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TESTERS Announced (Again): Ben Hogan Equalizer Wedges

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First name/Home state or province - Clete/Nebraska
Current wedges - Titleist 704.cb PW, Cleveland 588 56*
Short game strengths/weaknesses - Strengths: distance control inside 75yd, flops; Weaknesses: full swing wedges (distance & dispersion consistency), gapping
Current handicap - 9.7 

:callaway-small: Epic Flash SZ (9* Xstiff)

:755178188_TourEdge: C720 15* FW (stiff)

:cleveland-small: 588 20.5* 3h

:mizuno-small: MP58 4-PW (std. specs)

:cleveland-small: RTX3 60*,56*,52*

Prairie Golf milled blade

:srixon-small: Z-Star


Omaha, NE

9 HC, Righty

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Still loving my Tk15s in 48, 52, 56, and 60 so I will pass on this one. However, I will be an interested observer with an eye on future upgrades! Can't say enough good things about the Ft. Worth 15s and TKs - thrilled to see Hogan presenting another offering and giving MGS the chance to review! Good luck to the entrants. Really looking forward to this one!



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Dave, Florida

I have been playing the customized Callaway wedges I won on your golf site 6 years or so ago!  They are getting worn down. (52,56,60)

         Don't really use the 60 much, prefer to open up the 52.

Weakness:  tend to hit fat approach shots with the higher lofted clubs (50-90 yards)

Strengths:  pretty good with the soft chip shots from 15 yards or so, can hit soft or run out options.

Current index: 10.1

Dave :rolleyes:

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First name/Home state or province

Gday! Steve, Ontario

Current wedges

TM M2Tour PW, vokey 50, vokey 58

Short game strengths/weaknesses

Full swing pretty good, half swings chunks or blades occasionally

Current handicap


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Allan, Illinois


52 is Acuity

56 is top flite

60 doesn't have a name posted anywhere


I would really like to try a new set of wedges.


Stenghths: chunk n run

Weaknesses: bunker play


Handicap 20

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Mark / New York
Titleist Vokey SM-5 50, 54, 58
Strengths: sand game, chipping / Weaknesses: 75 - 50 yd shots and flighting at that range
Current handicap: 8

Current Setup:

Tsr3 9*, Ventus Blue TR 6x

Tsr3 15*, AD UB 7x

Tsr3 Hybrid 21*, AD DI Hybrid 9x

Ping i210 4-U, Red Dot, KBS C-Taper S+

Vokey SM9 54* & 58*, 

Taylormade GT Spider

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Kyle, Florida
Titleist Vokey SM 5 (58, 54, 50)
My short game strengths include solid and consistent contact and carry for half wedge shots.  I am able to land the ball consistently close to my target distance.  My weakness is that I cannot produce enough spin to prevent the ball from rolling 5-8 yards.  I am currently working on trying to increase the "stopping power" of my wedges so that I can land the ball 1-2 yards short of the flag so that it will check next to the pin.
3 handicap

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Martin/ Ontario


Callaway X Forged 52°/56°/60°


Short game is my strong point. However I can improve on chip shot from around the green. Would love to see how those feel and how well they shape and releases the shots.


HCP 11




Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk

Driver: Taylormade M4 D-Type 

3W: Callaway FT 

5W: Callaway FT-iZ

3H: Callaway X Hybrid 21° 
Irons: Callaway Apex 4i-GW
Wedges:  Callaway X Forged 56°& 60°

Putter: Cleveland Huntington Beach 6
Balls: Bridgestone B RX
Handicap: 10
Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Club:  Clublink - The Country Club

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Would love to give these a try! 


First name/Home state or province: Derek - Illinois
Current wedges - Scor Wedges 50-54-58
Short game strengths/weaknesses - The short game is my strength. I gain all my strokes here. My chips and pitches under 30 yards is very strong. I could use better proximity to the flag on my longer wedge shots. 
Current handicap: 3.2 index



Driver:  :ping-small: G400 (8*) with Diamana Kai'li X-stiff

Fairway:   :ping-small: G400 (14.5*) with Diamana Kai'li X-stiff

Irons: :ping-small: Crossover 3 iron (19*) with TT Dynamic Gold 120 S400 shaft

            :titelist-small: AP3 (4/5) and AP2 (6-PW) with TT Dynamic Gold 120 S400 shafts

Wedges: Scor 50*, 54*, and 58* with TT Dynamic Gold 120 S400 shafts

Putter:  :cameron-small: Pro Platinum Newport 2 Midslant

Handicap: 3

Location: Illinois...until i can get my wife to move to a warmer climate

Right Handed: Although sometimes I wonder if left handed would suit me better :blink:

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Steve, Rochester, NY

Mizuno T-7 52 and Hogan TK 59

Strengths are pitches inside 40 yards and soft flops

Weakness is sand.

4.8 index


As a new owner of Fort Worth 15s, a Fli Hi and TK I would absolutely love to complement my set.


Thank you for the consideration!



Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

  • Titleist TSI3 LAGolf DJ 65 5
  • TaylorMade SIM2 3 wood Fujilkura Ventus Blue 7-X
  • Mizuno HMB MP20 3i Nippon Modus 3 120S
  • Mizuno Pro 223 4-P Nippon Modus 3 115X
  • Vokey SM8 50, SM9 54 & 60  Nippon Modus 3 120s
  • L.A.B. MEZZ.1 LAGolf P135 
  • Srixon Z-Star XV Divide

Western, NY - Go Bills!

5.1 Index

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Jonathan / South Carolina
LH Titleist Vokey SM5 52, 56, 60
Bunker play / Pitch

15 hdcp

Charleston, SC

HDCP 12.0

  • Driver: :taylormade-small:  M6 9* with 65g Stiff Mitsubishi Tensei Red shaft
  • 3 wood: :taylormade-small:  M4 with 60g Atmos red stiff shaft
  • 4-gw irons:  :mizuno-small: JPX 921 Hot Metal w/ X-stiff KBS 130gr shafts (soft stepped)
  • Wedges: 52, 56, 60 :titelist-small: SM5 & SM6
  • Putter: 34" :odyssey-small: 2-ball original with superstroke grip
  • Tracked By: :Arccos:

MGS Tester '20 - :ping-small: G710 Iron Review

MGS Tester '19 - :918457628_PrecisionPro:Precision Pro NX9 HD Pro laser rangefinder

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