-  Keep it going Scott!


I look forward to this opportunity and will let you know how these Equalizers add to my game.


Thank you

What's in the bag?
Driver :callaway-small: Callaway Mavrik 105 set to 9.5, square, Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 60G Stiff shaft
#3 Wood  :callaway-small: Callaway FT Tour 13 degree neutral setup, Fuijkara 370 Stiff Shaft
Hybrid  :cobra-small:  18 Degree King Cobra Baffler pro, Baffler Stiff shaft
4-PW :titelist-small: Titlest 714 AP2, Standard loft and lie, MGS S Shafts
:benhogan-small: 53, 57 degree loft Hogan Equalizer wedges
1962  :wilson_staff_small: Wilson "Sandy Andy" sand wedge with HUGE bounce!
Putter MLA Pro Classic
:titelist-small: Titlist ProV 1, ProV 1x

Currently Gaming "Costco Kirkland Signature Tour Performance" balls

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Gary, California (Northern)

Wedges: Hogan Carnoustie 50-deg GW, Miura K-Grind 56-deg SW, Hogan Sure-Out 60-deg LW
Short-game strengths: Chips/pitch shots from fairway or rough/ Weaknesses: Anything from sand
Current handicap: 24.8


Tested the original Ft Worth irons and TK wedges when they first came out. Would love to try the new “Equalizers”

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Ethan from Texas


Currently using the Hogan TK15 wedges in 50 54 and 58 degrees.


As strengths and weaknesses go my strengths would be having a wide range of shots I can hit. My weaknesses would lean more towards shot selection than execution.


My current handicap is a 4.



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Right Handed

4.5 handicap

Driver: Nike Vapor Flex with Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki ZT60x5ct S-flex shaft and stock grip.

3-Metal: Nike VRS 15 degree with Mitsubishi Rayon tour issue Diamana S73x5ct X-flex shaft and GolfPride MCC midsize Black/White grip.

Irons: Ben Hogan PTx 22, 26, 30, 34, 38, 42, 46 degrees standard length and lie with KBS Tour-V stiff shafts and GolfPride MCC midsize Black/White grips.

Wedges: Ben Hogan TK15 54, 58 degrees with KBS Tour-V X-flex shafts and GolfPride MCC midsize Black/White grips.

Putter: Nike Method Converge B1|01 with Superstroke Flatso 2.0 grip.

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Rich, California, 

Using TaylorMade EF 56 and 60, Ping 52

Strengths: 130 yards and in.  Chips, pitches, and sand shots are not a problem.

Issues: Driver and longer shots.

HCP: 7

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Paul/New England


I play a 50 degree Hogan TK-15, 56 And 60 degree Cleveland CG15.


My strength is short pitches around the green and 3/4 to full wedge shots. I struggle with finesse shots especially tight lies off the fairway. With the 6 degree delta between the Hogan and the sand wedge I have a gap in my yardage that kills me. Looking to get to a 52/56/60 Hogan lineup


Handicap: 12



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Brenton, Pennsylvania

Bombtech Grenade 52 & 56, Vokey SM 60

Strengths: distance control

Weakness: flop shots

Handicap: 13.5


:titelist-small: 913D2 10.5*

:wilson_staff_small: FG TOUR M3 17*

 :wilson_staff_small: C300 4H 23*

:wilson_staff_small: FG TOUR M3 3-PW

:titelist-small::vokey-small: 52*, 56*, 60* SM

:scotty-cameron-1: Santa Fe

:titelist-small: Pro-V1

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Earl, living in Tennessee (20 years)  Recently retired

Playing Titleist 714 AP2:  PW, 48, 52 and Vokey 56/14

Short game:  Doing a good job hitting the ball low or high when I want, but having trouble with inconsistent distance control.  Not making solid contact.

Current handicap: 12

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San Clemente, California


Vokey 52/12 & 58/14, Miura CB501 47deg PW


Strength:  Planning/shot selection


Weakness:  Distance/spin control & consistency





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Name : Felix   ;   State : California


Wedges: Currently gaming

  48 CG 16 Clevland Cavity Back

  52 SM6  S -grind 

  56 MD3 S -grind

  60 SM6 L -grind

  64 TM hi toe 

(yeh i know its 5 wedges, still deciding/experimenting whether to keep the 64, or possibly getting a 54 and dropping the 52/56, to fit the gap)


Short game-

    strengths: greenside bunker with the pin relatively in the middle of the green.

                     comfortable with full wedge/pitch shots 100~140

                     more comfortable with chipping from greenside or flopping in the rough than using a putter for long putts off the green.


    weakness: uncomfortable/would avoid using bump N run, unless it makes sense to do it, and even then i'am hesitant on it.

                      bunkers from +70 yards and out.

                      bunkers with pin/hole very close by.


Handicap: 13

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Nick Giurleo


Montreal quebec canada


Playing Mizuno mpwedges...but playing Hogan FTX irons!!!





My short game inside 100 yrds is average, but my chipping and pitching is inconsistent

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First name/Home state or province: Tennessee
Current wedges: Bombtech Golf 52, 56, 60
Short game strengths/weaknesses: chipping is a strength/skulling on short pitches/flop shots
Current handicap: 5

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First name/Home state or province:Javier Alaska

Current wedges: Cleveland cb4 56 and 60

Short game strengths/weaknesses:imagination of shot making/ don't always make great contact

Current handicap: 9.0

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Frank     Florida

Callaway XR OS Pitching Wedge

Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 Wedges (52, 56, 60 degrees)

Strengths:  consistent strikes at 130-80 yards out.   Weaknesses:  short pitches and chipping inside 80 yards

Handicap Index:   13.4

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