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TESTERS Announced (Again): Ben Hogan Equalizer Wedges

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First name/Home state or province   Joe KS
Current wedges   Cleveland RTG 588
Short game strengths/weaknesses   don't get it close enough :-)

Current handicap   3-5

Cleveland VAS 792 3-W 🥺

Bobby Grace Fat Lady Swings HSM

Cleveland 588 "rusty" wedges

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Brett - Denver, Colorado


Mizuno S5 Blue Ion in 52, 56, 60


Strengths:  20 yds and in.  Chipping and bunker play, especially

Weaknesses:  Full and intermediate shots.  Shot and club selection are often struggles


Handicap:  3

TM SIM Max 9.75* Even Flow Riptide 6.5

Mizuno T20 52, 56, 60 Blue Ion

Nike Vapor Pro 4-PW

Srixon ZH85 19* hybrid w/ HZRDUS Black 6.5

Srixon ZF85 15* 2 wood w/ HZRDUS Red 6.5

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Mike B


50* Ping Glide 2.0

56* & 60* Mizuno S5 Blue Ion


Happy with the current short game, have trouble with the very bare/tight lies around the greens here in Florida


Current GHIN - 6.8



PXG 0811X Gen2 10.5° set to 9° with Aldila NV Green R-flex 55g (my "OTTOPHLEX" option) EvenFlow X-flex 67g (original shaft)

HONMA TW737 445cc 9.5° Graphite Design Tour AD DJ-6s & HONMA TW737 450cc 9.5° VIZARD Type-Z 50g

EXOTICS TOUR PROTO 10.5° VIZARD Type-Z 50g (Frankenstein! Yes the 2006 Exotics model)

SRIXON Z F85 13.5° 3W & SRIXON Z F85 18° 5W

Callaway APEX UT 18°

MIZUNO JPX900 Forged (4-pw)

PING Glide 2.0 50° & Cleveland RTX 4.0 Tour Raw 56°

Cleveland RTX Zipcore 56° (backup) & MIZUNO S5 Blue Ion 60° (rare appearances)



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I am Richard (Dick) from Michigan, land of beautiful golf courses.

I make use of a number of wedges. They are a Gap Wedge by Callaway; a  Pitching Wedge by Callaway;  a 54 degree Wedge by PowerBuilt; a Mac Daddy 60 degree Wedge by Callaway; and a 64 degree Sure Out Wedge by Callaway. 


My major weakness is my inability to hit a long drive or a long fairway wood. Perhaps this is because I am a disabled veteran with a fused lumbar spine. It is a rare day that I can drive more than 180 yards from the whites or more than 155 yards with a 5 fairway wood. My strengths are my ability to use wedges with great effect within 100 yards and the fact that I spend five days a week practicing wedge shots at the range and around the wedge-play practice green and manage to get in at least two rounds a week if not more.


 My current handicap is 19 based upon my average in a senior men's league at the Farmington Hills G.C., a beautifully maintained public course. 



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I currently game three of the Hogan TK15 wedges so if chosen, I can offer a brand "comparative perspective".  I love the wedges and also game the Hogan PTX irons.


Brad / down south in Georgia


Hogan TK15's 49/53/57


Weakness is pitching around the green.  I have a tendency to stick the club in the ground.  Strength is controlling flight.  I can send the ball on a high, medium or low trajectory.


Handicap: 8.1


Thanks to MyGolfSpy and the Hogan company for doing this testing.  Looking forward to the results.  Good luck to all applicants!  :)

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Hogan fan forever. Born August 12, 1953 (one day before Mr. Hogan's birthday and his greatest year in golf.) 


Mark, Pennsylvania


Current Wedges - Hogan Special SI, Hogan Special 60, and Hogan Utility Wedge from my first set of clubs, 1959 Sunburst.  Still using these and have my groove tool in play as they wear. Also have Fort Worth 51 degree in play at times. 


Pretty good from the sand and chipping.  Weaknesses are those 30 to 60 yard partial wedges.


Current Handicap - 14

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Larry / British Columbia

Vokey 52,56,60

Short game strengths: Putting

Short game weaknesses: 60 yards and in

Current handicap 9

Taylor made P770, Callaway Epic Speed, Callaway 3w and Heavenwood, Hybrid,Vokey wedges, Scotty Newport putter. 

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Kevin, Calgary Alberta

Handicap 16

SM4 52, 56, 60

Strength: green side chipping

Weakness: fairway consistency with my wedges

Driver: Ping G25 10.5*
Hybrid 3/4: NIke Vapor Fly 20.5, 22.5
Irons: 5 to A Wedge: Mizuno JPX 850 Forged

Wedges: 52*, 56*, 60* Vokey SM4
Putter: Scotty Cameron Newport 3 (2017)
Ball: Bridgestone RXS
Bag: Callaway

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First name/Home state or province    Jeff from California
Current wedges                                  Titleist Vokey 56* and 60* 52*gap TM RSi2
Short game strengths/weaknesses     Strengths chipping  Weakness distance control 30-60yds
Current handicap                                 ghin 10.0

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Name = Tim Simpson - Morristown, NJ

Currently game = Vokey SM6:

  • 50 degree/F grind/8 bounce
  • 54 degree/S grind/10 bounce
  • 58 degree/S grinid/10 bounce 


Strengths = wedge play the highlight of my game - from pitching wedge down - within 100 yards I am my most consistent and creative! Flop shots within 50 yards are my favorite and have not met a bunker I feared. Practice short game several times a week in the backyard - set up a 50 yard wedge range in the backyard with targets at 15, 25, 35, 45. 


Weaknesses = Steep downhill and uphill lies - leaving them short, getting them to grab; Bump and run shots are inconsistent


Handicap = 20

Tim - NJ - Right Handed - 17HC

In the OGIO Grom:

  • Ping G400 LST Driver (tour stiff)
  • Ping G400 3 Wood (tour stiff)
  • Titelist 816 4-Hybrid
  • 5-W Titelist C-16 (stiff)
  • Miura K Grind 52, 56, 60
  • Toulon Strokelab Austin
  • Snell MTB
  • OrangeWhip 
  • Jerky
  • Bulleit Bourbon


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Chris Niceville, Florida
Cleveland 588 RTX 52, 56; TM Tour Preferred 60
Strengths:  full shots, sand, bump and runs

Weakness:  less than full shorts, short pitches
Current handicap:  4


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I was getting ready to get a new set of wedges but this would be an opportunity of a lifetime!


First name/Home state or province: Marcelo/Missouri
Current wedges: Vokey SM 52, Cleveland RTX 56/60 
Short game strengths/weaknesses: Can get it close but not able to spin it back.
Current handicap: 8.4

Clubs in my Ogio Shredder Cart Bag

Driver: Ping G400 10 deg
Fairway: Titleist 917F2 3 Wood 15 deg
Hybrids: Titleist 816H1 3 hybrid 19 deg, 
TaylorMade M2 4 hybrid 23 deg
Irons: Srixon Z565 4-AW

Wedges: Titleist SM6 54* and SM7 60* 
Putter: Nike Method Core i3
Ball: OnCore Elixir

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