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TESTERS Announced (Again): Ben Hogan Equalizer Wedges

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Greg from Alberta, Canada

Currently playing Vokey SM6 M grind ; 54 & 60

Good all around wedge game ( Wedge game and putting is the strength of my game )

Handicap : 7

Driver: Cobra F6

FWDs: TM - RBZ ( stage2) 3HL, 3

Hybrid; Titliest 815H 21dg.

Irons:  TM P-790 ( 5 - AW )

Wedges:  Vokey SM6  M Grind

Putter: TM Ghost ( Forza )

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Jason Florida

MD4 52, 56, 60

Good: chipping, bump and run, soft bunkers

Weak with hard, packed bunkers, sometimes hit thin on full wedge shots


Driver: :ping-small: G400 10.5* down to 9.9* Alta CB 55 Reg
Fairway: :ping-small: G400 14.5* 3 Wood Alta CB 65 Reg
Hybrid: :taylormade-small: M4 Rescue 19* Fujikura Atmos Red Reg
Irons: :taylormade-small: M3 4-PW KBS Tour 90 Reg
Wedges: :callaway-small: MD4 Chrome 52,56,60 True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue (red)
Putter: :taylormade-small: Ghost Black Daytona
Ball: Currently testing.  Usually game :titelist-small: ProV1 but like the new :titelist-small: AVX better.  Also testing :wilson_staff_small: DUO Soft Spin (looks VERY promising)

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Mizuno S-18's (53* and 58*)


Strong chipping/pitching, weak out of the rough and sand.


14.6 handicap


Sent from my VS988 using Tapatalk

What's in the bag:

Driver: Callaway Big Bertha Double Diamond 815 (10.5*)

Woods: Callaway X2 Hot Pro (15* and 19*)

Hybrids: Callaway X2 Hot (20*)

Irons: Wilson C200 (5 - PW)

Wedges: Callaway MD3 (52*, 56*, 48*)

Putter: Anser 2

Ball: Callaway Chrome Soft or Bridgestone 330RX-S

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Name & State: Alex Lee/Wisconsin


Current Wedges: Taylormade Tour Preferred EF: 56° and Cobra Tour Trusty 52°


Strengths in Short Game: Bump and Run, Spinning Ball, Shots Within 50 yards


Weaknesses in Short Game: Shots from 55-85 yards, some short distance control, and bunker. 


Current Handicap: Approx 14

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Normand / California - Bay Area
Current Wedges: Sonartec T35 - Milled face / 52*, 56*, 60*
Short game strengths: 50-100 yards

Short game weaknesses: Deep rough, sometimes hitting out of the sand
Current handicap: 10


Ex-Long driver. My wedge game has always been on point since I really only hit driver, then a wedge in.

Nike Vapor Pro Combo Irons (x-flex, Standard length/ 2* Upright)

Nike Pro VR Driver specs (8.5* / Project X 6.5)


Livermore, CA

10 Hdcp

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James / California

Vokey 48 / 56/ 60

Strengths: flexibility and creativity

Weaknesses: striking issues occasionally (fat or thin)


Taylormade SIM Driver

Titleist 915 3 wood

Taylormade M1 Hybrid

Mizuno JPX921 Tour 4-PW

Mizuno T20 50/55/60

Toulon Las Vegas

Taylormade TP5x



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Mark, Northern Ohio

Ping Anser forged, 52/56/60 DG Spinnners

Pretty darn good chipper, full wedges not so much

Oh hell, call it a 19


Love dem forged wedges. I write for a living and I'd purely love to write about these. And I will work them out bigtime (I have 1.5 acres out back so I can knock 'em around pretty good when I'm not playing them. I promise a careful and complete review.) Just sayin'. 

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Aaron  Fort Ashby, WV

50* Cobra Forged Tech Recoil shaft

54* Original Pelz wedge

58* Original Pelz wedge

I am a very good wedge player, but have not found a better wedge than the original Pelz series.  I have tried all kinds of wedges, but always go back to the trusty Pelz.  The biggest problem with other wedges is consistent spin and the ability to flight them high and low when needed.  I had a Ben Hogan wedge about 20 years ago, and loved it but have not used other hogan clubs since.

1 Handicap

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Donaven Knights

Leesburg GA

Strengths- 100 yards in. Pretty accurate with 52,56, and 60. Weakness- sand controlled flop shots.

Current wedges- Ray cooks.

Handicapp- 13

My short game is my strong point, but I've often wondered what a nice of wedges would do for my game.

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Inwon Kim, Williamsburg VA
Callaway PM 
Good at full swing with wedges but rest of them $uck.



Mizuno                    ST-Z 9.0 Driver w/Tensei AV Raw White 60X
Srixon                      ZX7  3 Wood w/Tensei AV Raw White 75X
TourEdge Exotic     C721 3 Hybrid w/Tensei AV Raw White 90X
Srixon                      ZX7 4 Hybrid w/Proforce V2 9X
Srixon                      ZX7 Irons 4-P w/KBS Tour 130X
Fourteen                 RM4 52/56S/60H Wedges w/KBS 620S
Scotty Cameron    Special Select SquareBack Putter w/Stability Tour

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